Key vitamins for students to stay on top of the class and be healthy

Key vitamins for students to stay on top of the class and be healthy

To study well at school, vitamins will help to be active and healthy.

Surely, all parents want their children to study well. Excellent knowledge gained at school enables a young person to secure a good future for himself. However, over time, the number of school subjects inexorably increases. Relatively recently, schools began to study computer science, economics and a number of other subjects that parents had not heard of. Not everyone can cope with such a load. Children quickly get tired, because after studying at school they still have to spend time doing homework.

The assimilation and processing of information is an energy-consuming process, and for its flawless implementation, active work of the brain is required, which needs specific fuel – carbohydrates, fats, proteins, as well as vitamins and microelements. All these substances must enter the body of the child in the right amount.

“Chocolate” activity

Many of us know that all kinds of sweets contribute to the activation of brain processes. It is worth eating a chocolate bar, as after a short time you can again immerse yourself in active intellectual activity. Indeed, our brain is very fond of carbohydrates. However, we will not focus on this, since today’s food is already oversaturated with carbohydrates, and their lack is a rather rare phenomenon.

Things are much more complicated with other compounds: proteins, amino acids, and fatty polyunsaturated acids. Make sure that seafood is on the menu 2-3 times a week, especially fatty fish. It contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are very beneficial for the brain. Also, polyunsaturated fatty acids are found in olive oil, flax seeds, kiwi and nuts. And seafood is also useful because it contains iodine, which increases mental activity.

Cottage cheese, cheese, meat and fish are sources of protein, which is necessary for the physical and mental development of the child. The most important amino acids (structural units of proteins) necessary for brain activity are tyrosine and tryptophan. With a deficiency of these amino acids, the ability to memorize and analyze information is significantly impaired.

And, of course, the diet should contain a lot of vegetables, fruits, juices (preferably natural), herbs and dairy products. It is here that the most important vitamins and microelements are contained, which are necessary for the normal development of children.

Vitamin deficiency

It is with the lack of vitamins that the poor performance of children in educational institutions most often associated. In childhood, when growth processes are actively taking place in the body, the lack of vitamins and microelements affects the child in the most negative way. Fatigue and absent-mindedness appear immune defence decreases, against which the child often gets sick. As you understand, all of the above directly or indirectly affects the quality of education.

Today, our children do not receive a significant amount of micronutrients (vitamins and trace elements) with food. According to various estimates, from 40 to 80% of young Ukrainians experience a lack of certain vitamins. Especially there is a lack of vitamin C, B vitamins, and among microelements, it is a deficiency of iodine, iron, calcium and a number of others. In some cases, multivitamin deficiency noted, when a child is deficient in several vitamins and microelements at once.

Vitamins for the brain

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to fill the daily requirement for vitamins with food alone. In modern food products, their content low due to the specific growing conditions in greenhouses and depleted arable lands.

Doctor of Medical Sciences Maria Gulich notes that a number of structural changes have recently taken place in human nutrition. – We get enough calories, but at the same time, the value of food leaves much to desired. This the so-called hidden hunger when a person feels full, and his body still does not receive the most important nutritional components.

For active mental activity, a child needs a number of vitamins. These are vitamin A, C, E, D, and B vitamins, as well as elements, in particular, iodine, zinc, calcium, manganese and sulfate. You understand that providing such an arsenal of nutritional components with balanced food is not an easy task. And no matter how hard you try to diversify your child’s diet, nevertheless, the body will receive something less.

In this regard, many parents give their children vitamin-mineral complexes that contain vitamins in sufficient quantities.

Vitamin-mineral complexes are very convenient because they include many vitamins at once and in the right dosage. So there is no need to take many different drugs at the same time.

Why You Should Give Your Kids Vitamins

Providing a child with nutrition that fully replenishes the body’s need for vitamins is a rather difficult task. This is due to several main reasons:

  • inaccessibility of certain foodstuffs;
  • insufficient content in the diet of important vitamins and minerals;
  • refusal of the child to eat healthy foods.

The optimal solution in such a situation is ready-made vitamin complexes for children. For brain development, it is better to buy special vitamins containing all the necessary components like magnesium supplements.

The benefits of vitamins for children are obvious, however, if taken illiterately, they can harm the body. When choosing, consider:

  • the age of the child;
  • the presence of certain diseases;
  • general health;
  • level of mental and physical activity;
  • region of residence.

It is also important to correctly determine the dosage of vitamins and take into account their compatibility with each other. With a certain combination, their absorption improves, and the effect enhanced.

Children can take vitamins for the mind from almost any age, subject to the correct selection of the form, composition and dosage of the drug.

It is better to give vitamins in liquid form to the smallest, vitamin pills are suitable for older children.

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