Handle Unlimited Number of Proxies via Oxylabs Proxy Manager

Handle Unlimited Number of Proxies via Oxylabs Proxy Manager

What are the The Perfect Solution to Proxy Management Challenges? Why Your Company Should Use an Oxylabs Proxy Manager. Proxies are high-level tools designed to take your requests to the web and return results via the same route using its online information while concealing yours. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized as they can keep you anonymous, keep your activities private and your data secure, grant you access to restricted content while preventing you from getting blocked at every turn.

Sometimes, it is even recommended to combine multiple proxies for the best results. This is because most proxy providers are specific to a particular connection or traffic type. For instance, some support only HTTP connections, while others support SOCKS connections. And in cases where your business deals with all kinds of connections, it is advisable to employ as many proxy services as necessary.

However, managing these multiple proxies and getting them to work effectively can be very challenging for many reasons. Yet, with special tools built for this purpose, such as Oxylabs Proxy Manager, you can get rid of these difficulties and get more work done.

Oxylabs Proxy Manager: The Perfect Solution to Proxy Management Challenges

The Oxylabs Proxy Manager is a simple-to-use, free tool designed to be easily added as a Chrome extension. Once it has been downloaded and added to a Chrome browser, it becomes very easy to add multiple proxies and control them all from one place.

This manager also allows you to use any proxy of your choice; whether or not they are Oxylabs proxies, such as Oxylabs Residential Proxies. It makes the job of switching between proxies less tedious and more efficient.

The best thing about proxy managers is that they work to improve reliability and overall performance of your company.

How it Works

The way how Oxylabs Proxy Manager works is very straightforward and begins once you have downloaded the extension from Chrome Web Store.

Upon download, you may then click on the extension icon to open the application before using the “Add new proxy” button to add the proxy if you haven’t added it yet.

Next, you need to create a proxy profile including your name, username, and password before saving. Lastly, you will need to click on “Connect” to start using all the available proxies from one place.

Managing Them on Your Own: The Challenges

 One thing more challenging than managing a single proxy is working with multiple proxies. This is because this requires skills, funds, expertise, and time – all the things that many companies can spare. Some of the challenges of handling multiple proxy management on your own like Oxylabs Proxy Manager are as described below:

The Need for Skills and Expertise

Much of what is needed to handle a list of proxies is expertise. Skill is an important requirement not just for knowing how to utilize proxies fully but for learning how to switch from one to the other. This kind of skill is usually possessed only by experts, and to incorporate it into your company; you may need to hire a team of dedicated experts.

Severed Connections

Sometimes, using multiple proxies leads to severed connections or a case where communication is abruptly interrupted while using a proxy type of an unsupported protocol or connection. Also, connections can be suddenly lost when you manually switch from one proxy to the other.

Limited Features

Features such as easy switching between proxies or managing all your proxies are not something you get easily. Some proxy providers do not even allow you to switch between protocols, which can greatly affect your overall output. Also, there is no manual way of chaining different proxy types together; and except the proxies are of the same type, you may not fully enjoy the benefits of proxy chaining.

Why Your Company Should Use an Oxylabs Proxy Manager

Using Oxylabs Chrome Proxy Extension Manager can help you overcome the above challenges; and save you valuable time and resources that can be channelled into other areas of your company. Chaining your many proxies together using this extension is beneficial for reasons such as:

  • Boosting your internal and corporate security by providing additional firewall and multiple protection
  • Speeding up your online activities as it now means you get to enjoy multiple caching mechanisms
  • Staying more anonymous and bypassing multiple geographical restrictions as the multiple proxies would likely cover multiple regions

And below are the specific benefits of using Oxylabs Proxy Manager:

  • Ability to add and switch between any number of proxies
  • The chance to pick and work with any proxy providers of your choice all in one place
  • A very simple one-click connection for switching between any proxy type or protocol
  • A safe way to lock an IP address and use it multiple times in sessions that require this
  • A large pool of proxies to pick from
  • An extra feature that allows you to easily change sessions without editing your name when using Oxylabs Residential Proxies

Wrapping Up

You can now see that using a proxy manager is more effective than managing proxies on your own. And since Oxylabs Proxy Manager is free and easy to use; we don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t begin to use it starting this moment.

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