Online roulette: types of bets and rules for placing them

Online roulette: types of bets and rules for placing them

Find out what bets it is possible to place in online roulette and where it is better to play this exciting game!

Types of Bets in Online Roulette: Basic Provisions

If you look at the roulette playing wheel, you can see several different parts, the so-called sectors. However, Various bets are placed in different places on the gaming table. On the wheel, you can see the numbers painted in different colors. In online roulette, bets can be very diverse, so the gameplay is very interesting and exciting. Let’s have a look at what you can bet on in this game.

Types of Bets in Online Roulette

They are conditionally divided into internal and external. Different bets are placed in different places on the playing field. External ones are located on the outer rows. Internal ones are placed on the inner rows.

Depending on what bet is made, the chances of winning change. Therefore, this entertainment is available to both beginners who are afraid to lose and have no experience, and experienced players.

Inside Bets

There is a sector on the playing field called the inner section. It consists of 36 cells, each of which corresponds to a specific number. Sector marking: 3 by 12. The cell responsible for zero is located separately and is also signed.

There are such betting options in online casino roulette:

  • on one number, the so-called Single Bet;
  • to two numbers next to each other — Split;
  • to three consecutive numbers — Street;
  • for 4 adjacent rooms — Corner;
  • however, Hfor 6 adjacent rooms — Double Street;
  • for 3 numbers, one of which is zero — Basket;
  • on 1 street and zero, that is, on 0, 1, 2, and 3 at the same time — First Four;
  • at 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 — Top Line, only for the American subspecies.

You can always read how certain bets are paid in the description of a particular game. Since the roulette is created by different software providers, the rules and conditions may differ.

Outside Bets

Outside bets are placed on another sector called the outside. It is not numbered, since predictions are made not for the number, but for other outcomes. Outside bets are more likely, so they don’t pay as much. But they are interested in their way.

Number 18 is involved in the betting part. It:

  • on a number in the range 1-18 or 18-36 — Low / High;
  • on the color of the field — Red / Black;
  • for an even or odd number — Even / Odd.

12 numbers take part in others:

  • on a number in the range 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36 — Dozens;
  • However, on a column of 12 numbers — Columns;
  • on a number from this interval of red numbers: 1-5-9-12-14-16-19-23-27-30-32-34 is called Snake.

If you made an outside bet, but zero fell out, then this is considered a loss. But in some cases, with a bet that includes 18 numbers, the zero sector returns half of the staked funds. Therefore, be careful about which simulator to choose to play online roulette.

The Snake bet is considered rare. It is not found in all casinos, even online.

Basic Rules of the Game

So, let’s say you started the game, and you see a table and a wheel in front of you. The player himself determines when to place a bet and launch the ball. In some games, chips can be placed while the ball is already launched and spinning on the wheel.

When the ball stops, the game automatically determines whether your bet has won or not. If yes, you get your winnings, if not, the casino takes it.

In European online roulette, riskier bets are paid first, then less. If you are playing the American variant, then the payout is reversed.

For the machine to correctly understand what bet you are making, the chip must be placed in a specific place on the field according to the following rules:

  • Single Bet on a directly selected number;
  • Split into a line separating two selected numbers;
  • Street to the line that separates the group of numbers from the outer field;
  • Corner to the line of intersection of four selected numbers;
  • Also, Double Street to the intersection of two streets, which separates these numbers from the outer field;
  • Basket to the corner that connects zero and the chosen numbers;
  • First Four to the corner connecting zero and number 3;
  • Top Line to the corner where sector 00 and number 3 intersect.

The rest of the bets are made according to a single principle. Each of them has its own signed place, where you need to place a bet.

The Difference Between Simulators and Live Dealers

Online roulette in Canada is very diverse. There are many types of this game. They are also divided according to the format of the gameplay. Also, Simulators are video slots that run on a random number generator. It determines where the ball will land. The whole process happens automatically.

The advantages of this option:

  • the more comfortable pace of the game;
  • opportunity to try for free;
  • complete privacy during the process.

The section with live dealers allows the player to more fully plunge into the world of the casino. There, bets are taken not by a machine, but by a real dealer, a person at the table to which the players are connected via video.

The advantages of this online roulette format: 

  • unique atmosphere;
  • faster game pace;
  • opportunity to play with other people.

However, this format is not available in free mode. However, You can only choose the croupier you like and watch previews, which are short videos of previous sessions.

It is important to understand that neither in the first nor in the second case, the casino cannot influence the result. Everything depends only on luck. In this entertainment, it is impossible to apply a mathematical model or some tricks, so treat it as simple entertainment.

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Here, all kinds of this game are collected. You will find the standard format in the Tables section. You can get acquainted with the available real dealers in the Live Casino section. At King Billy, it is easy to learn the rules and enjoy the process.

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