Why do you depend on NCERT books and solutions for Class 12?

Why do you depend on NCERT books and solutions for Class 12?

Class 12 students use NCERT books and solutions to get clearance about the fundamental concepts. All the concepts are included in these books. CBSE does not teach anything other than what is contained in these books. It helps to enhance the learning skills of the students and to learn about their problem-solving, analytical thinking, and other abilities.

They demonstrate one with complete coverage of the concept and assist students with self-assessment and knowing where they stand. Also, They are strictly based on the CBSE curriculum and are best for the preparation of board exams. They offer many problems and tests for practice, like filling in the blanks, quizzes, etc. They provide comprehensive study materials for the students to get clarity. The following are the reasons for using NCERT books and solutions for class 12:

1) Comprehensive coverage:

Nowadays, we can see that there are many types of study material available on the market. It is very difficult for students to choose the one which contains all the topics and concepts they need, especially if it is too in-depth. These materials available nowadays only provide specific details about the concept. But NCERT solutions class 12 is the best for preparation for board exams. Also, They provide one with complete knowledge and a proper understanding of the concept, and no topic is missed in these books. One can depend on these books. NCERT books are the best friends for students preparing for the 12th board exams.

2) Expert research:

NCERT books are thoroughly researched by experts and scholars who have been teaching their subject for years and are masters in their field. They are drafted with the utmost caution because the quality of the information provided in these books is very important. These are extensively researched and are authentic in terms of the information they contain. There is no doubt that the concept or information provided by these books is wrong.

3) Based on the CBSE curriculum

NCERT books strictly follow the CBSE curriculum. They follow the format as prescribed by the CBSE. Also, They provide the students with a strong basis for the preparation for board exams. They are also useful for preparing for competitive exams. The JEE and UPSC students also rely on these books for their preparation. The board exam question papers are set according to the prescribed syllabus as given in the NCERT exam. There is no topic or concept that is not covered in the NCERT books.

4) Contains a plethora of assessment tests:

simply preparing for the topic is insufficient. One needs to practice mock tests, exercises, and test series to get the best results in their board exams. The problems in NCERT books are provided to students for self-assessment. There are questions available in the form of fill-in-the-blank, short answers, long answers, and matches of the following for the students to practice after their thorough revision of the topic. This helps them to judge where they are and how much practice they need to perform well in their examination.

5) Easy language and in-depth knowledge:

The language used in the NCERT books is too easy to understand and learn. They provide in-depth knowledge about the topic to the students and make them understand it fully. These books fulfill the needs of every student and suit them irrespective of their intelligence. An average student can also understand the topics very well. It is also helpful during the final revision time when one is only required to revise the formulas. The concepts are already clear, and one does not have to mug up the topics.

NCERT textbooks for class 12 are essential for students who are preparing for the Class 2 board exams. These books are based on the CBSE curriculum, and hence all the topics are covered in them as compared to the other study materials. These books form the basis for the understanding of concepts. One can read other books and solve them after completing the NCERT as they make the topics clear. They do not provide point-to-point information or in-depth knowledge about every concept.


They provide one with a variety of questions at the end of each chapter to judge their clarity of concept. The language used in these books is not at all complex, and an average student can also understand it easily and quickly. It helps them score well and get the best results in their board examinations. These books are revised every year and new concepts and research are added to them to keep the students up-to-date with the latest information. These books are drafted after being researched by professional experts and scholars, so there is no chance of information being wrong or inauthentic. NCERT books are the best books on which one can rely for class 12 board exams.

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