What is Microsoft PowerApps? Tools You Can Build With PowerApps

What is Microsoft PowerApps? Tools You Can Build With PowerApps

Microsoft PowerApps is a low-code development platform that comprises connectors, services, apps, and a data platform that gives you a quick way to develop custom apps. Automating and streamlining operations are at the heart of any business. However, since automation requires agile software, this desire can often take months, if not years, to achieve. But all that can change, Microsoft has eased the process, time, and cost of developing apps.

With Microsoft PowerApps Studio, all you need is just hours to build, test and deploy an app to automate your operations. Before we dive into how PowerApps should be your new year’s business resolution, let’s get first to the basics. 

What is Microsoft PowerApps?

PowerApps, according to Microsoft, is a low-code development platform that comprises connectors, services, apps, and a data platform that gives you a quick way to develop custom apps for your business.

A low-code development platform is an easy-to-use and customizable visual software development platform that allows you to slice up your business backlog. It enables both professional and non-professional developers to build effective, safe, and secure apps without writing code line by line.

Through a low-code platform, you can build apps to automate most of your time-consuming, tedious, and repetitive tasks, such as marketing, sales, and inspection.

Types of Tools You Can Build With PowerApps

Staff onboarding platforms

Getting new employees on board can be a time-consuming process when done manually. But with PowerApps, it doesn’t have to be. You can now quickly create an in-house app for new employees to fill up and upload all the needed information and documents from their mobile. This saves you time and money to focus on other things and makes onboarding a swift process.

Reporting apps

Most small businesses do their reporting and calculating expenses manually, which can be such a time suck. Typically, a receipt must be carried and filed later. With such a system, it’s simple for some expenses to slip through the cracks, not to mention the time wasted in the process.

This can be reversed with PowerApps. All you need is an in-house mobile-compatible app for your staff to upload receipts for all expenses incurred, whether within or outside the company. This will spare you from spending late hours trying to balance imbalanced math.

Inventory apps

It takes about 24 trees to make one ton of standard office paper. This number accounts for a large percentage of the 80,000 to 160,000 trees felled down in a single day.

Unsurprisingly, most of this office paper is used for trivial tasks such as keeping inventory of every box of marker pens ordered.

While the world tries to go green, you can be part of it with Microsoft PowerApps. All you need to do is build a mobile inventory app that keeps track of all upcoming expenses without having to run around with invoices. This will save both time and money while also protecting Mother Nature.

5 Ways Microsoft PowerApps Can Increase Your Business’ Efficiency

Build apps fast and efficiently

What’s the time frame for developing a custom app? Typically, it could take you a few weeks or even months to get one up and running.

But PowerApps, you can build a custom app prototype, test it, modify it with intuitive point-and-click designs, and repeat it until you find what works for you, all in a matter of hours. So when the world is changing, you’re changing with it.

Provides fast solutions to various business issues

Every company deals with its unique challenges; some are one-offs, while others are recurring. Rather than curse when these issues arise, you can use a custom app to prepare for these problems ahead of time.

Use PowerApps to resolve common issues like poor communication and customer support with a live chat tool for example. This means when you’re busy signing off that business deal, your AI is busy solving some of your less-pressing problems.

Compatible with most platforms

Remote working has become a norm and customers now want apps that can run on any device. But developing a multi-device app is time-consuming and oftentimes expensive. Then enter Microsoft PowerApps, a development platform that helps you build apps that can run on devices powered by iOS, Android, Office 365, Power BI, and Windows 10.

Inexpensive yet so efficient

Most high-level software tools available on the market are not only expensive but also include far more features than you require. But there’s no need for this; you can create a custom app that meets your specific business needs and has only the features you need quickly and inexpensively with PowerApps.

‘Anyone’ can build an app

Yes, even non-developers can use PowerApps to develop custom apps. Even so, you may need to train non-developers before deploying them. Even better, to avoid any mishaps, especially when developing a crucial app, we recommend engaging experts like Valto.

PowerApps: Helping You Build That App Your Business Needs!

In 2022, you can achieve more in your business with the right software by your side. PowerApps helps you build tools that automate repetitive tasks, eliminate human errors, and boost your company’s overall productivity. Time to give it a try? Let us know your feedback.

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