7 Ways to Enhance Your Home Video Streaming Experience

7 Ways to Enhance Your Home Video Streaming Experience

Upgrade Your TV and Internet Package, Scan for Malware, Avoid Piracy Websites, Secure Your Router, Optimize Your Router can Enhance Video Streaming Experience. While going to the cinema is usually the best way to watch films, it’s not always an option nowadays, thanks to the pandemic. That’s why more people are watching movies and TV shows from the comfort and safety of their homes through video streaming services like Netflix.

Sadly, the increasing burden on Internet connections and streaming services, in addition to rising cybersecurity threats, can degrade picture quality in multiple ways. Moreover, not every TV can take advantage of modern cinematic features. Here are a few ways you can Enhance Video Streaming Experience: 

Upgrade Your TV

As you probably know, you’ll get a smoother picture on a TV that can display 4K resolution as long as your streaming platform, Internet connection, and the source video can handle it. In addition to a TV with 4K display capabilities, you should look for the following features: 

  • OLED: Short for Organic Light Emitting Diode, OLED TVs offer gorgeous blacks, excellent viewing angles, and enhanced motion quality. Older OLED TVs suffered from burn-in issues, but modern OLED screens use technology to protect against damage. 
  • HDR: High dynamic range (HDR) offers a better color and brightness range for a more lifelike picture. 
  • HDMI: The latest HDMI version will allow greater bandwidth and connectivity for your TV. 
  • 4K UHD Streaming: Smart TVs have baked-in streaming apps like Disney Plus, Netflix, and Amazon, allowing them to stream directly instead of relying on consoles, computers, or other devices with potentially worse picture quality. 

Upgrade Your Internet Package

Most video streaming services automatically stream content at the highest level your connection can handle. So, if you’re wondering why your 4K TV is only displaying content at 1080p, it could be your Internet package. But before you upgrade your Internet, check if other downloads and uploads in the background aren’t slowing it down. Malware and neighbors using your WiFi can also affect your video streaming quality. 

Scan for Malware

People who like to watch movies on their desktops, laptops; or even mobile devices should remove malware that can slow down their Internet connection and their machine. Run an online virus scanner that can remediate viruses, adware, Trojans, crypto jackets, and more potentially unwanted programs from your system. 

Avoid Piracy Websites

Streaming videos through piracy websites can be convenient and cost-effective; but the video resolution and bitrate are usually significantly worse than movies on licensed platforms. What’s more, many such websites can use malvertising and drive-by downloads to infect your machine with dangerous crypto mining malware, spyware, rootkits, and worms.  

Secure Your Router

Consider updating your route’s firmware if your device is an older model in order to patch security flaws. Malware like bots can hijack routers to form botnets that slow your Internet connection down. You should also set a complex password for your router to shield it from hackers. Likewise, employ a sophisticated password for your WiFi connection with the best available security settings to stop neighbors from stealing your bandwidth. 

Optimize Your Router

Connect your TV, computer, video game console, or any other preferred video streaming device directly to your router through a cable instead of a wireless connection, for optimal speed. If wired connectivity isn’t an option; move your router to a central location of your home free from obstructions for the best WiFi connection. Please also restart your router periodically to refresh it and your Internet speed. 

Upgrade Your GPU

Your computer should stream videos at a good quality if you have a relatively modern machine. But older machines without onboard GPUs or graphics cards will struggle to render video well. Consider upgrading your GPU if your computer lacks one. 

Whether you watch movies on your laptop or TV, you can take steps to enhance picture quality. And not every option requires expenditure — something as simple as clearing malware from your system can boost your processing power and your Internet connection. 

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