Get a remote job at is legit review

Get a remote job at is legit review

We never knew how employment could change before the pandemic. This period revealed that even the most sophisticated duties can be executed from home. Companies were simply forced to implement remote positions because this was one of the major safety requirements. The logistic industry didn’t become an exception. As a result, we have today a lot of at-home packing jobs. Is it possible to find such a vacancy today to make some extra money? 

Yes, it’s possible, and it’s quite common in current conditions as well. Today, we would like to tell you about such a vacancy. This is the position of quality manager at Uss-Express. The employer hires new people to increase its staff and be able to provide its shipping and logistic services for wider audiences. Now, you have an opportunity to join them.


Why yes and why not?

The title of this vacancy is remote quality control manager at Uss-Express. This seems quite attractive because from the titles you can guess that you will work from home packing and shipping. On the other hand, some beginners might think that shipping jobs from home that are related to quality issues are too complicated and have a high entry level. Is it true? Let’s uncover the reasons to apply for this job and the reasons to look for other vacancies.


  • you can manage and  adjust your working hours because the employer offers a part-time model;
  • full-time workers can make up to $3,200, which is a good extra income;
  • this exact employer, Uss-Express, have very soft requirements for applicants – qualifications in managements aren’t obligatory;
  • applying takes less than a minute;
  • you can receive a very valuable experience of working with the world’s biggest retailers without leaving your home. 


  • as a remote quality manager, you will be required to store many parcels at home, which might bother your private life;
  • often you have no choice but to work on weekends and holidays; 
  • the flow of parcels is very intensive.

What should a quality manager do?

As a beginner, you won’t manage the entire quality department. However, this doesn’t make your packing job at home less responsible. If you aim to grow as a professional in this company, you have to pay a lot of effort to be recognized and awarded. The only way to achieve this is to show the performance of the highest productivity. To do this, you need to deal cope with all the duties listed below:

  • check the content of packages;
  • Also, check the quality of goods;
  • check the quality of packing materials; 
  • send packages to warehouses.

What do employees and customers say about the reliability of Uss-Express?

The quality of conditions of packing jobs from home can be estimated only by real workers. Luckily, former and current employees of Uss-Express are eager to share their both positive and negative experiences of working for this shipping company. We were pretty curious about these testimonials and were surprised to find quite a big diversity of different opinions. 

To summarize those opinions, we compiled a table with the average score delivered by employees across different review platforms. We decided to pay attention to the websites with the highest traffic.

Google My Bussiness4.8

You will work if you complete all the stages of the hiring procedure

As you can see from the average scores on the most respectable review platforms, it’s safe to work from home shipping packages in the Uss-Express delivery agency. We have no right to persuade you, so the final decision is up to you. We can only suggest what you should do. 

  1. The first step is to send an application you can find on the website.
  2. The second step is to make a good impression during a job interview.
  3. The third step is to pass the web training session, during which you will need to master all the key duties and a special solution developed by the digital department of the company.

You will work as a Uss-Express quality manager if you complete all these stages of the hiring procedure!

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