5 Features That Have Changed Online Sports Betting

5 Features That Have Changed Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting has come a long way in the past 20 years and we have seen several fantastic additions to online betting. Perhaps the most notable feature to be added to the online sports betting experience is the cash-out feature.

Introduction to Online Sports Betting:

The cash-out feature allows you to accept an offer from the online sportsbook to close your bet before the event has finished and claim the money offered. This feature is used mostly during the progress of individual games rather than a bet on a tournament or competition winner due to their frequency but you will see cash out used for both. The sportsbook could use the cash-out feature to make you an offer when you are in a strong position or a weak position, so you must make a judgment as to whether it is worth accepting the cash-out amount. All the leading online sportsbooks will have a cash-out feature but Gamble Indiana has ranked the best sportsbooks with cash-out features for you to browse.

In-play betting is another of the key introductions to the online sports betting world. This feature allows you to bet during a game, such as a basketball or NFL game. The odds change constantly during the game based on what is happening in real-time and means you can watch the flow of the game and make a wager based on what you think is going to happen next. Without the development in technology, in-play betting would never be possible; and it is a tremendous feature we now take for granted.

Live streaming:

One of the features to have changed online sports betting for the better is live streaming. If you want to bet in-play, it is best to be following the game live; and live streaming allows you to do exactly that without having to leave the online sportsbook. These days, online sportsbooks show thousands of live sporting events every month; and you only have to have a funded account; or to have placed a bet within 24 hours to have access to the live streaming service. Many live sports are now behind an expensive paywall; including those with monthly or annual contracts but live streaming at online sportsbooks is cheap in comparison; and essentially free of charge if you are planning to have a wager.

Payment Methods:

Payment options are becoming more important online each year and they are a massive feature of online sportsbooks today. Not only have we seen the introduction of digital wallets and payment cards but also cryptocurrency. Many online sportsbooks now accept deposits in cryptocurrency; we are beginning to see some online gambling websites created specifically for those who want to bet using cryptocurrency. This is a feature that is continuing to develop, and we expect to see a significant rise in the number of online sportsbooks offering cryptocurrency as a payment method in the near future.

Last words on Online Sports Betting:

The most significant feature that has changed online sports betting for many people is mobile betting. It is now possible to have a sports wager using a mobile phone in a matter of seconds. All the major online sports betting brands have a dedicated mobile application; that can be installed on a mobile phone and they come complete with most of the features found on the main website. You can bet in-play, use cash out, watch live streaming, make deposits; and contact customer support in exactly the same way you can on the main website when using a sports betting app. Mobile sports betting is big business and one of the features that has changed sports betting massively in recent years.

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