Who is Mckinzie Valdez? Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Career, & Facts

Who is Mckinzie Valdez? Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Career, & Facts

Mckinzie Valdez, a TikTok star and social media influencer. She is most known for her TikTok account, where she has millions of followers and usually uploads dance and lip-sync videos.


Mckinzie Valdez, a TikTok star and social media influencer, was born on June 30, 2004, in Texas, United States. She is most known for her TikTok account, where she has millions of followers and usually uploads dance and lip-sync videos.

McKinzie Valdez began her TikTok career in 2019 when she posted a dancing video to Bbno$’s track. She then continued to publish videos daily, gaining a lot of attention and fans in a short period. We’ll inform you about Mckinzie Valdez’s wiki, bio, boyfriend, net worth, age, and more on this page.

McKinzie Valdez Wiki/Biography

McKinzie Valdez, also known as a TikTok star and social media influencer, was born on June 30, 2004, in Texas. She was born to parents of Mexican descent but was raised with her family in California. It is reported that she completed her secondary education at Alemany High School. After high school graduation, she joined the college at John F. Kennedy University. There is no information regarding her relationship status or boyfriend’s name. She has a huge fan following on the TikTok app which has helped her to gain popularity all over the world.

Unfortunately, her original TikTok account was blocked after many months of continual uploads for an unknown cause. That account gradually grew in popularity and followers, and she continued to post things there. None of her TikTok accounts are active right now, and we couldn’t discover any. Valdez’s Instagram account, where she posts her stunning photographs and videos, is also quite popular.

Early Life

On her Instagram account, you can see that McKinzie often posts pictures with him as well as other family members including her mother and father who live in California but make sure to visit their daughter often when they can. As a result of living in Los Angeles for most of her life, McKinzie Valdez attended Westchester High School where she graduated in 2014 before going off to college at UCLA where she studied biology while minoring in chemistry. In addition to studying science, McKinzie would also take part in several extracurricular activities during her time at UCLA.

These included being an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. being involved with multiple community service projects, working as a counselor for children with special needs, and volunteering at Ronald McDonald House Charities. After graduating from UCLA in 2018, McKinzie decided to move back home so she could pursue her dreams of becoming an actress.

Shortly after moving back home, McKinzie began posting videos on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube which helped her gain some attention online. This led to people reaching out to her asking if she would be interested in joining TikTok which is what led to McKinzie becoming one of the top users on TikTok today.

Family & Ethnicity

Mckinzie Valdez

McKinzie’s mom and dog have appeared on her TikTok account. She’s openly bisexual. She has a dog named Buster who is almost as popular as she is on social media. McKinzie also loves her family and her cousins are often featured in her videos too. In November 2018 she even said they took their Nana to Las Vegas so that they could see her perform at T-Mobile Arena during one of Ariana Grande’s concerts.

She has been living in Las Vegas for most of her life and during an interview, she said that her favorite place is Treasure Island Casino because it’s very near to her home. She also said that she wants to start a clothing line called One Piece at A Time which is pretty cool if you ask me.

McKinzie Valdez was discovered in 2018 by a modeling agent and due to her height of 6 feet 2 inches, she is a great influencer for many designers. Her agents had to fight a lot because of her height so there’s probably not any other girl out there who is taller than McKinzie Valdez. She even said that it was difficult for her when she started to grow up because most of her friends were shorter than her which made fitting in a little bit harder. She was always different from everybody else but she thinks that’s why she has such huge success today.

Relationship status

McKinzie Valdez is unmarried. She has earned enough fame online to be called a celebrity. She’s become so famous because of her videos on Tik Tok and she has an enormous number of followers on social media. She has used social media platforms well to gain fame as well money. The pretty lady is living a lavish lifestyle with no sign of slowing down in the future. 

Her love life and relationship status are often a source of discussion for her fans. She has not disclosed her past relationships but there are lots of rumors spreading about her on social media. The rumors have been going on that she has been in an affair with some celebrity but she didn’t reveal any name to clear those rumors. As of 2018, McKinzie is possibly single and looking for a decent man to spend the rest of her life with.


McKinzie Valdez graduated from Texas State University in San Marcos with a degree in Psychology. At 20 years old, she worked as a lifeguard and taught swim lessons to children ages 4-6. Before becoming an entrepreneur on TikTok, McKinzie was an aspiring photographer who loved documenting her life through pictures. She learned how to edit them on FCPX and eventually edited enough videos that she decided to start doing it professionally after watching many Instagram influencers that would make money by editing each other’s photos/videos.

She often participated in physical competitions that allowed her to travel around Texas and further expand her love for lifeguarding. This quickly became a hobby of hers where she worked part-time jobs at local pool/beach areas during summer vacations. Once back in school during the fall/spring semesters, McKinzie worked as a student aide while being active on campus with Greek Life and multiple professional organizations such as Phi Beta Lambda. These events not only helped shape her future career path but also inspired her to pursue Psychology at Texas State University.

Favorite Things

Aside from TikTok, McKinzie is also fond of music. She has posted many times about her love for Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. Her favorite color is red and black. Also, she is fond of spicy food like tacos and hot sauce on nachos. Her brother’s name is Jayden and he was born in 2006. He enjoys playing video games with his sister whenever they have time together.

She loves pets. Her favorite animal is an elephant because it’s big and amazing. The best part about TikTok for her is getting to meet so many new people from around the world. She loves playing basketball with her friends when she can.

McKinzie Valdez Height, Weight & Measurements

McKinzie Valdez stands at a height of 5 ft 5 in tall or 165 cm. She has a body weight of 52 kg or 115 pounds. Her hair color is black and her eye color is brown. One thing I know for sure is that she will not win any perfect women contests anytime soon if you judge by looks alone.

On another note, McKinzie seems to take care of herself as evidenced by her slightly toned arms. which adds to her overall sexiness at least in my opinion. As far as her net worth goes, we can only speculate about it since there isn’t much information about it on the internet. However, judging from how popular she is on the Tik Tok app and other social media platforms, we can assume that she makes decent money out of it. Her followers have been increasing over time with each passing day due to her charming personality and funny videos.


Mckinzie Valdez

Traveling is one of McKinzie’s favorite hobbies. She always looks forward to traveling. No matter how long or short a trip is, she has never been bored in any place she visited. And with all that exposure to new places and different ways of living, you can guarantee that there will be more ideas for more TikTok memes. She plans on visiting Africa as soon as possible. Traveling is one of McKinzie’s favorite hobbies. 

For hobbies, McKinzie Valdez likes to do a lot of singing in her free time. She loves spending time with family and friends whenever possible. Some of her favorite foods are Chinese food, Mexican food, and Vietnamese food. Her favorite movie is Dirty Dancing McKinzie’s favorite sports are basketball and volleyball. Some people think that playing sports is not for girls but she does not care about those people because she knows that playing sports is fun! Her main goal for 2019 is to have more TikTok followers than any other TikTok star.

McKinzie Valdez Career

McKinzie Valdez is a model who likes to travel. She works as a fashion and swimwear model for local magazines, which she says takes her all over. McKinzie Valdez earned 288k followers on Instagram. She shares modeling photos on her McKinzie Valdez Instagram account.

McKinzie has made an estimated $0 from her TikTok career. On March 11, 2019, videocams posted a video of McKinzie dancing with 1 million+ views and 30K+ likes. On March 14, 2019, she posted another video with 3 million+ views and 40K+ likes in 24 hours. 

Before Fame

McKinzie Valdez grew up in Texas and attended Norman North High School. She began her professional career as a fashion model. However, after a few years of modeling and working at Macy’s Department Store, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career. 

Afterward, she signed with Republic Records and released her debut single Bye Bye Boyfriend in 2018. In 2019 she released her EP entitled Her Story. Which peaked at #2 on the iTunes Album Chart within 24 hours of its release. Her first album Live Love Laugh followed shortly. After it debuted at #1 on iTunes Album Chart as well. On TikTok, she is one of the most popular TikTok stars with over 1 million followers.

McKinzie Valdez Endorsements

In her videos, she mostly shares her travels, food reviews, and her career. Besides, she also uploads personal posts to share with her fans. 

Net Worth

McKinzie Valdez was born on 22 April 2000 in the United States of America. McKinzie has accumulated a good net worth from her career as a social media personality.

Her net worth is estimated to be $100k – $200k, as of 2022. As per some sources, she has accumulated over 1 million followers on Instagram and an amazing number of followers on TikTok also.

Fun Facts About McKinzie Valdez

Mckinzie Valdez
  • McKinzie Valdez attended Hammond High School in Columbia, Maryland, and graduated in 2016.
  • McKinzie is a Virgo sign. 
  • She is Christian by faith but she does not talk about her religious beliefs.
  • Often as it might affect her business plans going forward as a popular TikTok star.
  • Her nationality is American and she stands 5 feet 9 inches tall which amounts to 1.75 m.
  • When converted into a metric system of measurement as commonly used around the world.
  • As per some sources, she has accumulated over 1 million followers on Instagram and an amazing number of followers on TikTok also.
  • McKinzie Valdez rose to fame in 2016 by posting various comedy videos.
  • On July 29, 2018, she shared a video in which a guy proposed to her while wearing a chicken suit.
  • The video got more than 7 lakh views within a day and is currently approaching 50k likes at present.
  • It became very popular in no time and broke all kinds of records.


McKinzie Valdez is a Puerto Rican singer, known for being a TikTok star with millions of followers. Her ethnicity is white American and has three siblings; she stands at 5’2 tall and weighs 113 lbs. She went to school at Miami Dade College but she stopped because of her career. Her biggest inspirations are Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande.

McKinzie is a popular singer on TikTok. She has millions of followers and fans. Her songs are very inspiring and everyone loves them.

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