Surely all of you cheated off the honors students as children. Of course, it is shameful, but the result in the form of a “B” for the test and praise from parents offset this shame. Does it remind you of yourself? It turns out that now you can also “cheat off an excellent student” in trading. Only no one will punish you for it, and the result will be real money in your wallet. And all this is completely legal and legitimate. What is COPY TRADING?

Introduction to Copy Trading

About 80% of traders lose their money in online trading. That’s the inexorable statistic. The good news is that the remaining 20% make money. 

Professional trading in financial markets takes a long time to learn. Beginners are bound to have losses, you can’t do without them. Losses and damages are almost inevitable during the learning phase. Is there any way to cut these losses and start earning today? It turns out that such a way already exists.

Clever programmers combined the exchange trading platforms with the functions of social networks and created symbiosis. This symbiosis is called auto trading. The copying of transactions of successful traders is a function of social trading, called copy-trading.

Copy-trading is a modern type of online trading in which the system automatically copies trades of successful traders. You only need to choose a leading trader and configure copying parameters.

How does auto trading work?

It’s quite simple:  open an account on the copy trading platform in South Africa, deposit an amount to your account, choose a lead trader and launch the function of copying his trades. And then the system will do everything itself and you will get the same result as your lead trader.

Trader’s actions on copying trades

  • Sign up for a social trading platform.
  • Choose a leading trader (traders) and connection to copying his trades.
  • Set up parameters of trade copying and risk limitation.
  • Start automatic trades copying.
  • Analyze obtained results.

How to choose a lead trader?

Choosing a lead trader is your key decision in auto-trading. Your future results depend on your ability to analyze the success and stability of your traders. Read our recommendations for choosing traders and make your own decision.

Rules to choosing a trader

  • By Profit

Analyze a trader’s profit compared to others and make your choice in favor of the best one.

  • By Subscribers

Analyze the number of subscribers (those who copy trades of a trader) compared to other traders and make your choice in favor of the best one.

  • By Risk

Analyze the trader’s risk level in trading compared to others and make your choice in favor of the best one.

  • Weighted Choice

Make a more informed decision when choosing a trader, if you consider all of his indicators – Profits, Subscribers, and Risk.

  • By Advanced Parameters

Use advanced parameters to analyze each trader in more detail.

How much can I earn from COPY TRADING? 

Here everything depends on you and your financial possibilities. You can start copying trades with minimum amounts of $50-100. The upper limit is unlimited. Profitability of trade of professional traders reaches up to 90% for one transaction, but it should not be forgotten that losses are also possible. Therefore, it is quite possible to increase your capital by 25-30% per month.

Pros and cons of copying trades


  • Earn with 0 knowledge or experience.
  • Make a profit immediately.
  • Adopt the trading experience.
  • Manage risk and limit losses.
  • Automation


  • You are dependent on the success of the lead trader
  • Simple social trading systems have only basic settings to copy trades
  • You don’t learn how to trade if you don’t study the strategies of your masters


Copy-trading is the most convenient way for beginners to start trading on financial markets. By copying the trades of professional traders, you can not only get the same profit but also learn to trade by real examples.

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