2023 Best Free Software Recommendation for Video Forensics

2023 Best Free Software Recommendation for Video Forensics

In the digital age, video has become an important tool for people to obtain information, share experiences, and exchange ideas. However, with the extensive use of videos, disputes, and cases involving videos are also increasing. How to effectively collect and identify video evidence has become an urgent problem to be solved. This article will introduce you to a free software called MTM-Video Forensics specifically designed for digital video forensics to help overcome such issues. It is the best free recommendation for global law enforcement agencies and personnel.

Before we introduce the free video evidence software MTM-Video Forensics, there is a necessity to know what is video forensics and why investigators need this software.

What is Video Forensics

Video forensics refers to the collection, analysis, and identification of digital videos through technical means to provide reliable legal evidence. Video forensics typically involves the following process:

  • Collect video: Obtain video data from the source, such as surveillance video, mobile phone shooting, etc.
  • Data analysis: Perform operations such as preprocessing, content extraction, and feature extraction on videos.
  • Evidence compilation: Organize the analyzed data into legally binding evidence.
  • Identification report: Experts evaluate the video evidence and issue a report.

Difficulty of Video Evidence Forensics

The main difficulty faced in video forensics is that low-quality footage hinders access to key leads. Also, Many CCTV systems export video in their own format, which needs to be reformatted or converted to other suitable formats. 

However, this usually results in reduced quality and loss of information, making the case investigation process difficult. In video forensics, low-quality frames, camera angles, frame colors, etc. lead to different face recognition and images. 

It is necessary to use professional video forensics software to make adjustments through frame enhancement or video restoration. Also, Establish a connection between the subject of the investigation and the scene to form a trusted evidence resource. 

As technology evolves, there is a high demand for tools that help investigators analyze the content of large numbers of multimedia devices. However, Investigators faced with the onerous task of ensuring the accuracy of their tools and their productive use to be able to present any valid evidence in a court of law.

Also, Based on the difficulty mentioned above, MTM-Video Forensics developed mainly for assisting on-site investigations and covers the entire process of video forensics. 

Investigators need and could utilize the software in digital video forensics to greatly increase efficiency during their case and ensure the authenticity of video evidence. 

Go forward and learn more about the free video evidence forensics software, MTM-Video Forensics.

Best Free Recommendation: MTM-Video Forensics

What is MTM-Video Forensics software? Designed by Moebius Technology S.T.O.R.M, it is a powerful tool aimed to efficiently extract, authenticate, and analyze video evidence for global case investigators. 

This user-friendly software supports various devices, both removable devices and storage devices. It also adapts to different task needs, allowing for quick extraction of video evidence in just 10 minutes; saving an impressive 90% of case investigation time. 

With built-in auxiliary video analysis functions, investigators can uncover hidden details and extract valuable insights. Most importantly, the software prioritizes data security, ensuring that no unauthorized access or data theft occurs. 

MTM-Video Forensics is the best solution that streamlines the video evidence forensics process, enhancing investigative capabilities, and strictly protecting case and user information.

How to Complete Video Forensics with MTM-Video Forensics

Video evidence authentication is an important operation in video forensics. Determining the specific device or camera model on which the video was captur can help with authorship, but it can also lead to malicious manipulation of forensic information. 

The best practice is to leave an authenticated value when using a forensic tool to extract video evidence. Missing or modifying this check value may be treated as a tampered evidence source.

Easy four steps:

Now, we will show how to authenticate video evidence with MTM-Video Forensics with the following easy four steps.

  • Step 1. Download and Install MTM-Video Forensics on a PC. Here take the version MTM-Video Forensics for Removable Devices as an example. Click here for a download.
  • Step 2. Activate the software and select Video Authentication on the main interface.
  • Step 3. Connect a memory card and select it on the software. Click s button for video evidence extraction and wait for the progress. The waiting time is up to the data size on the memory card.
  • Step 4. Once the video evidence files are extracted, playback directly on the software and then tick the videos you need as video evidence. Tap the button Authenticate to authenticate the video evidence. If needed, you could also export a video report.
Video Forensics

In video forensics, low quality frames, camera angles, frame colors, etc. lead to different face recognition and images. It is also necessary to use professional MTM-Video Forensics software to make adjustments through frame enhancement or video restoration. Establish a connection between the subject of the investigation and the scene to form a trusted evidence resource. 

The functions above can be accessed from the Advanced Functions on the software’s main interface. Here is a kind note that the advanced features not included in the free download version, if needed, contact the official service center for help.

Future Challenges of Video Forensics & MTM

With the development of technology, video forensics will face more challenges, such as new video formats, highly forged videos, etc. To address these challenges, the software, MTM-Video Forensics, offers the following features:

  1. Support a variety of new video formats: The software is constantly updated to support new video formats emerging on the market to ensure timely collection and analysis of various video data.
  2. Intelligent identification of forged videos: Deep learning technology is used to intelligently identify forged and tampered videos, improving the accuracy and efficiency of identification.
  3. Real-time updated expert database: Regularly update the expert database built into the software to keep up with the latest technology and industry developments.
  4. Strengthen data security constantly: Use more powerful encryption technology to ensure the security of data during collection, analysis, and storage.


To sum up, MTM-Video Forensics introduced in this article has obvious advantages in terms of functionality, ease of operation, and security, and can effectively cope with future challenges. In actual use, users should choose appropriate tools and methods based on specific needs to better resolve disputes and cases involving videos.

As a professional tool, this software will provide users with strong support in the video evidence forensics process and improve the efficiency and reliability of evidence collection.

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