5 Tips to Optimize the Performance of Your Pre-Built Gaming PC

5 Tips to Optimize the Performance of Your Pre-Built Gaming PC

Buying a pre-built gaming desktop lets you skip the build process, but optimizing performance requires some hands-on fine-tuning. From BIOS tweaks to cleaning vents, here are 5 tips to maximize fps, stability and overall gaming capability:

Tip #1 – Update GPU Drivers

First priority is updating your graphics card drivers. AMD and Nvidia release optimized drivers to boost performance and fix bugs for new game titles. Check their sites monthly for latest drivers. Third party apps like GeForce Experience also automatically update drivers, so take advantage of them! Keeping dated drivers can negatively impact FPS, cause crashes and graphical glitches.

Tip #2 – Enable XMP Profile for RAM

Pre-builts often use XMP RAM that runs at standard 2133MHz until you manually enable its full speed. Enter BIOS settings and turn on the built-in XMP profile – your RAM will start performing at its rated specs like 3600MHz. Faster memory reduces input lag and feeds frames to GPU quicker. XMP is an overclocking-lite for memory. If you are finding the right machine, then you should explore high-quality gaming PCs in Australia at Evatech.

Tip #3 – Install Games to SSD

Don’t fill your solid state boot drive! Install games to a larger secondary SSD to avoid compete for bandwidth with the OS. SSDs exponentially improve load times over traditional hard drives. Allocate 50-100GB on the C: drive for Windows and core programs only. Keep that precious space clear for maximum responsiveness.

Tip #4 – Adjust Power Options

Navigate to Windows’ power options and set the plan to “High Performance” rather than balanced or power saver. This prevents CPU/GPU throttling which dynamically downclocks components to save energy and heat at the cost of reduced fps. Let your gaming desktop flex its muscle with unrestricted power!

Tip #5 – Clean Dusty Vents

Open the case and use compressed air to clear dust from CPU/GPU fans and vents. Careful not to dislodge or damage any components while cleaning. Dust buildup insulates heat and forces fans to run harder. Keep your gaming rig breathing easy with routine cleanings every few months.

Bonus Tip – Game in Game Mode

For Windows 10 and 11, enable Game Mode to suspend unnecessary background processes while gaming. This dedicates more CPU and GPU resources exclusively to your game. Every frame per second counts, so take advantage!

Those are 5 optimizations every pre-built gaming PC owner should complete for peak performance. Update drivers, enable XMP, install games to SSDs, run in high performance mode and keep interior dust-free. Follow these tips and your machine will run faster, cooler and more reliably during even the most intense gaming sessions. The difference is noticeable, so don’t leave performance on the table!

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