What is Jayda wayda known for? Biography, Career, Boyfriend, & More

What is Jayda wayda known for? Biography, Career, Boyfriend, & More

Jayda Wayda is a 20-year-old entrepreneur, Instagram star, and millionaire. She has a huge following on Instagram (over 7 million fans), YouTube, Twitter, and Musical.ly.


She was born on September 25, 1997. Tricia Chaves is her mother’s name. Jayda has never spoken publicly about her father. As a result, we don’t know who her father is. She has a younger brother and sister, as well as two younger brothers and sisters.

Her sister’s name is Amira and her brother’s name is Len. According to reports, Jayda Wayda was born in Georgia. She is an American citizen. She is also mixed-race. Jayda, also known as Jayda Wayda on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, is a popular fashion and beauty YouTuber who has over 68 million views on her YouTube channel.

She’s become well-known due to her stylish outfits and chic style choices, which have earned her more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube in just four years.

Jayda Wayda Biography and Wiki

As a child, Jayda grew up with her parents in California. She has three siblings; their names are not yet known to the media. Her parents are not affiliated with any social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. She maintains a close relationship with her family members but is focused on building her career as a successful YouTube personality.

However, she is actively uploading her videos on the YouTube channel and has more than 345K subscribers on it. It means that she may be single at present. 

Regarding education, she completed schooling in California which was followed by college studies of acting at Malibu High School. An acting program at Hollywood University where she graduated in 2006. Her estimated net worth is around $600 thousand and earns a decent amount from her profession. In 2016 she purchased a new BMW car worth $60 thousand.

Who is Jayda Wayda?

Jayda Wayda is a 20-year-old entrepreneur, Instagram star, and millionaire. She’s an influencer who has a huge following on Instagram (over 7 million fans), YouTube, Twitter, and Musical.ly. Her account is called Jayda Wayda with over 1 billion views of her posts on YouTube alone.

On Instagram, she has over 6.9 million followers and in total more than 10 million followers across all her social media accounts! It’s no surprise she has such a high net worth of $2million as of 2018 from all these earnings as an internet celebrity.

Jayda lives in Orange County California where she owns multiple houses including one that costs 2 million dollars that’s still under construction now and will be complete sometime soon. In addition to that, she currently holds two cars; one Audi A5 Quattro which costs $50K, and another Lamborghini Huracan costing even more ($200K).

How did she get famous?

Jayda wayda

Jayda Wayda started her Youtube career in November 2016. Initially, she posted vlogs with her friends but when she started posting makeup tutorials on her channel in February 2017. Her fame grew rapidly. She has been creating vlogs and beauty videos since then.

Her popularity is increasing day by day and it won’t be long before you will know more about Jayda. With a rapid growth rate. We think that she can also compete with other popular YouTubers like Zoella and Emma Chamberlain soon enough. With millions of fans across social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram; she gets thousands of likes from her followers every time she posts something new.

As per reports published online, Jayda Wayda currently has over 345K subscribers on YouTube who love to watch all her exclusive videos online.

What are her videos about?

Jayda Wayda (Jayda Chaves on YouTube) is a popular YouTube vlogger who specializes in lifestyle and beauty videos. She has more than 845,000 subscribers on her channel. She uploads at least one video per week. Her most viewed video on her channel is called Why I love my mom SO much. She even has her merchandise line including t-shirts and hats.

These are very popular among her viewers because they allow them to show their support for their favorite YouTubers. Viewers feel so strongly about some of these stars that they will spend large amounts of money just to buy an item that says that they’re fans. Many brands have begun to realize that by having their products worn by popular YouTubers. They can sell many more items through those channels.

This can sometimes be a win-win situation for both sides of the business. Not only do people purchase items due to how well-known certain individuals are. But it also allows people to gain additional knowledge of new products and lines while having fun doing it. Just like everyone else in life, celebrities need clothing as well.

Jayda Wayda Education

She is an American YouTube sensation with more than 20 million views in her videos. But she has kept her details away from the media. In an interview with a magazine, she said that she didn’t have any information about his father.

She went to school at Caledon School of Business Technology in Mississauga, Ontario. In an interview, Jayda has said that she has attended business courses related to entrepreneurship but did not get any degree related to it.

Jayda Wayda Parents

Her parents were very supportive of her YouTube career. They appeared on screen with her. Her father is a businessman in Thailand. Her mother works as a professional photographer. She has two siblings who are internet personalities too and another who helps Jayda by managing things behind the scene.

Currently, she lives in Huntington Beach California with her family. She also loves traveling with family members or friends occasionally for holidays. Or special events of interest for them like a movie premiere or fashion shows etc. She often shares her travel experience through social media platforms. Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

She goes gym regularly to remain fit and healthy. It’s been one year since she posted any video on her channel but still, his fan following is increasing day by day.

Jayda Wayda Boyfriend

Even though she has a boyfriend who is a well-known rapper, Lil Baby. He posted pictures of her on his official Instagram account. The love story between Lil Baby and Jayda is going very well till now. They spend time together every day.

According to reports, there’s no sign of getting over in their relationship anytime soon. They are planning to get married shortly if they feel happy together according to their relationship status. It seems that these two are meant for each other because both have similar heights with 5 ft 3 inches (1.60m).

He graduated from a famous college that made him one of the most successful YouTube stars rapping artists. Lil Baby took part in a variety show real fight season 2 when he was 20 years old. He started rapping at age 16 while making rap music videos under the umbrella crop label.

Jayda Wayda’s Career

Jayda wayda

Jayda Wayda is an American vlogger who is famous for her eponymous YouTube channel. She began her career on YouTube in August 2017. As of 2019, Jayda has more than 345K subscribers on YouTube. Besides uploading videos of herself to YouTube she also did live streams on Twitch.

She also posts musical covers as well as pranks & challenges to her social media accounts such as Snapchat and Instagram. Her real name is Jayda Tamarius but goes by Jay or Jaya online. Though she hasn’t disclosed much about her education details, it can be assumed that she must have graduated from college before taking up Youtubing as a profession.

Also, there are no rumors related to any relationships of hers getting into tabloids. And news portals so we can assume that she might be single at present.

Before Fame

On December 16, 2014, Wayda uploaded her first YouTube video called Selfie Sunday: Happy Holiday to her channel. The clip featured Wayda giving a quick selfie-style rundown of herself entertainingly. She gained over 1 million views and 200 likes in just two months.

After that, she continued uploading weekly videos covering different topics. Some of these included tags like #CurlyHairProblems and #SchoolProblems. In 2016 she moved from videos every week to only daily uploads on Tuesday through Friday. Its occasional breaks for special events like birthdays or vacations.

On July 15, 2017, she released a bedtime story-type series. Where she would read passages from books and share laughs with fans watching along with her.

Jayda Wayda’s AWARDS

She has received a lot of accolades for her work in short films. She was selected as a semi-finalist in a filmmaking competition sponsored by Vimeo. Along with other well-known creators like Vine star Logan Paul & Keke Palmer’s Kinfolk Collective. The film titled Elevator Shuffle has garnered over one million views on Vimeo in just two months.

Later on, she got lots of appreciation for directing another short film. Named Just As I Am which features popular actress Mary J Blige. This will certainly help Wayda to add some big bucks to her net worth account very soon.

In 2014, won 4 awards including Best Direction at IMTV Awards 2015; Best Conceptual Video at Virginia Hip Hop Music Awards 2015. Emerging Filmmaker Award for Best Director at Soul Train Film Festival 2015. BEST DIRECTOR (POETRY) AT HATTY’S ROYAL TEEN 2016′′. All these achievements have helped Wayda to hike up her net worth from thousands to millions of dollars within a few years only.

Jayda Wayda Net Worth

Jayda Wayda is a popular Youtube personality who has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million as of 2018. She also made headlines for her online spat with Paris Hilton. When Jayda accused Hilton of being boring.

She began uploading videos to YouTube in July 2008 under her birth name before changing it to JaydaBEAUTY101 two years later. Now known as Beauty with Bae. She has earned herself 345k subscribers and over 40 million views since joining YouTube 4 years ago.

Jayda Wayda Controversies and Rumors

Jayda wayda

Jayda is a famous American video blogger who has won several awards and has thousands of followers on her YouTube channel. 

She has denied all allegations but some fans still question. Whether she is really what she seems to be on social media. Jayda Measurements

She has her body measurements of 34-24-34 inches. She has got a slender body with long legs and a flat stomach. Jayda is not very tall with her height of 5 feet 6 inches is 1.67 m tall. She has got hazel brown eyes while her hair color is Dark brown too.

The young American girl is active on Twitter and Facebook accounts. This is also an important source to know about Jayda Wayda’s life more openly as well as provide an insight into her personal life too. As she uses these social media accounts frequently to connect with her fans.

Fun Facts About Jayda Wayda

  • Jayda Wayda is an American comedy YouTube vlogger.
  • She started her YouTube channel back in 2012 with a video Call Me Maybe Parody.
  • Which she uploaded on April 10, 2012.
  • She mostly uploads comedy skits that target females or females.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jayda Wayda

  • YouTube is one of the most popular forms of entertainment today.
  • Although YouTube’s most popular creators make a living off their videos
  • Incorporating advertisements into their content.
  • There are thousands more who do it as a hobby or part-time job.
  • With that in mind, it’s helpful to know everything you can about your favorite creator.
  • Before diving into his or her work so you can enjoy it even more.


In summary, Jayda Wayda is a popular YouTube vlogger who specializes in lifestyle and beauty videos. She currently has over 345k subscribers on her channel with 2 billion views.

Her videos are usually about fashion and beauty trends as well as some pranks videos on her friends. Wayda was born on September 25, 1997, in Georgia. She grew up with both parents along with a sibling. As of 2017, Wayda has a net worth of USD 5 million.

In 2013-2014 her net worth was around $2 million which increased significantly over time. Wayda is in a relationship and although it is not clear. 

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