How To Choose The Best E-Learning Software

How To Choose The Best E-Learning Software

Find and compare the best E-Learning Software with user reviews. A learning management system is an important tool for eLearning professionals. An LMS can be a major expense if you are looking for a reliable, versatile e-learning system that meets all your e-learning staff development needs. 

Distance learning systems have long been known to university teachers. But schools have recently discovered e-learning. With the help of distance learning technologies, it is possible not only to shift several routine pedagogical activities on the shoulders of the computer but also to organize truly high-quality; individualized, differentiated training.

Every company has different expectations for learning management system software. For example, an LMS suitable for an e-commerce company may not be suitable for a franchise organization. Whatever your goal, there is designed specifically for you.


Moodle is undoubtedly one of the most popular open-source LMSs today. Also, Moodle offers the user different dashboards, the ability to track student progress, and multimedia support. The system allows you to create courses adapted to cell phones and is quite friendly to the integration of add-ons from third-party developers.

For those who want to earn money on their courses; Moodle has integration with the PayPal payment system which makes the ordering and payment process simple and straightforward. Another important advantage of Moodle is the community of users. Unlike many other free LMS system; here you can almost instantly get answers to most of your questions by contacting the online support base.

In addition, the service offers a number of ready-made templates that you can use to save time and not create a course from scratch. Maybe at first Moodle will seem complicated and incomprehensible to you; but if you’re looking for a program that gives the user the maximum amount of freedom; then do not be lazy and spend some time exploring the interface of Moodle.

Defining the requirements for an LMS system

The list of system requirements should be as detailed as possible; which will help narrow down your search considerably later on. They can be divided into the following groups:

Functional requirements

This includes the presence of must-have features, such as user and course management choice of training model (purely online training, mixed online-offline or instructor-led), support and creation of training content, analytics, and reports.

Some LMSs have several additional features, including: – social learning support with the ability to publish, discuss; and distribute content based on social media principles; as well as mobile learning, e-commerce support for selling training courses, gamification, integration with HR accounting systems; the ability to issue a certificate upon course completion, and more.

The main groups of LMS system

LMS systems that are currently inactive use, are divided into two groups: cloud and “box” (out-of-the-box). Cloud platforms allow you to quickly and easily start the process of distance learning after registration in the system. All information is stored on external servers; the process of downloading materials is reminiscent of working with Google Drive or other services for storing files.

“Out-of-the-box” LMSs are installed directly on a company’s server but their launch is technically more challenging because they often require integration with existing systems. It is also necessary to consider software security, availability of technical documentation, technical support; and integration with other corporate systems provided by the app development company LMS.

Project economics

How much you are ready to spend and how much users are ready to spend. Will the implementation of LMS pay off? In the existing LMS, there are different payment models and tariff plans (charges only for active users, for example). At the same time, according to research, the cost to users of LMS is on average 59% more than pre-planne. So approach this question carefully.

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