Snaptic Mod APK – Video Downloader for TikTok without Watermark

Snaptic Mod APK – Video Downloader for TikTok without Watermark

The Snaptic Mod APK is one of the best video downloaders you can find to download and save your favorite videos from TikTok without any watermark on it.


The Snaptic Mod APK is one of the best video downloaders you can find to download and save your favorite videos from TikTok without any watermark on it, an application that’s becoming increasingly popular among Android users around the world. In fact, in just a few months after its launch, this app has already been downloaded by millions of users.

Who use it daily to watch their favorite music clips or funny videos? Even use it as the perfect gif maker to express their feelings and emotions without feeling shy. When you have downloaded your desired video. You can immediately share it with friends and family or just keep it stored on your phone. So that you can re-watch it whenever you want to relive your fun moments again and again.

What is Snaptic?

Snaptic is a TikTok downloader application, use it to download TikTok videos without the watermark. This APK is a clean TikTok downloader that allows you to download and save TikTok videos to your phone storage. The watermark will be removed so you can enjoy your favorite video freely. This app does not contain any malware, virus, or adware. You may use it free of charge, as long as you like.

Why do I need Snaptic?

If you have an Android device, there are several ways to get videos from TikTok. One way is to record videos using your camera and then upload them on YouTube. But if you want to make it faster and easier, we recommend using Snaptic Mod APK because it’s very easy to use. All you need to do is open up this APK on your phone, tap on the search button, and type in the video title or username of one video you want to download from TikTok. Then hit the Download button and wait until the video downloading process finishes.

How to install the app on Android?


To get Snaptic in your hands right now, you’ll need to install this APK through an Android emulator. One of our favorites is called NoxPlayer. It’s free and easy to use, plus it comes with a downloader that allows you to download files straight from your phone. which makes getting mods like our new Snapchat hack simple. The video below will walk you through all of that. If you want more information on how to set up NoxPlayer or other emulators, read on! For more info on how to set up any Android app (like SnapTik) on a PC or Mac.

How to use the app on Android?

This APK is a tool for watching videos on Android devices. It allows you to quickly download any video from social networks, including YouTube, Instagram, and others. What’s more, you can use it to view all media files on your phone. The app works automatically and has a convenient interface that is easy to understand even if you’re not very tech-savvy.

If you want to use it properly, follow these simple steps

1) Install SnapTik

2) Go to Settings

3) Click Add Application

4) Find your video

5) Select quality

6) Wait until downloading is complete

A huge collection of videos

If you’re looking to download videos from TikTok, there are a ton of apps available on Google Play. Although they do an okay job of grabbing videos off popular social media platforms, some have been known to violate copyrights and violate terms of service in their use of your account. One app that does not do either is this APK, a free Android app that lets you download videos from all your favorite platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, at one time. Simply upload your video to the platform where it’s shared and then run a search on Snaptic; you’ll be able to see every video under that hashtag or topic, which can help give your ideas for future searches.

How to download videos from Snaptic?


Snaptic is an extremely popular video app, but it’s not exactly easy to get content onto it. It will allow you to import Snapchats directly into your video library and convert them into MP4 files that are playable on pretty much anything.  

Follow these steps:

  • Open the Snaptic video downloader and tap + button at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then select any song or video that you want to download and tap the Download Video button located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Wait a few seconds till the progress bar reaches 100%.
  • Now go back to the home screen and open Files app > Local storage > DCIM > TIKTOK_VIDEOS folder (or any other folder where downloaded videos are stored).
  • There will be a video file inside that folder that is ready for watching offline.

Why does it need so many permissions?

The app developer added these permissions so that users would be more comfortable with downloading an app that was capable of doing so. Make sure you do your research before downloading a new app from Google Play Store the fewer permissions an app has, the better.

How to remove TikTok branding from videos?

It’s easy to download videos from TikTok. If you have a smartphone, all you need is an app that can download a video in high quality. Most apps that do this also let you save photos and audio recordings along with videos. While there are various apps out there that claim to be able to remove branding from videos downloaded from TikTok, they’re useless unless you have access to a rooted Android device running a custom ROM.

While rooting is pretty easy these days, many users don’t want to go through the hassle because of security concerns. Thankfully, we have a solution that doesn’t require root access to this APK. This video downloader lets you record videos on your phone or tablet and then edit them before saving them on your phone or computer.

You can add text to videos as well as take screenshots while recording videos. Best of all, it has built-in support for removing watermarks from videos downloaded from TikTok all you need to do is select Download with no watermark when recording videos using this APK. The only downside is that it doesn’t work on iOS devices.

Snaptic Mod Features

  • Video Downloader for TikTok
  • No Needs to Tap on Ads and Wait to Watch Videos, Enjoy Them Right Away
  • Download videos directly to your Device
  • Ad-Free, 100% Safe. No Permissions are Necessary.
  • Full HD Videos
  • Supports Android 5.0+ Devices
  • No Sign-In, No Registration Required.
  • Works with all versions of TikTok: Official App, Web Client, or this Mod APK. 
  • Simple UI, easy to use.
  • A completely free app that doesn’t require any in-app purchases.
  • Support both officials and modded versions of TikTok.
  • One-click video downloader for Tiktok videos that works even if you are offline

Advantages & Disadvantages of Snaptic


  • A video downloader is also called a media grabber.
  • It is a piece of software that will record content from your screen and convert it into a file you can save.
  • This APK Video Downloader is good at both parts: capturing all kinds of videos from your screen and converting them to various formats.
  • Whether you want to make copies of YouTube clips or download movies directly from Netflix, this APK makes it easy to do so while eliminating watermarks.
  • This video downloader comes with an intuitive interface that lets you capture video in real-time as well as through pre-recorded videos.
  • It’s not just limited to YouTube either; if there’s a video on any website, this APK can capture it and save it in any format you choose.
  • With its clean design and ease of use, this APK is one of our favorite free video downloaders available today.


  • This may be fine for some users, but if you are looking to download videos with a watermark you should use other apps.
  • Which limits where and when it can be used. 
  • this APK allows you to choose between downloading videos in their entirety or just as Youtube Shorts that only contain 10 seconds of footage.
  • The latter option is perfect for those who don’t want to waste storage space on videos they might not watch again.
  • You can also choose whether or not your video will be available offline or only online
  • This is useful if you want a file that you can access anywhere at any time.
  • Some users have reported buggy behavior with Snaptic.
  • This is only a problem if you specifically want high-quality video files, however.
  • The ease of use and speedy downloads more than makeup for any downsides present in this APK.

What’s New

  • This APK is a mod version of its official app, which allows you to download your favorite Tik Tok videos on an android device.
  • All you need to do is find that video in this APK and then long-press on it and select the Download option.
  • Overall SnapTik does what it promises but we all know there’s always room for improvement.
  • this APK isn’t like other video downloaders for Tik Tok.
  • With SnapTik, you can easily download videos from your favorite artists or any creator in a matter of seconds.
  • Even if that wasn’t enough.
  • Sure, it isn’t a perfect app but so far there aren’t any reasons why anyone should miss out on using it.

Frequently Asked Questions About SnapTik

Do I have to pay to download videos from TikTok?

It’s free to download, it’s free to use and it’s never going to watermark your videos. 

Does Snaptic require me to sign up?

No, you don’t need an account or login details to download videos with this APK. You can even choose whether or not you want your downloads linked back to your device by using Wi-Fi or a unique token! You can access all of our features using just a browser and a downloadable application, which makes it simple to access our service from any device.

How to download Snaptic?

 You can download this APK in just a few taps. Simply go to our website, follow along with our step-by-step guide and you’ll be enjoying high-quality downloads before you know it. Be sure to search for SnapTik if you prefer an app version of our service.

How to download TikTok videos on iPhone without a watermark

 Simply download this APK, install it on your iPhone, and log in. The next time you open TikTok you’ll be able to select a video and tap the download button. The app will automatically convert any video into MP4 format and download it directly to your iPhone or another device.

How to get the video download link on TikTok?

Before downloading the video on your phone, you need to press on Share, after that you should look for the option Copy Link and press on it. Then, open YouTube or other apps that let you download videos from the internet. After that paste the link into these programs and download it to your device.

In other words, there are two ways how to get videos from TikTok:

  1. by using third-party programs, like Tube Replay;
  2. by pasting a link into YouTube or other video downloading websites.


Video downloading from TikTok is super simple. You simply choose an MP4 video, then click on its Download button. The app’s free version does place watermarks in your video. Luckily, there’s another way to download videos using Snaptic. There’s a modded apk available online which completely removes all such ads and watermarks. Once downloaded, it’s time to open this APK and start downloading.

You’ll need to tap on your way into Search videos from there. After typing in whatever song or artist that you want, simply click on its video and then hit Download. The download button is located below each video. Once you click it, wait just a few seconds before seeing a notification pop up.

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