Printable Naruto and Mermaid coloring pages for kids

Printable Naruto and Mermaid coloring pages for kids

Coloring is not only for play, helping children have hours of entertainment, but also moments when children explore the colorful world around them and satisfy their passions. When your children hold colorful crayons and draw different pictures, they will use their brains to distinguish colors and think creatively to create their works.

Coloring pages have many pictures for parents to select, but pictures of cartoon characters always have a unique attraction for children. Boys will have different preferences than girls. Today we introduce coloring pictures suitable for both boys and girls that parents do not need to be challenged to choose. However, Naruto and Mermaid coloring pages will be interesting topics for children to love and explore.

Naruto coloring pages: Do boys want to be brave young ninjas?

Naruto is a famous manga and cartoon series worldwide from Japan Manga. After the film was released, it almost won the hearts of both adults and children. Referring to the Naruto character, children will surely love it, especially boys. Let’s choose Naruto coloring pictures so that children can practice coloring to help them develop creative thinking and show skill and particular through images.

Printable Naruto coloring sheets

Naruto has a unique attraction to boys

Naruto is one of the most famous anime, and manga ever released and is widely introduced worldwide. Written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto, the series was critically acclaimed from 1999 to 2014 as a manga, and its adaptation came with the original Naruto series and its sequel Naruto: Shippuden. Also, It is considered the fourth best-selling manga in history and has appeared in USA Today and The New York Times.

Naruto is known for its strong storyline, impressive character building, and perfectly executed battle sequences. These factors have made Naruto influence a series of popular Manga and Anime today.

Naruto is depicted with blonde hair and blue eyes. He has to fight a nine – tails fox. When the series started, Naruto was 12 years old and lived in a village called Konoha.

Because of the villagers’ fear and disgust toward the demon within him, Naruto is determined to become the best and strongest ninja in his village. He is committed to achieving leadership status and winning the villagers’ respect and love.

Despite being ostracized by the familiar people, Naruto remains outgoing and cheerful. He successfully forged friendships with other ninjas and developed a strong bond with Sasuke Uchiha.

We learn brave lessons from Naruto

Naruto is always trying to prove his true worth; this task is not easy. Naruto was challenged many times, and no matter how difficult it was, he didn’t give up.

Umino Iruka became Naruto’s teacher. The first time Naruto was treated with respect was in his relationship with Iruka. The teacher became a strong father figure for the young ninja.

“Never give up” is what we see in Naruto. He is ambitious and energetic. 

He is always trying to become determined and the greatest ninja in Konoha. Also, He always tries in all situations. That is the valuable lesson of life! This lesson helped Naruto overcome difficulties in his life.

Naruto coloring pages are meaningful gifts for boys

Naruto is the main character in the famous Japanese anime Naruto, loved by children because of his agility, vivacity, and emotional life. Indeed the children have tried to imitate his actions before. Now is the time for your child to get creative through coloring pictures of Naruto.

Naruto coloring pages will be a topic that makes children extremely excited because, through this, they will discover many exciting things from the ninja world. Through Naruto coloring sheets, children can live with the characters’ world and unleash their creativity with different colors. Naruto coloring pages depict the characteristics, appearance, and activities of the hero Naruto. 

Coloring activities combined with your favorite characters will undoubtedly bring many benefits such as stimulating thinking ability, creativity, memory ability, color recognition, and perseverance. Naruto coloring pages with many cute expressions through simple drawings help children satisfy their passion for favorite characters. Children can learn the good qualities of the boy to become a talented, intelligent people. Therefore, parents should download Naruto coloring pages for children to have a lot of experience.

Mermaid coloring pages: Beautiful Mermaid is a special gift for girls

Mermaid coloring pages are an excellent gift for children learning to color. The Mermaid is a beautiful, cute princess that will help children who love coloring practice their skills and imagination about colors.

Mermaid coloring pages are especially gifts that are suitable for girls. She is a familiar character and makes a deep impression on children’s hearts through stories. The children will be excited and look forward to lovely coloring pages.

Mermaid coloring pages

Printable Mermaid coloring sheets

Did you know about the beautiful Mermaid?

The Little Mermaid is a fairy tale written by Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen. The content of the story revolves around a beautiful mermaid princess. Because she fell in love with a human prince, she always wanted to give up her daily life on the ocean to become a human. She wants to have a prince’s love and live with him on land.

The story is excellent & has a deep meaning with many happenings to attract viewers; this is an animation series mainly for preschool age, so children like it.

The Mermaid is a mythical character whose image is of a girl without legs but with a beautiful fishtail. She has a fishtail and can swim like a fish in the ocean. She has long hair, a gentle face, and is intelligent and kind. These beautiful features have attracted children’s love and inspired them to color.

Little girls will unleash their creativity through mermaid coloring pages

The Mermaid is unique girl creation. The pictures of mermaids appear in many cartoons and even in fairy tales. The mermaids are beautiful and, intelligent, gentle. Such perfect girl parents should introduce to their children.

The Little Mermaid coloring sheet gives children the opportunity to enjoy their favorite fairy tale characters. At the same time, help your child learn valuable lessons about the noble sacrifice, an honest heart, and the pure and immortal soul of the pretty and petite Mermaid.

Mermaid coloring pages have a wide variety of images. Thus, children will not only be acquainted with the kind Mermaid but also know the stories about the mermaids of different countries.

Mermaid coloring pages are a special gift for girls

Coloring pages help stimulate creativity. Children must imagine themselves to the objects and phenomena appearing in the story to choose the right color, and can also color according to their preferences. Children’s creativity will create a unique picture, expressing their thoughts.

Coloring the mermaid coloring page will be an activity to entertain children and exercise patience. Coloring is a learning process. Children feel more relaxed and comfortable freely coloring and creating according to their interests.

Parents should also participate in coloring with their children to bond with each other. When children color with friends, family members are the time when everyone interacts, chats, and supports each other. Learning to color with children will give them a more joyful, happy, and meaningful space.


Children practice coloring seems like a tiny thing, but it is essential in developing children’s intelligence and skills. Parents should accompany children to support their children to bring positive effects adequately.

There are the great benefits of letting children practice coloring that parents should know to help their children learn and have fun at the same time. Naruto and Mermaid coloring pages will be new themes for children. We will always accompany and provide many coloring sheets for children.

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