10 mobile games that will have you hooked to your screen

10 mobile games that will have you hooked to your screen

The App Store and Google Play are stuffed to the gills with amazing gaming apps, but how do you choose? These days, most game studios’ portfolios feature at least a few of the countless addicting titles that no player can resist. If you’re anything like me, you don’t want your download to be something you later come to regret. The top mobile games may be downloaded for nothing, while some will set you back a few dollars. Mobile gaming with pals is a fantastic alternative to not being able to get together in person. It’s no secret that modern mobile gaming is a great way to unwind, but after meeting up with a few of my other gamer buddies. Who says introverts can’t have fun, huh? Here is a list of games you can play at your home or a cafeteria.

Role-playing games, cooking games, first-person shooters, racing games, platformers, strategy games, farm games, puzzle games, and more are all represented in my selection of the greatest mobile games of 2022. So, without further ado, let’s dive into my list of epic games you need to play this year!

1. Five Nights at Freddy’s:

Security Breach is the top mobile game in 2022, and I have spent days and nights on it. To say that it had an outsized impact on my happy hormones would be an understatement. The Freddy timelines in this indie game series are the scariest and most intricate I’ve ever seen.

The play takes place in Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex, a pizzeria modeled like Chuck E. Cheese, complete with arcade games, balloons, and other kid-pleasing paraphernalia, as well as the same horrific animatronic animals that haunted our nightmares as children in the 1980s and 1990s. I don’t want to say anymore and insist that you download the game now!


The fact that GRIS has been downloaded over two billion times already should come as no surprise. The colors of GRIS are its most essential feature. A person’s name, the color’s name, and then the words “black” and “white” are what the game starts with. The main character’s inner world can accommodate this perfectly. Discovering and gaining access to colors is essential to the game’s gameplay.

It’s not simply a game; it’s more like filmmaking in a lot of ways. Think about the depth of the game: everything was hand-sketched and colored. This is not a game, but rather an emotion.

This description can be confusing. But trust me when I say this – please download it and let it consume you for the next few weeks!

3. GTA V

A lot of conventions of the open-world game have been reimagined in Grand Theft Auto V, making it the most popular mobile game in the world. It’s based on Grand Theft Auto and ranks high among the best mobile games that transport you to the infamous city of San Andreas. I love the game’s virtual setting which is stunning, expansive, and, of course, rich in variety.

A massive parody of contemporary southern California, complete with mountains, beaches, upscale shopping, strip malls, and the great outdoors. You perceive the magnificent and the ridiculous, the avaricious and the hypocritical. It forces you to move from one exciting situation to the next. Since this has happened, the missions have become more dynamic and challenging than ever before.

4. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

As with its predecessors, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is a fully realized open-world role-playing game. As such, medieval England is a central emphasis of Valhalla’s revival of the Middle Ages. 

I love scavenging through the lands and finding treasures in and around the mythical setting of Valhalla.

A beautiful and dynamic open world awaits us, all set against the bleak backdrop of medieval England. Raid your enemies, grow your colony, and gain political influence to earn a place among the gods in Valhalla.

5. Genshin Effect

Among games with open worlds, action role-playing mobile games like Genshin Impact have been quite popular.

This best-seller is a massive open-world role-playing game (RPG) that doesn’t cost anything to play and can be accessed from any device. So, you’d have a set of magical twins wandering the multiverse for no discernible purpose (to find each other), only to have an unknown and powerful deity decide that the twins are too conceited to travel freely between worlds at will and put an end to their antics.

6. Even-keeled

It’s the best place for gamers of any skill level to create and share their own custom levels with the rest of the world according to me! You have the freedom to make the platforming level of your dreams (or the nightmares of others) in our multiple-award-winning Platformer Maker. Here you’ll find one hundred products that can help you stretch your imagination and your abilities.

Playing as GR-18, a delivery robot in training, you must run, jump, and shoot your way through more than 90 challenging, custom-built Training Levels. 

7. Call of Duty: Mobile

I know that this article would be severely downvoted if it did not have these mobile games on the list! Call of Duty has over 50,000,000 downloads in the Play Store and App Store, and it is undisputedly the most popular game in the world because of its stunning visuals, fluid gameplay, and classic maps from the series’ storied past. Multiplayer mode features the more common 5v5 team battle, while Battle Royale pits you against 100 other players in a last-man-standing scenario.

8. Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

The popular PC game Minecraft now has a mobile counterpart called Minecraft: Pocket Edition. You may access it from any mobile device, tablet included. It is compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems. Similar to the PC version, the mobile version has the same gameplay. Before purchasing the full software, you may try it out for free first. Players may choose to play in either a “creative” mode where they have access to everything or a “survival” mode where they start with nothing and must scavenge for supplies.

9. Stranger Things, The Video Game

Released in August of 2019, Stranger Things: The Game has a 16-bit visual style. Does anyone remember the smash hit “Stranger Things 4” on Netflix? Of course, you do! The plot hasn’t changed at all. You’ll have to do a few errands outside the normal course of play, but this just adds to the game’s charm. There are four unique bosses to battle in this game, and each one is represented by a distinct figure.

10. The History of Runeterra

The popular digital collectible card mobile games Legends of Runeterra is completely free to play. Developed and published by Riot Games, the same company responsible for the League of Legends video game, the novel takes place in the same fictional universe and features recognizable characters and places from that game.

Each player faces off against another in a head-to-head card battle, using the cards at their disposal to try to outwit and outplay their opponent. Each round ends with a swap of attack and defense tokens and the awarding of bonus mana stones to the participants.

Well, this is my wrap-up of the best mobile games that you can enjoy this year. What’s your favorite? Let us know! If you love fun cooking games and want to know more you can also check out similar articles such as  benefits of cooking games

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