Online Poker Winning Strategies

Online Poker Winning Strategies

If you want to score big with a casino bonus in online poker, you need to have a solid strategy for winning and staying on top. You might think that a strategy for playing poker in physical casinos is enough for you to start winning big in online casinos, but you’ll be in for a shock. 

Even though it only takes a couple of minutes to learn how to play poker, mastering skills and strategies yourself could take years before you become an excellent player. We will give you the best strategies below for playing online poker so you can become a master of the game in no time and will be able to try your fortune in the best online casino in Canada!

Check out our well-researched strategies gathered from online poker experts below.

Six Winning Strategies in Online Poker

Follow these strategies to prepare for and win online poker games.

Start By Beating the Micro/Low Stakes Poker

Understandably, you’d want to play high stakes and make large amounts of money, but if you’re new to online poker, that may not be the best path. Regardless of if you’re a novice or experienced with playing high-stakes live games, we advise you to start with lower stakes in your first couple of games. Look for the lowest possible stake the website casino offers and select that for your first games. The reasons are:

  • Your first couple of sessions will primarily involve familiarizing yourself with the online poker software.
  • If you’re moving from live poker to online poker, you’ll come to see that the pace of online poker is far faster than live poker. Smaller stake games will help you adjust and get comfortable with the speed.
  • You will be able to explore and experiment with the system comfortably with lower stake games without much on the line. We recommend you test the gameplay and lobby in your first game.
  • You can fully concentrate on understanding and evaluating the gameplay experience without worrying about any losses you may make.
  • You can practice good bankroll management without making a significant first deposit when you play smaller stakes.

We recommend using small-stakes games to try all the features you want to experiment with and become a master of the game.

Keep Detailed Records

If you check long-term online poker winners, one of the things you’ll notice they have in common is their penchant for keeping records in games. Note all the necessary details about the game, not just your wins or losses. Your records should include when you play, games you play, how long did you play, wins, losses, break-even points, or any other information you deem necessary.

Continue taking these records for extended periods until you have enough data to compare and spot trends. Your records will allow you to go back and look for good or bad trends in the game that can help you learn and make adjustments where necessary. You may notice that you tend d you win at higher rates playing specific games. All of these will make your game strengths and weaknesses clear so you can focus on long-term winning hit and run in some sessions, an

Some software can help you track the smallest details of your play that you should know. As humans, we can’t remember everything, and our brains focus on the good wins rather than the bad. You will evaluate your poker skills objectively and focus on the results.

Select Your Starting Hands Carefully

It may be tempting to play every hand if you’re starting at a casino resort. You will want to get in on the fun and play your hands. However, you have to do this carefully and plan appropriately before moving. Often, most of your hands will be behind on the flop, and you will most likely be throwing good money after bad.

A sound poker strategy is about choosing the right starting hands, passing on marginal hands but promptly pouncing on a monster hand. Select a couple of premium hands to raise in late position (in situations where you’re one of the last people to act) and fold out a lot of your unimpressive holdings pre-flop.

Learn Not to Bluff Often Against the Fish

If you want to have successful games in the lower stakes, you should keep your bluffing to a low against the fish. This is because lower stakes have a lot of players that like to call too much. Bluffing against players like this will not go the way you want as a lot of them will call your bluff, and you may lose.

The best way to beat a table full of players who call a lot is to value bets constantly. In this case, you are only betting when you have a good draw or the best hand. Ensure you have something substantial, most likely the best hand, or have considerable equity in cases of a tie. Along with avoiding bluffing, you should also avoid being tricky and slow-play when playing with beginners.

Defend Your Blinds

Years ago, the poker strategy was folding most of your hands in the small blind and big blind. That strategy has faded today, and now it is recommended that you defend your blinds at every chance you get. In the big blind, you’re usually last to act. You have the option of raising, calling a raise, or checking if there is no pre-flop raise.

However, You have enough information pre-flop on your opponents if you’re last to act. You may even spot a bet from a player prone to many late positions raises intending to steal the pot. It is also essential to play the big blind cautiously and re-raised pots by checking the number of players in hand.

Avoid Playing Many Tables

Online poker allows you to play as many tables as you want simultaneously, and as such, you might get tempted to try different tables at once. People in brick-and-mortar casinos don’t have this option as they’re restricted to the table in front of them, and they only have to worry about one hand. As tempting as it may be, we would suggest against playing many tables simultaneously as it may not yield the results you are hoping for.

Playing many tables simultaneously can seriously reduce your concentration and, by extension, ROI, especially if you’re starting. Now, that is not to say you cannot play more than one table as some people are perfectly capable of handling multiple tables. Multiple tables are an excellent way to improve variance and maximize your potential winnings. Ultimately, it is vital that you’re honest about your skills and only play what you can handle.

If you consistently apply these strategies in your online poker games, you will start seeing changes in your performance. It is important to rate your skills accurately and not get in over your head when playing poker games. Over time, you will perfect these strategies on your way to your skill, and all of these written above will be second nature to you when playing online poker games.

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