9 Mobile App Development Trends to Look For in 2023

9 Mobile App Development Trends to Look For in 2023

Mobile App Development Trends. Emergence 5G network, Enterprise mobile applications, Mobile e-commerce, Beacon technology

The year 2020 has transformed the world digitally. With technology acquiring more significance around the world, the trend of mobile app development has picked more steam and in 2021, the trend is likely to touch the pinnacle. Just like every year, you are likely to find several changes in the mobile app trends of 2021. Moreover, the emergence of the global pandemic has led to dependence on the mobile app to meet the needs of everyday lives. Various other factors, such as the arrival of the 5G spectrum, new technology, irresistible wearable are likely to make mobile apps an integral part of our lives.

What are the trends to follow in the digital landscape of 2021? Here are a few things and agencies like this to understand.

Renewed native apps

Cross-platform and hybrid apps are popular and a good investment for businesses, but several companies are switching towards native app development. Several businesses had to close down their physical existence completely after the arrival of the global pandemic in 2020 and a series of lockdowns in different corners of the world and move towards digital existence.

Mobile App Development today is no longer optional but the backbone of every business. For businesses that can afford app development are sure to focus on native app development trends in 2021. There is no denying the fact that creating natives apps is one of the most authentic ways of surviving the changes in business trends in 2021. Read more to learn about native apps

  1. The coded native apps can comply with any platform.
  2. The native apps are faster, swifter, and appear more original.
  3. The native apps are good from the standpoint of longevity and can pick the updates before building them with the new code.
  4. The rich functionality of native app development is likely to make a comeback in 2021.

However, all this does not mean that the cross-platform apps are moving out.  With most businesses relying on mobile apps, a number of small businesses are likely to move on to mobile app development.

Mobile App Development with emergence 5G network

The 5G network is expected to be available in the market by 2021 and the year is likely to see a rapid move to 5G connections. Compared to 4G, 5G is expected to be faster and bring massive changes in streaming services. Finally, you can watch streaming services without buffer. Moreover, the bandwidth becomes wider, making it easy to handle AR and VR 3D objects. The IoT services are also expected to get an impetus with the fast connectivity of the 5G network.

Enterprise mobile applications

The enterprise mobile applications are likely to be the new age phenomenon and employees of different companies are going to bring them forward for running the business smoothly and effectively. Quite naturally, the enterprise mobile apps are surging in numbers and coming across as one of the major trends in 2021. These apps can go a long way in improving customer satisfaction and boost communication among the employees. No wonder, a large number of companies are likely to develop enterprise mobile apps for their organizations and make profits.

Mobile App Development for foldable phones

Gone are the days of flip phones as smartphones have undergone a sea change during the last decade. Today, you may come across touch screens with single or no buttons. During the last two years, foldable phones have made a comeback and several devices have arrived in the market. Smartphones can be folded to expand or compress based on the screen size. The mobile application development agency you hire needs to account for all these factors before designing and updating apps for foldable phones. The apps designed need to streamline the display with the folding and unfolding of apps.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

The Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have already conquered the world of video and gaming. The year 2021 is likely to witness more AR-based apps turning into functional mobile apps and benefit various industries, such as education, retail, tourism, and healthcare. Furthermore, you are likely to view VR-based concerts and music festivals, and exploration activities.

The arrival of beacon technology

The Beacon technology is going to make its presence felt across different industry verticals. For instance, you may choose a product online and also wish to try it physically. While you go ahead to find a physical store, the app on your mobile phone shows the stores that sell your chosen products along with prices and features.

The Beacon Technology uses BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy signals, so, when your smartphone moves to the beacon zone; the app catches the signals immediately and gives guidance and notifications to users. The potential of this technology can reduce the gap between users and companies. The health care and hotel industry is going to leverage this technology to a great extent.

The emergence of mobile e-commerce

While listing the apps that may affect the trend of 2021, mobile commerce deserves a mention. From the large retail businesses, personal brands, and individual content creators, everyone can make money using mobile commerce. The mobile commerce feature can go a long way in driving sales. Every business must have a mobile commerce app to compete with the biggies. It is expected that over seventy percent of e-commerce sales are likely to come from various mobile; so using an app should be one of the biggest decision for e-commerce companies in 2021

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP

Most users today browse mobile devices to garner information. Some of the factors that can help you gain user engagement are fast, user-friendly, and responsive apps. With Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP, you can reduce the loading time of pages to a great extent and improve user engagement. Moreover, AMP also helps in improving user traffic. The technology is one of the modes that is fast gaining popularity to enhance visibility in searches. Finally, it also boosts your SEO, making it one of the most accepted mobile app trends.

Last word about Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development is an exciting phenomenon where new trends keep showing every year. Although the year 2020 showed unprecedented challenges to businesses at different levels; the mobile app industry, fortunately, kept growing and the mobile app development trends are likely to stay in 2021 as well.

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