Megaways Slot Games Unique Features

Megaways Slot Games Unique Features

How do the megaways slot games work? Unique features are Cascading reels, Win multiplier, Free spins, Mystery Symbols, and Bonus games

Casino games are popular ways in which game lovers love to have a fun time. It has several games on the platform which slots are one of them. There are lots of slot games in the casino that punters can spin for free or deposit to win real money. Most of the games are intriguing. The new trend in slot games is the Megaways slots which have become prominent due to its mechanism and several ways to have winnings playing the megaways. Most punters who like maximizing their chances of winnings on casino slot games prefer and love wagering their slot games through the megaways slot games.

Understanding Megaways slot games

Megaways slot games are video slot games with an outstanding and innovative uniqueness, which brought some advancement in the technology attached with video games. The new online slots work on a modified mechanic with six reels, and Megaways feature allows different symbols between 2-7. At times, it also accommodates a horizontal reel and an extra four symbols. The number of each symbol on the reel changes as each spin is made. The changes in the number of symbols give more advantages for winning on each of the spins.

New Online Slots With Megaways Feature

The slot games with megaways feature have high volatility and an intriguing game for fantastic entertainment. This new technological introduction to the video slots came from an Australian slot provider, Big Time Gaming (BTG). Their innovation was excellent and incredible in that it gives a better slot gaming experience than the traditional slots. Since the advent of Megaways slots, it has become so popular in the iGaming industry that most game providers partner with  BTG to develop slots with innovative mechanics.

Megaways slots are way different from normal and traditional slot machines in that the number of paylines that are available on the slots changes from one spin to the other. Whereas in the traditional slots, there are a fixed number of symbols that give a fixed number in the paylines. Another difference that sets megaways apart is the wins. When identical symbols on adjacent reels land from three reels to six, you will win on the megaways slots. While for the traditional slots, the symbols are lined up along the paylines to have a win.

How do the megaways slot games work?

Understanding the techniques attributed to the innovative video slot games is not complex for those familiar with traditional slots. In the megaways slots, players will match symbols in a line from the left-hand side to the right, just like the classic slots. Also, In megaways, each reel contains a random number of symbols for each spin between 2 and 7. In determining the final amount of paylines that players will be awarded, the size of the symbols will be multiplied across each reel in an adjacent way. The providers work out the mathematics behind the slot games for each spin and display them above the reels of each game. The symbols that show across the reel set give a high amount of paylines. The winning combination in megaways can comprise adjacent symbols which start from the left reel but not directly next to the other symbols on the reel.

For the numbers’ calculations on the megaways, the seven symbols on each of the six reels give 117,649 megaways. It is worked out by multiplying the seven symbols on each reel in six places. But on megaways where the symbols change on each spin made, the seven symbols may not appear. Therefore to get the megaways number for your spins; you will multiply the number of symbols gotten on each of the six reels together.

Unique features of megaways Casinos

Megaways slots have incredible features together with the number of paylines which is available on the slots. These features are what make the megaways slot games gain popularity among slot games players.

  1. Cascading reels: with this feature in megaways slots, all the symbols in the winning combination are automatically replaced by more symbols. It does not require that players keep spinning over again. Therefore with this feature, players can have more wins for the same price.
  2. Win multiplier: this is one of those unique features that is loaded in the megaways slots. The win multiplier is unlimited, and it starts from 1x players stake and goes up by one unit whenever a player has a winning combination. It has the potential of increasing to infinity; with this, the ultimate jackpot can be won.
  3. Free spins: this feature in the megaways slots can be gotten by having three or more scattered symbols anywhere on the grid. The scattered symbols that give the free spin must be related to the game.
  4. Mystery symbols: this is an added feature of the megaways that includes the game’s logo; which falls on the grid-like other symbols. The changes in shape and form reveal other symbols from the paytable. The mystery symbols that land on the grid and transform to other symbols give a better winning to players.
  5. Bonus games: this feature is a side-quest and works with the free spin bonus.
  6. The number of symbols that are featured in each reel is determined randomly.
  7. Players can buy a bonus instead of waiting for the free win spin, which usually takes time to be triggered. With the free spin bought, it costs 100x the player’s stake.

Playing megaways slot games

In getting started with how to play megaways slots, there are steps to follow that will help and guide you.

The first thing in playing megaways slots is to choose your preferred megaways slot game from the wide selection. After that, opt-in for a free play to know the megaways slot game and its features for a better gaming adventure. After you have made your choice, go for a megaways casino that has been licensed. Upon signing up at the casino to play the megaways slots, check through the special features, symbols; and the paytable before starting to play the game. Once you have familiarized yourself with the game’s workings;  choose your bet size according to your budget and start spinning on the megaways slots. You can set up an auto-spin after you might have chosen your bet size to spin with.


Megaways slot games mechanics have brought better dimensions to the video slot games with good winnings; that you can get through the bonuses and outstanding features in the slot game. When choosing the best megaways casino, go for a trustworthy, legal; and safe casino and check if their license is from a reputable body. Also, consider using reviews and customer reviews to determine what you may experience from any Megaways slot before using it.

In addition to this, check through the wagering requirements attached with the megaways casino before playing on it. Finally, you must try out the megaways slots demo to know about the game’s mechanics. The demo mode is also a great practice ground to help you prepare yourself for the task at hand and better understand the game’s instructions. In playing megaways slots; it has been created to fit in with mobile play, and players can play on Android and iPhone. 

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