Kitty Lixo – OnlyFans Podcaster and Model Suspended from Instagram

Kitty Lixo – OnlyFans Podcaster and Model Suspended from Instagram


Kitty Lixo is a podcast star and creator of adult content. Recently, she was suspended from her Instagram account. She admitted that getting her account back was top of her list. However, she claims that she has not heard anything from Meta since the story went viral. She does not feel that she has exposed anything illegal at the company.

Who is Kitty Lixo?

She is a podcast host and adult model who has been suspended from Instagram after she claimed to have slept with a Meta employee. According to her interview with the podcast No Jumper, she claims she resorted to this tactic after her account was deleted. She says she contacted Meta staff members through her podcast and through connections she made in the Bay Area.

Lixo, suspended from Meta since December, has gone viral since revealing her sexy exploit. She admits that her only goal was to get her account back. She has not heard from the company since but doesn’t feel like she exposed anything shady.

OnlyFans of Kitty Lixo

On Instagram, she has an uncountable number of followers to her name. Because she appeared in the video wearing a bikini and lingerie on multiple occasions, Instagram removed it from her profile. As a result, she now only shares adult-oriented content on the internet.

Kitty lixo Bio and Age:

Kitty Lixo

The American Instagram star is only 21 years old, and she loves nothing more than to share information with her fans and followers on Instagram so that they can get a steady feed of entertainment from her feed. She allegedly stated in a post that she was sleeping with her friend who was engaged on Instagram, and both of them may talk about it in the future.

This information comes from reports that she made a claim. Because her account was suspended, the friend could not share any titles or information with her. She discussed her desire to regain access to her Instagram account and post a significant amount of new and engaging content. She also mentioned that she wants to talk to her friends about her love for herself and how she has found contentment in her life.

Kitty Lixo’s Boyfriend:

The video that Kitty Lixo posted to Instagram showed her sleeping with a friend quickly went viral on other social media platforms. Many of her fans liked and shared the video to a great extent. And a sizable crowd showed up, all brimming with curiosity to learn more about her boyfriend. But sadly, there is not a single piece of information about her boyfriend’s social media presence online that can be found anywhere.

Height And Wiki Information for Kitty Lixo:

The influencer has never disclosed her height, but based on her photos and videos, it appears that she is of a standard size and weight, giving her the ideal appearance to win over her audience. She was born in the United States, but the media have never reported on the details of her childhood. She had to sleep with many meta workers to get her account back, which led to the star revealing herself through a podcast.

Even though she used unethical means to get her accounts back, many of her supporters are rooting for her to get through this challenging situation. On the other hand, a lot of her supporters are against her. This division was brought to her attention by her boyfriend, who found it on Instagram.


The podcast focuses on adult content, which Lixo created on Instagram. She previously modeled for the adult content company OnlyFans. She has over one hundred thousand Instagram followers but lost her account after a sexual solicitation scandal. Kitty Lixo shared a link to her Instagram account with a former colleague with whom she slept. 

Since then, she has restored her account and has begun a new career as a podcaster. Kitty Lixo has a lot of fans on Instagram, and she is one of the most popular Instagram celebrities. 

Lixo has had her Instagram account deleted three or four times but has managed to restore her account three times. Afterward, she shared her link to OnlyFans and met a friend who works on Instagram. This friend told her about Instagram’s review process. Her friend revealed that the Instagram integrity team reviews accounts that violate their Terms of Use.

She Creates Adult Content.

Kitty Lixo

OnlyFans star Kitty Lixo has been making the headlines recently for claiming that she had sex with Meta employees to regain her Instagram account. Lixo said that she contacted Meta representatives several times and had sex with one of them to recover her account. Since the video went viral, Lixo says that she has not heard from Meta and doesn’t feel she has exposed anything shady about the company.

Kitty Lixo is an adult-content creator who has more than 150,000 Instagram followers. She recently became famous after appearing on the podcast No Jumper and claiming to have slept with Meta employees to regain her Instagram account. She claims she sought the employees through podcasts and her Bay Area connections.

The Scandal

The scandal involving Lixo has raised questions about the ethics of adult platforms. The company has not responded to Lixo’s allegations, but the story has prompted a discussion about social media ethics. Despite the recent scandal, Lixo is still in business and has a podcast.

However, she did find one of her Instagram contacts through a friend’s LinkedIn profile. She later contacted a member of the Instagram Integrity Department.

In a bizarre twist, Kitty Lixo has taken it upon herself to restore her Instagram account, suspended due to infractions of the company’s terms and conditions. 

She Has a Suspended Instagram Account.

A Bay Area podcaster and OnlyFans star named Kitty Lixo went viral for telling her story of sleeping with Meta employees to get her Instagram account back. Lixo eventually reconnected with one of them and had her account restored.

Instagram has updated its community standards policies and prohibits accounts from advertising NSFW content. The site will take action against users who post links to onlyfans. In December 2020, Facebook will take action against users who post links to OnlyFans.

Kitty Lixo is an Instagram influencer and a talented musician from Los Angeles. She has had a thriving influencer career through her Instagram. Kitty Lixo has traveled to several countries and heard all types of music from all over the world. She decided to try her hand at writing her song to satisfy her Instagram audience.

She Slept With Meta Employees to Get It Back.

Kitty Lixo

Kitty Lixo is an adult-content creator, podcast host, and model who was banned from Instagram after an interview with Meta employees. In the interview, Lixo said she slept with Meta employees to regain her Instagram account. The story has gone viral because of her claims. She says she tried the same tactic again to get her account unblocked, and it worked. 

Her story has also raised questions about the ethics of social media sites. Facebook and Instagram have not commented on Lixo’s revelations, but the ban came after Instagram changed its terms of service in December 2020. Instagram now prohibits users from transmitting pornographic material or sharing links to external websites.

Restore Her Account

Lixo has since gotten her account back, but it was not without some trouble. After a few months of being banned, Lixo managed to restore her account on Instagram. Her account has been repaired three times since the incident. Lixo has not contacted the company directly since the incident. Despite the setback, she is confident that she didn’t do anything wrong to regain her account.

She is an adult content creator and podcaster. She has more than a hundred thousand followers on Instagram. Her story gained a lot of attention due to the Instagram scandal. She was banned from the site after sharing an account link with a former colleague. After she slept with him, she was able to regain her account.

She explained that her goal was to get people to like her on Instagram. Kitty Lixo also claimed that the decision made by Meta was arbitrary.

She Slept with A Friend to Get It Back.

To get her account back, Kitty Lixo allegedly slept with several Meta employees, including several who worked on the company’s Instagram account. However, Lixo did not go through with her plan in the end. Her allegations shocked viewers, and a video about her experience went viral.

She is an adult content creator and podcast host. She has more than a hundred thousand followers on Instagram. 

The scandal went viral after she admitted to sleeping with an employee of Instagram’s parent company, Meta Inc., and claiming to have repeatedly done so to get her account unblocked. She says she made contact with the employees through her podcast and LinkedIn profile and slept with them to gain their trust and unblock her account.

Video Of Kitty Lixo’s Statement Went Viral

The video of Kitty Lixo’s statement went viral, with 1.5 million views. In response, Meta successfully reversed her Instagram account ban. To get her account back, Lixo allegedly slept with Meta employees and a friend of hers. She did not disclose what had caused the ban, but she was likely violating their policies.

Another Instagram account suspension is not a pleasant experience, especially for exposure-dependent social media personalities like her. The company’s policy prohibits the posting of nudity or other inappropriate content. 

Kitty Lixo’s Relationship with Meta Workers

The scandal has prompted netizens to debate Kitty Lixo’s relationship with the Meta workers. According to reports, the Onlyfans star intimated the workers to obtain a free Instagram account. But the scandal has a darker side. She posted photos and videos that were very revealing, such as bikini pictures. Some netizens supported her, while others disagreed.

In response, the meta workers have suspended Lixo’s Instagram account. Meta has since updated its community guidelines and does not allow adult content advertising. This incident has caused the suspension of the Instagram account of Kitty Lixo.

Kitty Lixo is an adult-content creator. She has over one hundred thousand Instagram followers and is a model for OnlyFans. In addition to the discussion, Kitty Lixo contacted Meta workers through her podcast and her Bay Area connections.

She claims to have slept with multiple Meta workers. The video of the alleged encounter has received over 1.5 million views. 

Kitty Lixo’s Revealing Photographs on Instagram.

Kitty Lixo

She is a well-known content creator and model with a massive fan base on OnlyFans. The internet sensation has recently gained notoriety for posting a series of revealing pictures and videos on her Instagram account. Despite her cult following on the social network, Kitty has not revealed her age or net worth. However, she has become controversial due to her recent suspension from Instagram. 

The Instagram account of Kitty Lixo is full of revealing photographs of herself in bikinis and lingerie. However, the model never posts full nude photos. 

Cause Of Scandal

The scandal has caused an uproar among net users, and her name is now trending on the web. Although she has not confirmed this, her Instagram account is now back up and running.

Instagram’s new terms of service prohibit users from sharing pornographic material, but Lixo said she contacted the company’s Integrity Department about the photos. Lixo’s story has caused questions about the ethics of the social media platform. The company has not commented on Lixo’s revelations.

However, she did have Porno-oriented relationships with a member of the Meta integrity team. It is unclear whether she is a victim of harassment, but her situation is still frustrating.

Kitty Lixo’s Remarks on The Video

Her video has been causing a ton of discourse across the web. Despite this, it does not appear that there is any real connection between the two.

The video was first leaked on the social networking site and quickly gained traction. Many people were curious about what happened to Lixo and searched for details about her life. Here’s a quick look at some of the details.

Why Account Is Suspended

Instagram has a policy that prohibits people from having sex with one another. As the account owner of the website, she will be able to use her Instagram account again in the future.

She has contacted Facebook’s “Integrity Department” to explain the situation. The employee was very talkative and could give her internal information about the ban process.


A video featuring the social media movie star, Kitty Lixo, has gone viral on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media websites. 

Kitty Lixo is a podcaster who recently had her Instagram account suspended three or four times for sexual solicitation’. 

The incident happened after she shared a podcast with her fans, which went viral. Kitty Lixo also said that she would try to sleep with a Meta employee to get her account back, and she did. However, she later said she would try to get her account back more organized.

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