No mercy in Mexico || the real story behind this statement|| the complete guide and everything to know on 2022

No mercy in Mexico || the real story behind this statement|| the complete guide and everything to know on 2022

What does mean of “No mercy in Mexico”:

No Mercy in Mexico is a viral video of two young boys, and it shows two guys who are tortured to death in Mexico in the United States of America. To save one guy, the second one continued to grunt in pain and tried to fight back with them, But while the tormentors were disengaging from his pleas and then thrust a knife into his heart.

Then this is becoming a viral video of that time, which has also gone viral nowadays. After seeing that Video no mercy in Mexico on TikTok video and another social media app, we decided to research and light this popular but sad incident in Mexico. This article will try to find all the reasons behind this tragic incident and share all the details. So let’s start this topic today.

Viral Video of “No mercy in Mexico”:

So, this is a video of two people, and these people are from the Spanish community, and they being restrained is also included in this Video. This is clear who presents in this Video are? So, there is a dad on the left side of the Video and a young boy on the right. This also started with a Spanish-language exchange between them, a cartel member, and the father.

 Some people call and call the Video that there is no mercy in Mexico in this father and son video or reel. Even though we did not know what he said or what their sentences meant; we believe he was very angry with his father since the cartel did not tolerate snitches.

When he struck him with a wooden stick, I became very horrified and assumed that they must be fractured his bones or given him some major head knocks, and also they slashed his throat and neck of this young boy.

Moreover, I was hearing that he had his heart ripped out by the kid in this horrifying video; and it was the last thing I saw in this video because it was so horrific and tragic. After that, their bodies were burned to ashes after their deaths; I have been told by those who witnessed this incident. In light of all this horrific fact, this is clear and how messed up the cartel is with all of this. 

No fear and get horrified:

After watching this horror video of Mexico, this is becoming one of my great fears that it is all about the media that has always been extinguished by the cartel and his cruelty, which shows how dangerous they can be with them.

The second cruelty incident:

Another incident about that one of the police gangs has taken a man and his child with them, and then they become a hostage by the so-called police. And then that man and his son were grunting in agony. And the father is whacking by a stick many times. The decision is all about in your hands at this point of horror and cruelty. And at the end of the video, the others chop his head off as they rush up to him. This may or may not be a true incident; rather, they filmed this incident only sake of publicity or anything else.

And after that, they cut off his head from his body, and then he used a projector to present this entire incident on a big screen. And this appears to be attached to his body. The son of this man breaks down in tears. This is time for him to step up and run away. Although it is very painful for the son to see as the gang slashed out his chest open; and then he tried to fight back, he could not be successful at this moment; they are not concerned by the police and the tears the hole out.

Moreover, Guts and other bodily fluids are removed from his body. Because he was sick, he was unable to watch it in the hope that this has to arouse his interest; or if it becomes and has not gone ahead and watched the film entirely alone.

Cautions: do not watch by weak heart:

This Video was horrifying and dangerous for all those who have a weak heart and children and old age people. As because this Video has very traffic and scary scenes in it. And we should not watch it all alone. But, we must say that we have witnessed and seen scary scenes in this viral video.

What is about the No Mercy in Mexico video?

No mercy in Mexico

It is all about twenty-four hours after some of the protesters set fire to the door of the National Palace in Mexico City. And then Mexico was all in the news, and then I decided to call my close friend. And I cannot say so much about this guy; however, I can say that this man is originally from Mexico City; and he is living there and works with some of his elected officials, and he reports directly to the Head of State of his city. 

Whenever do we ask him what was the back story or the reason behind this incident? Then it also becomes very measurable and in controversies surrounding the protests and other 43 missing or murdered students. He told me that no one knows what the official story behind this viral incident is? But it is becoming the popular perception of this tragic incident and the current situations.

Story and its perception:

This is all started in Iguala, a small town in the state of Guerrero. The mayor and his wife are quite frank and also known politically, and they plan to make a good speech. In the past of this city, however, they had a face with some problems and also having with clashes and protesters. They are specially treated with students in “normal” schools. The Normal schools refer as they are intended for students who have to wish to become teachers like him or who have studied to do so for achieving this task.

School incident:

This is also a famous incident in its time, and all of these things are happening in terms of school. The mayor and his wife cut the budgets of different schools there; they also decrease the number of credits or courses that all students must take in schools and the education department.

For example, if we can get a degree from there, but we will no longer be engineers; we will be “technical engineers” there because there is a way of organizing and managing some of the program and its works today. 

Mexican people:

In addition to the above information, the Mexican people are very fond of their titles and their education and titles. And wherever they go, people call them bachelor, teacher, or some other doctor. They are known and also interested in their titles. The roots of their current malaise run deeper and faster than this viral headline. 

Why is Video of No Mercy in Mexico Viral on Tiktok?

This Video has been famous and popular infamous social media apps; and millions of people have watched these terrible and dangerous videos on their phones. They are clashed out and also become horrified with scenes of this Video. After seeing and filming this traffic video, we tried to find another meaning of this Video.

We may find many comments about this Video. Most people have said that the keyword was viral because of a TikTok social media’s viral Video having the caption with no mercy in Mexico. We can explain this Video, and the keyword they were looking for searching purpose over the Internet was not about the protest about it. Rather, this is about the story of violence perpetrated by a father against his little son. And the Video is very sadistic and pathetic to watch.

Spanish language website:

Today, we are discussing all the events and incidents story of the cruel murder of young boys. This is a very tragic incident for the Spanish people. The young boys were killed, or the murder of those boys is terrific and dangerous for humanity. We can’t watch this dangerous and cruel kill or murder. As reported by El Pas, a very important news media, and it is also known as a Spanish-language website, this is a video posted by some Spanish members of Los Tlacosand they revealed the reality about around 20 members of La Bandera, which is situated in Mexico. This was about a cartel affiliated with the Guerreros Unidos and drug organization. According to El Pas, it is also known as other media and news sources. This man narrates the disturbing Video, and it continues like, “This plaza already has an owner.”

Some famous cruelty incidents in Mexico:

No mercy in Mexico

According to some Reuters, there is an escalation in violence in Guerrero, Mexico; which is the subject of a new film posted on Wednesday.

There is a masked assailant, and then it teases the unfortunate men in that Video; they are tied behind their backs with a certain chair in that video clip.

When the other Video starts and then he interrogates them, he should grip their hair; and then they hold a gun into their heads and demand to show their identities and other information. In this video, the men are surrounded by armed Los Tacos henchmen.

As reported by El Pas, the narrator claims that Iguala’s perspective and mayor have been connected to Guerreros Unidos. This cartel has been responsible for the 2014 year; and it is the kidnapping of students from Ayotzinapa and the Rural Normal School.

People in Mexico are reacting and treating to the lack of mercy incident:

After some famous news broke in the media, and then people began to look on different social media having for no mercy in Mexico on Twitter; this Video has shown no mercy in Mexico on TikTok viral video; no mercy in Mexico is also viral on YouTube video, and other similar searches of different social media platforms. The news was widely disseminated on the Internet.

Why are some people looking for this viral footage of No Mercy in Mexico?

This story was about July 7, 1977. Then the United States Senate ratified a treaty agreement between the two famous countries that permitted those criminals; and convicted in one country to do their time in a Canadian prison in Canadian rules and regulations.

Both countries have signed similar agreements for a short time. The United States made the agreements of America and Mexico due to rising this kind of tensions and depression in Mexican prisons and American detainees in prisons.

Moreover, these types of instances raise problems regarding long-standing ideas of conflicting laws relating to foreign criminals and judgments. And then they have served as no beneficial purpose and also aim. Although these cases have posed no challenges in this incident, each page has 149 footnotes in the end. These types of incidents are cruel to humanity, and they left all the bad effects on humanity and other material. Mexican people are very helpful, pious, and kind to all creatures. But some incidents have never shown the cruelty of a specific group. In addition to all incidents, they are related to some insane and criminal groups of people.

The final words:

This shows a sobering example of a criminal mindset group, and then they are showing some of the legal systems. It shows utter incapacitations and no mercy in Mexican people. These types of viral footage and videos show how some unafraid people of the law; and the police can use someone to commit a heinous act like murder in a certain place?

After viral of these videos, which are shown on some social media platforms; they are witnessing the cruelty of this Video, and they would not be out of line from the straight path; if any of us is telling the Mexicans that there is no mercy.

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