Electric Bike Disc Brake | Mechanical or Hydraulic

Electric Bike Disc Brake | Mechanical or Hydraulic

There are multiple tools in an electric bike that collectively ensures a smooth ride for people. But, today we will discuss the brakes of electric bikes that why brakes make a big difference for the audience when they think about buying a new electric bike. 

Before buying an electric bicycle, the buyer should know the difference between hydraulic disk brakes and mechanical disc brakes. Brakes also play an important role in the performance of electric bicycles. 

So, let’s move forward to know more about mechanical disc brakes and hydraulic disc brakes of electric bikes.

Mechanical Disc Brakes

The mechanical disc brake is the older braking system that comes with the beginning of cycling. This braking system only has a cable, mechanical disc, and brake lever. The open design makes it much easier for people to repair it whenever required. 

Furthermore, the open design of the mechanical brakes requires frequent cleaning of your electric bicycle. The improper cleaning of your electric bicycle’s brakes reflects the decreasing smoothness and reduced breaking.

Advantages of Mechanical Disc Brakes

The cost of mechanical disc brakes is less than hydraulic disc brakes.

These are easy to repair and maintain because the rider can easily find replacement parts for their electric bikes.

People can easily repair when they need to repair this in the middle of the journey because of the open braking design of your electric bike.

The tools of mechanical brakes are easy to find because many people use mechanical disc brakes. 

The disadvantage of Mechanical Disc Brakes

This has less stopping power compared to hydraulic disc brakes.

It requires high maintenance and frequent cable adjustment for better performance of the electric bicycle. 

The brake line requires more cleaning because it is contaminated with debris and dirt.  

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Mechanical Disc Brakes

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The hydraulic disc brakes are an upgraded braking technique that provides a more pleasing user experience. These brakes provide complete control while riding the electric bicycle. Better stopping power provides ultimate joy to the riders and enables them to enjoy the ride better. 

It is a fully packed liquid-filled braking system. This fluid replaces the still cable that allows the riders exceptional control and higher breaking power while riding the electric bicycles.

Advantages of Hydraulic Disc Brakes 

Hydraulic disc brakes have more exceptional stopping power than other braking techniques. 

These brakes are self-adjustable and require less care than mechanical brakes.

Hydraulic brakes require less cleaning because their sealed system prevents the liquid from outside impurities. 

Better control and smooth operations because of less friction in the system. 

The disadvantage of Hydraulic Disc Brakes 

The cost of hydraulic brakes is higher than mechanical disc brakes.

Complex to service in the middle of the journey because it needed specific liquids and tools.

It is hard to find spare parts for hydraulic brakes because it is not used by people in underdeveloped areas.

Which Electric Bike You Should Choose?

Multiple brands are offering electric bicycles at different prices, and Addmotor is one of the leading brands in the industry that presents the ultimate electric bikes that deliver numerous benefits to people. 

Furthermore, Addmotor’s fat tire electric bike and city electric bike offer multiple user benefits that attract people. People can choose mechanical disc brakes or hydraulic disc brakes in the fat tire electric bike or city electric bike. 

Final Verdict

Hydraulic brakes are costlier than mechanical brakes and enable exceptional braking power to the rider. Both braking systems have some advantages and disadvantages, but hydraulic braking is better than mechanical brakes, whether it comes to braking or maintenance. 

Addmotor offers both brakings in their electric bikes. Also, fat tire electric bike and city electric bike are better for the audience to complete their long rides and help you provide more stability while riding the electric bikes. 

Hydraulic brakes are an upgraded version of mechanical braking, which ensures a better riding experience for people by enabling the power to stop while riding fast. Choosing an electric bike that has hydraulic brakes is a good decision for the riders, but if they do not have the proper resources to buy a bike that has electric brakes, mechanical disc brakes are a better option. 

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