What is Princess Cut Diamond & Buying Guide

What is Princess Cut Diamond & Buying Guide

A princess-cut diamond is a fancy gem with four beveled corners and a square shape. They are the most significant and brilliant cut diamonds and tend to be considered more valuable. The Princess cut Diamond was invented by Betazel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz in 1980. The diamond princess cut is also sometimes referred to as the square emerald cut. There are Loose diamonds for sale, which are also cut in the shape of a princess. They emphasize the diamond’s brilliance and can be more lively than other cuts.

Princess-cut diamonds are usually flawless because they have very little to no imperfections on their surface. They are also trendy in this day and age as engagement rings, which people mostly buy for their beauty and elegance.

What are lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds, also known as synthetic diamonds, are real diamonds created in a laboratory by man. They are made using chemical vapor deposition or CVD. In this process, high carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas pressure are used to grow diamond layers on a little rough genuine diamond.

Lab-grown diamonds are usually less expensive than naturally mined diamonds. This is because they require fewer resources to produce and do not have the associated risks when mining them from the earth.

A Buying Guide for Princess Cut Diamond

If you are planning to purchase a princess-cut diamond, there are a few things to consider. They Include:

1. The clarity and color

The clarity and color of the diamond are essential, which is why diamonds are often graded. Also, The clarity is the grade of how clean, pure, and clear a diamond is. This is important when buying Princess Cut Diamonds, as most diamonds are almost perfect. The clarity determines the importance of a princess-cut diamond. It also contains two to four chevron patterns on its surface, known as inclusions. These inclusions usually come from the heat of the diamond as a result of crystallization. They are rarely seen as other layers of the diamond primarily hide them.

2. The cut of the diamond

The cut of the diamond can affect its ability to sparkle. The higher the number considered for their clarity, rarity, beauty, and price. The higher the number, the better stones with a clearer sparkle, as they do not cause inclusions as much when cut using different depths and angles. Maintaining the width and depth of the stone is just as crucial as its clarity. Wider widths and deeper layers make it more valuable-faint sparkle results from not maintaining the correct width and depth of the stone.

3. The carat weight of the diamond

Carats refer to how heavy a princess-cut diamond is. It shows popularity when used as an engagement ring, which is usually more significant than other diamonds. More giant stones cause more attention when worn, which why people prefer them to other gemstones. So carat weight sometimes affects its price as well. Buying a princess-cut diamond must always be done carefully to ensure you get the best price.

4. It must be certified by GIA

Lab-Grown Diamonds are available now. These created artificially by a machine and made of the same elements as natural diamonds but with their characteristics. Lab-grown diamonds do not go through the milling process natural diamonds go through, which is why they have their features. They even look like natural diamonds but have lower grades in clarity and color than actual ones because of their imperfections caused by the growth process. Before buying a princess-cut diamond, check to ensure it has been certified by a reputable organization, like GIA or AGS.

5. The purchase price

Most people want to buy cheap diamonds for their engagement rings or any other diamond jewelry. Because of this, people often scammed out of their money when they buy princess-cut diamonds from unreliable sources. So when purchasing a princess-cut diamond, it is best to always buy from a reliable source. The price of a princess-cut diamond will vary from one place to another which depends on the size, cut, and appearance. When selecting your princess-cut diamond, make sure you buy from a reliable source that can guarantee the product’s quality.

Why are lab-grown diamonds better?

Most lab-grown diamonds have been made cheaper than natural diamonds and are just as good as the real. They are much more consistent in their properties, such as color and clarity. People can choose from so many colors to go with their styles. This makes them so much better than natural diamonds. Many people are transitioning from natural diamonds to synthetic because of their qualities, making them better and cheaper in the long run.

How much do loose diamonds for sale cost?

The average price of loose diamonds for sale is $1,500 for a 0.5-carat diamond to $21,000 for a two-carat diamond. The price usually depends on the color, the size of the stone, and its clarity. These prices may vary in other states.


Rare carat offers the best princess-cut diamonds. They are certified, which is an excellent assurance of the quality of the product. They have lower prices and almost perfect diamonds, which makes them ideal for engagement rings. If you are looking for the best princess-cut diamonds, purchase from Rare carat.

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