IT Staff Augmentation: What Is It and How Does It Work?

IT Staff Augmentation: What Is It and How Does It Work?

How does IT staff augmentation work? IT staff expansion can be defined as the outsourcing method that organizations use to recruit offshore IT staff. The successful operation of any enterprise depends on the well-coordinated work of qualified and experienced employees. Finding them is not an easy task. This can be done by looking for a suitable candidate that matches the job description. This process is time-consuming and costly. Fortunately, there is a solution for this. In this article, you will look at expanding your IT staff and how it works. 

Whether companies need permanent employees or just someone to fulfill the duties of existing workers who are taking short leave, professional employment teams can provide them with ideal candidates for any position. 

IT workforce expansion solution 

Growing companies will almost always need to hire new employees to meet new manufacturing, marketing campaigns, new filing, and administrative requirements. Careful hiring practices are always important, but especially important when a business is in a sensitive period of expansion. Also, Experienced consultants say that too often companies spend all their energy on marketing and production plans and ignore developing such roadmaps for their talent needs. 

The increase in staffing allows businesses to hire consulting companies which provide IT staff augmentation services. They help find and recruit IT, staff, with specific specialized skills as needed. This done by recruiting a staffing organization. These employees work for consulting companies, not for the organization that hires them. In this case, they will not be on the payroll, hence there is no additional budget for the firm. 

Thus, IT staff expansion can defined as the outsourcing method that organizations use to recruit offshore IT staff. This strategy can be implemented by finding suitable talent and candidates from areas where there is a cheap labor force. With an increase in the number of IT staff, the outsourcing company is called an official employer. They must indicate the job description, conditions, and obligations in the contract. Therefore, its recommended to use NDA for security purposes. 

How does IT staff augmentation work? 

This done by identifying the required skills, qualifications, and the number of qualified developers that the organization needs. You need to know the exact number of people to hire, the years of experience you need. 

Knowing everything they need to take the next step towards the search process. However, Outsourcing companies have to look for personnel that matches certain skills and qualifications specified by the organization. The search for specialists carried out according to several criteria: 

  • Employees are available to start work. 
  • They have the right skills and experience to complete the task at hand. 
  • They can easily adapt to the culture of the organization and work procedures.
  • The expected salary must match the company’s budget. 

Use of Devox Software:

To find the right candidate, the firm must know the real requirements of the business. Before any candidate is brought in, a thorough background check is done to help the organization, for instance, Devox Software find a suitable candidate. Be sure to find out about the upcoming task, how it should done, so that they can find a suitable candidate for the job. 

Several companies have a team of on-site IT staff. However, some projects may require specific skills and experience to complete the task at hand. Hiring temporary staff not recommended for most businesses, so more IT staffing is desirable in this case as the ideal solution.

How much will you save? On average, hiring a specialist will take two months, leading to delays and depriving part of the projected profit. And once commissioned, you won’t have to fire programmers, thus avoiding the legal hassle associated with formal full-time employment.

The maximum benefit from working with an external partner can only obtained if you trust the contractor. Therefore, reduce the number of potential suppliers to 3-5, paying attention to how long the company has existed, whether it actively demonstrates its expertise in the external information field with the help of cases and articles, is it possible to request feedback from previous customers, etc.


Well, if you still doubt, then start cooperation small, honestly reporting your doubts. Therefore, Having received the first results according to the classic model and a fixed price, it will be easier for you to transfer the next stage to the development of an already dedicated team.

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