How to Play Progressive Slots Online Australia

How to Play Progressive Slots Online Australia

Jackpot games are usually the same as traditional slot machines in terms of how they work, except for the jackpot feature. The player simply has to choose the desired bet and spin the reels.

In many jackpot slots online Australia, the size of the bet does not matter, because it is possible to win the progressive jackpot at all bet levels, and the win depends entirely on luck.

There are also certain slots where the jackpot can only be won by betting the maximum bet on all lines, and in some games, the probability of the jackpot increases when playing with larger bets.

The return percentage, or RTP, of jackpot games is often lower than in other slot machines, with the average standing at 95%.

Just like other slot machines, jackpot games can also have numerous special functions, such as free spins and various wilds. And there is usually a bonus game presented in most of these games which makes it possible to hit the jackpot.

When choosing a progressive jackpot slot, choose a game that has bet levels and features that suit your playing style and that you find enjoyable to play. Jackpot hunting is only fun if you play a game that is of interest to you.

How to Win the Jackpot

In the simplest terms, winning a jackpot is not much different from winning the main prize in a regular slot machine.

To have a chance to win, you need an abundance of luck, and even that might not be enough. Still, there is always a lucky winner, so anything is possible.

Different slots online Australia have different conditions that you need to follow in order to win the jackpot; so you should take a close look at the rules and the paytable of each jackpot game before playing.

For the jackpot bonus game to start, you may have to collect a certain number of jackpot symbols. But there are also jackpots that can be triggered completely randomly.

The likelihood of hitting the jackpot depends entirely on the game. If the slot machine has several jackpots of different sizes; winning the smaller one is naturally more likely than getting a hold of the biggest one.

As with all slots online Australia, you should also pay attention to the return rate and volatility in jackpot games.


RTP, i.e. the return percentage (Return To Player), tells how large a proportion of the stakes placed in the game is returned to the player on average in the long term. In jackpot games, the RTP is often between 95-96%.


The game’s volatility, or variance, tells how often you can win and how big possible wins are. High volatility slots online Australia offer seldom wins, but they tend to be bigger; while low volatility games have smaller wins at a fairly steady pace.

What Happens if You Manage to Hit the Jackpot

Imagine that you just hit the jackpot of your life. What happens next? Will the winnings show up in your account, and will you be able to withdraw them instantly?

First, the online casino certifies the jackpot win. The casino gets in touch with the software developer to ensure that the game was in working order at the time of winning.

At the same time, they check that two players have not hit the jackpot at the same time; because only the one who hit the jackpot first gets the desired win.

Once the win is confirmed, it is paid out, usually in more than one installment; especially if it’s a multi-million jackpot.

In the rules and conditions of the gambling sites; it is usually stated that the casino has the right to pay large winnings in equal installments over several months.

Of course, the casino will contact you regarding the payment of winnings; and you’ll be able to ask them any questions you want.

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