11 Tips for Pedestrian Safety: How to Avoid Accidents

11 Tips for Pedestrian Safety: How to Avoid Accidents

How to Avoid Road Accidents? Here are some Tips for Pedestrian Safety like Follow Speed Limits, Avoid Cutting Other Cars Off, Use Designated Crossing Areas. Did you know there were 6,205 pedestrian deaths in 2019? Pedestrian deaths account for 17% of all car crash deaths.

A personal injury lawyer from TK Injury Lawyers shares: Drivers can be distracted by various factors, including mobile phones, in-car entertainment systems, conversations with passengers, or external stimuli. Distractions divert their attention away from the road, making it more likely to miss cyclists or pedestrians. Staying safe on the road is vital and so is knowing pedestrian safety. This guide will offer some tips to help you avoid accidents whether you’re a pedestrian or driver. Keep reading to learn more.

Follow Speed Limits

Avoid a pedestrian accident as a driver by following speed limits everywhere you go. When you drive at the designated speed limit, you’ll be able to stop at a moment’s notice without causing an accident.

If you’re in an area known for having a lot of pedestrians, consider slowing down regardless of the speed limit. Pedestrians can come out of nowhere, and driving at a slower speed can help keep everyone safe if someone walks or runs onto the road.

Be a Patient Driver for Pedestrian Safety

It’s easy to get road rage while on the road. Avoid losing patience as you’re driving because this makes it easier to get into an accident.

Have a little more patience if you notice seniors or people with disabilities trying to cross the road. They might have a harder time seeing cars on the road. It’s important to give them some distance and wait as long as they need to make it to the other side of the street.

Make Eye Contact With Pedestrians

It sounds silly, but eye contact is an important way to avoid accidents with pedestrians. While your turn signals and horn are effective communication tools while you drive, making eye contact with pedestrians can help you communicate as you come face to face.

Eye contact lets a pedestrian know that you’ve seen them. A nod of the head or wave of the hand lets them know they can cross the road safely.

For Pedestrian Safety Check School Signs

Another thing you should do as a responsible driver is to check the area for school signs. Following the school zone rules in your area ensures children make it home safely.

This means you’ll need to slow down your speed when you see the flashing lights of a school sign. Cross guards that help children cross the street safely will also stop you with their signs.

If you’re driving next to a bus and they pull out their stop signs, you need to stop as well.

Avoid Cutting Other Cars Off

If you want to avoid a car accident with another vehicle or pedestrian, you shouldn’t cut off any other cars while you’re driving. If the car in front of you stops, you might want to quickly cut in front of them to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

The other car might be stopping because a pedestrian is crossing the street. Darting around them can cause an accident that could’ve been avoided.

For Pedestrian Safety Check the Weather

Bad weather always makes driving more difficult. It creates traffic jams because of obstructed visibility.

Sometimes you’ll have to drive through this kind of weather. It’s important to remember that pedestrians might have to walk through this weather too.

Check the weather before you leave your home. If you do have to drive, stay alert while you’re on the road and drive with more caution in case you don’t see a pedestrian trying to cross the street.

Never Drive Under the Influence

Driving under the influence is never okay, it’s dangerous for Pedestrian Safety. Having excessive amounts of drugs or alcohol in your system slows down your reaction rate and can increase your likelihood of hitting a pedestrian if you don’t see them walk into the street.

Driving sober keeps pedestrians, other drivers, and yourself safe from harm. An accident caused by drunk driving also has severe legal consequences. Avoid making this mistake by taking a cab or giving your keys to a designated driver when you’re drinking.

Use Designated Crossing Areas as a Pedestrian

As a pedestrian, there are also tips to keep you safe while walking. While it’s easy to want to cross quickly in the middle of the road, this is putting your life in danger.

Make sure you’re walking to the end of the road where there are designated crossing points in place. These crossing areas have devices that control traffic, allowing you to cross the street without harm.

Check the Street Before Crossing

Before crossing the road, make sure you look both ways. Even if you’re at a designated crossing area, drivers may not always be paying attention to the signs.

Stay off your phone as you’re walking on the street, this can distract you and lead to an accident. When you are crossing the road, walk swiftly until you make it to the sidewalk. Also for Pedestrian Safety, you must follow traffic signs.

Contact an Attorney After an Accident

Even if you follow all the safety precautions and remain alert, accidents can still occur. Whether you’re a pedestrian or a driver, there are a few steps you should take after an accident.

First, ensure everyone is safe. If anyone’s been injured, call 911 right away.

After exchanging contact information and making a police report of the accident, you should call a pedestrian accident lawyer. They’ll help you navigate this process so you can receive the proper compensation after the accident.

Pedestrian Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents

Knowing the right pedestrian safety tips can help you stay safe and avoid accidents while you’re on the road. Follow speed limits as a driver. As a pedestrian, make sure you’re only crossing the road at designed crossing points.

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