Live casino trends in 2022

Live casino trends in 2022

Live casinos are the ultimate in immersion. When you can’t make it to a land-based casino, you can play your favorite games at home with a real dealer. Interact with your dealer and your fellow players and feel like you are right there at the table.

Most people agree that the live casino experience is going to explode in the coming years. Improvements in connectivity, Casino games software and smartphone technology will bring a new generation of players to the casino virtually.

But what are the major trends people can expect to encounter when they visit a live casino in 2022?

Mobile gaming

Mobile casinos have seen a tremendous uptick in traffic over the years. In 2020, mobile casino gaming was one of the most popular genres in the world, and the global market for mobile gambling is only expected to increase.

More and more people choose to bet exclusively with their smartphones. The attraction of being able to play your favorite casino games wherever you go is why so many players have signed up with online casinos.

Live dealer games have traditionally been unavailable on mobile due to the lack of technology. All that is changing and now players will have the opportunity to gamble live on mobile in the comfort of their own homes.

Virtual reality/augmented reality

Players in 2022 will be able to join a live dealer using virtual reality and augmented reality. It is the next step in offering a truly immersive experience. Combined with live streaming, you will be able to interact with your fellow players more often and turn an ordinary gambling experience into a social experience.

Virtual and augmented reality technology is one of the leading mobile app development trends. Both traditional casino brands and newcomers must embrace this trend if they’re going to capture an increasingly demanding market.

Now you can go out to the casino without going out to the casino. It’s all part of making online gaming more accessible to the masses.

In-depth game analysis

One of the most exciting features in live dealer games is the opportunity to replay how you played. Games of skill, such as poker, require regular review and analysis to improve your game. Spotting your most common mistakes and learning how to rectify them will help you to become a more profitable player.

Since live casinos largely use virtual reality, you will be able to go back over your play and analyze it. It’s a gamechanger and will likely lead to the general skill of the player pool increasing in 2022 and beyond.

Integrating live gambling with social media

Everyone knows how popular live streams of well-known games on Twitch have become. Many prominent gamers have made the switch to online gambling in recent years. It first started with some special streams with friends, but more and more streamers are turning to online gambling full-time.

The live table experience is a big part of what convinces people to watch. Expect more integration with live tables and social media. YouTube, Twitch, and even Facebook are all venues where you will be able to integrate your gaming experience, watch talented players and have fun with your fellow gambling fans.

Taking part in the game through comments and reactions is a new way to enjoy your favorite games.

Social gambling

Generations before used to visit the casino as part of their routine social activities. Along the way, gambling became a more solitary experience. But everything comes full circle and live tables are becoming a big part of that.

In 2022, expect to see social gambling coming to the fore once again. Players will be better able to communicate with each other, share tips, reveal strategies, and help each other to improve.

Improvements in live streaming technology are what make this possible.

Real-time odds and stats

Successful gamblers understand that winning is very much a numbers game. Knowing the odds and statistics is what enables them to make intelligent decisions.

Online casinos will increasingly make use of live odds and statistics to support players in making winning choices. This will also empower gamblers to develop their gambling strategies further and become better players.


Live casinos have altered the landscape of online gambling. Previously seen as nothing more than a gimmick, most analysts expect live table gaming to be the most popular way to gamble online. By offering an in-depth gaming experience akin to a real casino, players can now get the full casino experience.

New features and new technology are helping to not only bolster immersion but to support players in improving their games.

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