MTM-Video Forensics Review: Why Law Enforcement Should Use It

MTM-Video Forensics Review: Why Law Enforcement Should Use It

In law enforcement, capturing and preserving video evidence is critical to case processing. For this reason, many video evidence forensics software specially designed for law enforcement personnel have emerged on the market, aiming to help them complete this task conveniently and quickly. 

This time we will conduct an in-depth evaluation of MTM-Video Forensics, a standard video evidence forensics software for global law enforcement agencies and their officers.

Software Overview

MTM-Video Forensics is developed by Moebius Technology S.T.O.R.M, also known as MTM for short, a software solution provider specializing in digital forensics in Singapore. 

MTM-Video Forensics is a comprehensive and fast forensics software for on-site video forensics, mainly designed and developed for law enforcement officers, investigators and security professionals all over the world. 

MTM-Video Forensics helps investigators collect, organize and authenticate video evidence quickly and efficiently. It can rapidly process and solve cases by helping law enforcement personnel capture key evidence in videos.

The video forensics software currently provides two versions: MTM-Video Forensics for Removable Devices and MTM-Video Forensics for Storage Devices, which supports the extraction of video evidence from 6000+ devices.


Software Features

MTM-Video Forensics has powerful video evidence extraction, authentication and analysis functions. A piece of software can easily handle video evidence chain operations, which is legal and formal, and can be directly adopted by the court.

Supports for multiple video playback formats ensures that the video files involved in most cases can handled. MTM-Video Forensics can perform time calibration on user equipment or video, and play live video of a specified time segment according to the time stamp, which is convenient for users to conduct preliminary review and find key evidence after importing video.

In addition, MTM-Video Forensics software also provides a series of advanced functions for video extraction and authentication, including damaged video repair, deleted video recovery, auxiliary research and judgment, image enhancement processing and other video forensics functions.

The software also provides remote technical support. Through the Support channel on the main interface of the software, users can ask for technical assistance from MTM’s technical support personnel. 

Advantages in Video Forensics

As a standard assistance tool of video evidence forensics for law enforcement personnel on the PC side, it has the following video evidence forensics advantages, which can help law enforcement agencies and personnel to quickly handle cases.

Also, MTM-Video Forensics has comprehensive video evidence functions, including video evidence extraction, authentication, and analysis.

Supports multiple video formats and has advanced video enhancement features. Additionally, MTM-Video Forensics provides detailed report generation and export to help users quickly organize, analyze, and share video evidence.

High-efficient and safe. By using MTM-Video Forensics, law enforcement personnel can complete video forensics within 10 minutes at the fastest. Moreover, the software does not record any user information, and the transmission of various malicious video evidence data is strictly prohibited to ensure the privacy of cases and users.

However, For video devices and video files that the software cannot handle temporarily, the software can automatically collect the sample information of the target device or file through the difficult sample submission function, and send it back to the technical support personnel of MTM. 

When the difficult samples are properly analyzed, the technical support personnel will give feedback to the user by email or other contact methods, and provide technical support services including remote assistance, manual extraction, software package upgrade, etc.

At present, the free version of MTM-Video Forensics provides basic video forensics functions such as video extraction, playback, authentication, and report generation and export. Click here for a free trial.


For some small organizations or individual law enforcement personnel users, it is sufficient to meet the daily video forensics needs. 

If you need advanced video forensics functions such as damaged video repair, deleted video recovery; auxiliary research and judgment, image processing, etc., you can contact the customer service on the official website to obtain them.

Usage Experience

The official website can be directly downloaded for free experience; without jumping to a third-party app store, the download is fast and smooth. When using MTM-Video Forensics, the software has obviously good compatibility and can run smoothly on the Windows operating system. And there is no obvious lag or flashback phenomenon.

After connecting the device that needs to export video evidence; the user can directly use the functions of the software to extract, playback and authenticate the video evidence. 

MTM-Video Forensics also provides a detailed report generation function; which can help users quickly organize and analyze video evidence, which helps improve the credibility of the evidence.

The interface design of MTM-Video Forensics is relatively simple and easy to use; users can directly playback the video evidence for case processing, which will help investigators capture key evidence.

From the perspective of the validity of the evidence; the evidence authenticated by this forensics software has legal effect and can be used as evidence in court. When using software for video forensics, it is necessary to understand relevant laws; and regulations to ensure that the digital video forensics process is legal and effective.

For price experience, the MTM-Video Forensics software provides a free trial version, users can choose according to their own needs.


Overall Evaluation

Generally speaking, this standard video evidence forensics software for law enforcement officers on the PC side performs well in terms of functions and performance, and can meet the basic needs of law enforcement officers in processing video evidence. 

Its easy-to-use interface and powerful features allow law enforcement to collect, secure and analyze video evidence more efficiently.

For some small institutions or individual law enforcement users; you can choose to use the free version of video evidence forensics software to meet daily needs. 

For some law enforcement agencies and investigative agencies; the powerful functions and efficient workflow provided by MTM-Video Forensics may bring great value. You can also contact the official website to obtain the advanced version function.

According to different usage scenarios and needs, users can choose the version that suits them. When using these software; users are advised to choose according to actual needs and pay attention to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

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