Kaun Banega Crorepati 2021 and its registration

Kaun Banega Crorepati 2021 and its registration

Is Registration of KBC show possible right now? Which documents are required for the KBC registration process?  The selection process for the KBC game show 2021.

This is literally the mega show which is hosted by “Amitabh Bhachan” a superstar of Bollywood. He has the most fans during olden times and has a great fan to enjoy the show and moreover he does not need any of introductions about him. This was the show; he was hosting for all these years and the show has now reached its 13th season on the television of Sony LIV channel.

Is Registration of KBC show possible right now?

This show has set to get telecasted again on the channel and during the time of the pandemic, the participants have been checked properly and allowed to enter the show. However, precautionary measures have been taken on first and the whole team took part in the season of 13. The eligibility to take part in this show will be based on some process. Her they come:

  • The contestant should be at the age of 18 or above the mentioned age.
  • The contestant has to be a Citizen of India
  • There should not be a record of criminal cases in the name of contestant an no illegal jobs should be done.
  • Both physical and the mental health should be stable to participate in this show
  • There should not be any medical complaints on the day of registration.

So the participant has to follow the above-mentioned rules to enter the game show. Every rule has its own criteria which have to be followed for getting into the game.

Documents required for the KBC registration process

The most important thing for getting selected needs the original documents of the constant. After providing the best of your documents and the purpose is to prove that your self-worth for the show. Because the show here for the purpose of the winning moment and the KBC Lottery Winner 2021 can have best of prize amount ever. The documents which are required are:

  • The first document will be PAN card which is the mandatory and after cross checking the details will be allowed for the game show.
  • Then next comes the bank details of the contestants who has given the originals payment details will be allowed.
  • The important document is address proof of the participant and that should hold a Indian citizenship.
  • Most important documents are the Driving license, Aadhar card, Passport and everything will be verified properly.
  • Final document submission will be your educational certificate that provides most of your educational qualification.

After all these document verifications and if you get pass all the processes you will be moving to the hot seat as mentioned. Do not forget to bring the whole documents as given in the details.

 The selection process for the KBC game show 2021

There will be lakhs of people who will be registered for this game. It is not as simple like just answering one question and that absolutely won’t be the end of the process. There are even more people who try to get to the hot seat. However, The one person who truly deserves will be getting the chance to enter the game and the selection process will be followed for them. Here comes the process for selection:

  1. The first step is to KBC Registration as per rules and by the above mentioned information has to be followed strictly.
  2. Then you will receive a confirmation call and will be asked 3 questions and should answer them correctly and you will be proceeding to the next step.
  3. Then you will be invited for a final audition to enter into the game show and be considered after the audition process.
  4. After selecting in the audition you have to be in the game set which is near by the metro city or in the centers of the audition which took place.
  5. Also, There will be a verification process after above mentioned steps and everything has to be original documents should be provided.
  6. Then appear for the quiz round mainly which will be in a round of quiz format.
  7. After this round if you get pass, you will be moved to the next round of final personal interview.
  8. The next process will be reaching to the “Fastest Finger First” studio which is located in Mumbai.
  9. Among the other 9 contestants you should answer the questions as fast as you can and moved to the next step.
  10. Final step will be reaching to the hot seat where you’ll be seated in from the Bollywood Superstar.

How to become Lottery Winners?

Do you have the lottery number of the KBC show? Then dial the number to the head office of the KBC show and inform them about the number. The official lottery number will be checked regularly by the team in the database on the website. Check the website by your name and the lottery number where everything has been updated after KBC Registration.

The mobile number of the customer will be automatically saved in the database as per the registration process. Also, there will be two chances to become a millionaire in a month. Customer care will literally help you to find the best of the website. There they provide useful information about the winning process of the lottery from the KBC game show. You can easily check the websites for winning moments.


Hope the above-given information would be useful for the contestants in the KBC show. There might be fake calls about the lottery winning process and the people should be aware of them. All they need to do is to check the number with the country code and then, if it is a fake call got to avoid them.

There might be a chance to steal information about your personal data from the websites. You can also complain about this in the head office so that, they will be able to file a complaint about this. People should be aware of these things for lottery winners in the KBC game show.

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