Who is Octokuro? Why She is Popular on Onlyfans & Instagram?

Who is Octokuro? Why She is Popular on Onlyfans & Instagram?

Octokuro is a 28-year-old Russian model, actress, and cosplayer. She has around 200 thousand Instagram followers & Started her modeling career in the year 2018.


Octokuro is a Russian actress, model, and cosplayer. She was born in the Russian Federation on October 19, 1993. She is a 28-year-old Russian model and actress. Also, She has around 200 thousand Instagram followers. She began her modeling career in the year 2018. She was born in the Russian Federation and reared there.

Who is Octokuro?

Octokuro is a Russian-Chinese actor who’s based in Hong Kong. He’s 27 years old (October 19, 1993), and his birthday is on October 19. He was born in Tokyo, Japan. His full name is Guan Liang Wang. She has one brother, Guan Jiang Wang, and his zodiac sign is Virgo. She can sing-speak Mandarin and Cantonese fluently. Aside from acting, he also focuses on singing, modeling, and dancing.

She speaks English fluently and Mandarin to some extent due to being raised in an international school. Although raised overseas for most of his life in China for about two decades, then moved to Canada before finally settling down in Korea. She met DIA’s Eunyoung Guan grew up watching both Japanese anime and Hong Kong dramas. When it came time to audition for the KBS2 drama series School 2017, everyone seemed shocked that they cast an actual native speaker instead of someone else trying to do their best accent during auditions.

How tall is she?

Her current height is around 5’9.5. She mentioned that she was looking forward to getting taller as she grew into adulthood. The average size for a 19-year older adult would be about 5’4, so it’s pretty apparent that Emily has had quite a bit of growth since then. She aims to grow at least another inch more than her current height by her 21st birthday. Some people have wondered whether or not Octokuro will one day add some fake heels to make herself even taller for everyone to enjoy, but I think we all know that isn’t going to happen with Emily.

Still, it’s safe to say that she’ll continue to be pretty tall compared to many of us. And considering most models are typically thin too (while Emily certainly isn’t), it makes sense why she stands out among other models. It seems like both genetics and diet play roles in how tall she’ll get though there won’t ever be any way to tell for sure unless her doctor gives out his professional opinion. But if you’ve seen any photos of Octokuro from early 2011 onward, you’ll see just how much she grew overtime alone.

How much does she weight?


Octokuro weighs 88lbs (40kg). Her measurements are 32A-23-34. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches. She has a slim body with a good body fat percentage. She is an Asian woman with a hair color of black and brown eye color. As for her nationality, she is Russian by birth but currently lives in Los Angeles, California, in the USA. His star sign is Pisces which doesn’t affect her personality since she doesn’t care about astrology or any signs related to stars.

She comes from a middle-class family with both parents living separately from him regarding his family background. From what it looks like, we can guess that she can be pretty naive sometimes and might have had issues regarding her weight when growing up.

A theory could be that while growing up through elementary school, she got bullied because of being too skinny, so much that it could probably result in depression due to having no friends around her. she is someone who never gives up on something after experiencing failure once will result into success at least on one thing which happened to be gaining weight. 

However, being confident isn’t easy either because people tend not to trust you if you look weak; therefore, getting yourself out there knowing that people look down upon you. As if you aren’t capable enough would always prove challenging, thus making us conclude that success never comes easily.

Where did she get her start?

Octokuro first made a name for herself as a performer, having begun a career as an actress. She has played roles in films such as From Dusk till Dawn (2014), The Last Witch Hunter (2015), Jack’s Back (2016). Most recently, she starred in Venom: Truth in Journalism. She also appeared on television shows, including Blue Bloods, Person of Interest, and Modern Family.

After becoming interested in dance, Octokuro shifted her focus to music videos. Her first work was with Diplo on his 2015 single with Skrillex: Dogtown. Since then, she has worked on two songs by D.J. Snake and Cashmere Cat on tracks featuring MØ & SOPHIE. Recently her modeling career began to take off when Carine Roitfeld featured her in Vogue Paris. 

On May 30, 2017, it was announced that she had signed a contract with IMG Models making her their second-ever open transgender model. She is currently represented by them for modeling work, although there are plans for both acting and singing representation.

Octokuro Family life

She lives with her parents, who are both medical practitioners. One of them is an obstetrician, while her mother is a pediatrician. She has two brothers born via surrogacy (one older and one younger). Her family was featured in multiple media outlets after their initial surrogate decided to keep Crystal’s parents’ embryos and sell them for $100,000 each.

She has said that her family wasn’t upset about it because they could always try to have children again later, but she told someone that taking so much money from them was unacceptable. It only reinforced their commitment never to give up when pursuing something meaningful.

She says that now some people want to get famous by having kids for celebrities or even themselves. However, they aren’t driven by what surrogacy can do for actual families. If she weren’t pursuing modeling, maybe she would pursue medicine as her family does. She wants to help people improve their quality of life whenever possible, and doctors often make incredible contributions in just that way.

In an interview, Crystal talked about how meaningful friendship is. Friends mean everything to you throughout your life; whether they are your best friends or simply great allies at work or school, they can help you through thick and thin without hesitation. But, of course, if you ask them to, it goes without saying; sometimes friendships also turn into romantic relationships!

Octokuro Husband/Boyfriend/Dating history


She’s had relationships with internet personality Logan Paul, professional snowboarder Danny Davis, and country singer Hunter Hayes. She once claimed that she had gotten into Stanford University but chose not to attend because she would be unable to make friends or fit in there as a celebrity offspring. However, later research showed no evidence of any application being made nor acceptance despite several rumors making appearances online suggesting otherwise.

There is also no evidence of her ever-attending UCLA, Northfield Mount Hermon School (NMH), or having graduated from NMH. There are also rumors circulating that she was arrested for marijuana possession in Florida on New Year’s Eve 2017/2018. While these are unconfirmed claims at the time of writing, they have led many to speculate if any of them could potentially lead to legal consequences at some point in the future. Meanwhile, she continues to post provocative photos on Instagram.

Her Hobbies/Interests

Fashion and glamour modeling. Since she started modeling at a young age, she became familiar with fashion items from designer to everyday clothes. Her interest in fashion inspires her models to be creative when dressing up for shoots. She is popular in Asian countries and western countries due to her unique facial structure that can capture viewers’ attention. 

While she was a Dengeki Academy High School student, she began taking part in local model events as a hobby and became famous on social media through it. After graduating from high school, Akari quit her studies and entered Stardust Promotion (stardust-promotion), one of Japan’s leading agencies for idol management, as an exclusive model because of her popularity.

In 2015, Stardust Promotion asked her if she wanted to become an official member of Idol Group Karen Girls who they manage. In Karen Girls, Akari serves as a dance and vocal support. Besides being a Karen Girls member and working as a freelance model while doing solo activities. Such as live streaming music performance on Niconico twice per month or holding meetups with fans outside Japan during summers twice per year since 2016; Akari continues taking jobs for magazines for the gravure section occasionally alongside Karen Girls activities.

Interest in social media

She has a sizable social media presence with over four million followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube combined. She also has over a thousand posts on each of her social media accounts. These large numbers signify that she’s constantly active with her fans. In addition, Octokuro always encourages interaction from her fans by holding contests in which she randomly selects people to follow back or receive special recognition on her videos.

Her fans feel close to Octokuro because they can connect with her on so many different levels through social media; it’s not just one way Octokuro interacts with her followers. But instead, there is an exchange between them in which both parties interact to learn more about each other by interacting.

When did she launch her career?


Octokuro was only a junior in high school when she was scouted for modeling. After leaving her hometown in Russia to pursue an education in Bangkok, Thailand, at 17 years old, she decided to use her time there for something productive; launching a career as a model. Within months of arriving in Bangkok (though she still maintained schooling), She found success with numerous advertisers; most notably Puma (International), Panasonic (Thailand), Kanzaki Sumitomo Insurance Co. Ltd., Nissan Motor Corporation/Nissan Motor Thailand, White Airways (Thailand), and Siam Toyota.

In total, Octokuro has made over 250 print adverts. Now 24 years old, She is married and does not do adult work. She is close friends with fellow Japanese A.V. starlet Aki Sasaki. She claims that two things drive her: power and money.

Notable Criticism/Controversy involving

Recently various sites have accused an Instagram model, Octokuro, of stealing photos of other Instagram models. Upon further inspection, it has been revealed that her pictures may indeed be a result of image theft, with some claiming that in some cases, she has taken pictures from other sites such as Tumblr (e.g., Gossip Girls) and social media (e.g., Twitter). The said images are then posted on Instagram by other users who often also use photoshop effects to make them appear as featured on magazine covers.

However, it should be noted that there are no known legal issues surrounding these matters thus far despite many criticizing such actions for being cyber-bullying or at least acting unethically against innocent models by using their photos without permission or proper attribution.

Fun Facts About Octokuro

  • She is a 27-year-old. His body measurements are one of his best physical attributes, which has increased his net worth at such a young age, along with his hard work as a model.
  • As far as we have checked information about its net worth to date, it was estimated to be $1 million U.S. dollars in 2017, but according to some internet sources, it was around $715K (approx.).
  • She does not look like any other ordinary teen from social media who gains popularity through selfies or gimmicks; instead, she proves that hard work pays off even in short terms when he rises on social media fame due to his excellent physical appearance features.


Octokuro is a Russian Cosplayer with model body measurement. She was recognized as one of the best cosplayers in 2017. The estimated net worth of Octokuro Wiki is $0.5 Million US Dollars (As of 2018). She earns from social media by posting content on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

In addition, she signed up for modeling agencies such as IMTA (International Models Talent Association) and Star Now. My estimated net worth has reached above-average U.S. standards, according to several authoritative sources. Currently, she stays in Los Angeles, California, along with her sister Alexia, an actress.

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