Esports is the new betting cash cow, as the industry is now worth billions of dollars. So, punters who want to enjoy great odds, multiple betting markets, and high profits have invested in esports. Moreover, the entry of giants like Bovada esports has made it easier to wager on these sports. But as you may know, not all esports are equal. Some generate more interest from fans and punters and thus have better payouts. We look at the most popular games, why you should choose them, and how to wager on them:

Popular esports games have garnered interest from players and fans worldwide. As a result, they boast these perks:

  • They have larger audiences, and it is easy to get information about them. Even new punters can get the hang of things by looking up resources relating to these games.
  • They attract many bookies. The more popular a game is, the bigger the audience and its bookie hold. Bookies jump on the bandwagon to maintain relevance and earn vig from the odds. As such, finding a bookie that will take your bet is easier.
  • They have better payouts. The competition between bookies for a larger market share results in reduced vig and thus competitive odds. So, you wager less and still get a sizeable payout.
  • They have more markets. Unlike the newer esports yet to gain popularity, the popular options have varying betting markets. You can explore your options instead of going for the standard bets.

And popular games also boast live streaming on most popular betting sites. You can watch the games and place live bets as the games ensue, which is unlike the case with newer games.

Video games rank high based on their audience and tournament payouts. So, which games take the crown?


Even if you don’t play or bet on esports, you have likely come across this game. Counter Strike Global Offensive has been around for decades and remains a favorite. It takes on a combative mode where players must find ways to stay alive while completing challenges. And because it hinges on strategy, it draws many fans eager to see how players will navigate each stage. While the game has existed for decades, it does not get old. The developers are always working to introduce new updates that keep the players hooked. Some of these changes have included making the game free, thus making it accessible to players worldwide.

So, why do punters wager on it?

  • CS: GO has a wide array of resources, enabling punters to make informed bets,
  • The game features tens of weekly matches and has large events where punters can win huge payouts.

Let us not forget that it also features some unique bets owing to its vast betting market. You can even bet on the number of kills a play will get in a pistol round!


Like CS: GO, this game will have you on the edge of your seat as it plays out. It also features combative gameplay, which was a hit from the start. Besides, it also propels players and fans into the future, depicting a fictional earth where intelligent machines reign. Following the success of the first release, the developers released Overwatch 2, which is free to play. This game centers on teams working together to stay alive, beat their challengers, and make it to the end.

League of Legends

If watching players working together to achieve a common goal is your cup of tea, this game will excite you. While it features a steep learning curve, players often find their way to work in teams and destroy opponent bases.

This game has grown popular owing to its free-to-play model. Add the fact that it features many helpful resources, and you have the recipe for a popular esports game.

The key to getting in on the big payouts in these games is to start small, manage a good bankroll, and learn as much as you can about the players.

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