The best bundles of professions in the World of Warcraft

The best bundles of professions in the World of Warcraft

In the WoW world, developers have thought of a lot of content and additional activities.

In addition to going through the main story and completing many quests, the player has yet to master the new update and mine gold.

Sometimes, when the question arises of where to get equipment and weapons for the most difficult raids, the player has two options:

  1. Buy World of Warcraft gold and start your gaming journey, because the game is just starting from the maximum level and complex legendary raids are yet to be mastered
  1.  Start earning money to dress, put on shoes and give weapons to your character. One of the options for earning will be the development of professions.

Professions can help the player improve their financial situation, get additional weapons, armor or jewelry with which it will be much easier to conquer new raids and dungeons.

World of Warcraft


In WoW, there are basic professions, there are ten of them. You can choose only two and an additional three, available to all players without restrictions.

Professions are divided into conditionally collective, or mining – activity within the game comes down to collecting some resources. Such as:

  • Herbs and plants
  • Animal skins
  • Ore and minerals
  • Gems

Gathering professions serve as a resource for obtaining consumables for the next type of profession – manufacturing. The player is free to choose – to sell the collected materials, or to keep for himself to upgrade the skills of creating, making things, elixirs, weapons.

Professions related to manufacturing:

  • Blacksmithing – crafting heavy armor.
  • Tailoring is the making of magical armor.
  • Leatherworking is the creation of light armor.
  • Alchemy is a combination of herbs and potions to make elixirs with offensive or defensive properties.
  • Enchanting – the player breaks equipment to obtain special gems, with which other equipment is enhanced. The amount depends on the value of the disenchanted equipment.
  • Jewelcrafting – the player uses mined gems to create jewelry with enhanced qualities and stats. Jewelry also creates special magical weapons – orbs.
World of Warcraft

How to combine professions

As you already understood, all professions are closely interconnected, and in order to enhance the effect of Blizzard’s values, they took the path of restrictions. It would be much easier if each character could master all the professions and provide themselves with everything they need, but in an online game, the economy and the interaction of players are important.

Each profession is closely related to its class, and since each type of character wears its own type of armor and weapons, this is not difficult to deal with.

For example, warriors who prefer heavy armor should turn their attention to blacksmithing as a profession that allows you to create the desired type of armor and mining to provide yourself with resources for crafting.

Hunters and other characters with a dexterity stat choose light armor and leatherworking and skinning accordingly. In the process of hunting, many animals will come across, so there will be no problems with resources.

Magical armor:

Mages prefer jewelry for magical weapons and tailoring for magical armor. Also, Tailoring consumables are dropped from many monsters, making this profession one of the most independent in World of Warcraft. With jewelry, it will be more difficult, due to the more difficult extraction of materials, but gradually you will master the most valuable points for obtaining consumables.

Alchemy creates potions and is closely related to gathering herbs. Herbs and plants grow throughout the game world and are easily obtained. Also, The alchemy profession is suitable for all classes, and potions sell well in the game market. A good help for a good start and farming gold.

Disenchantment is the most independent and most difficult profession for a beginner. However, Constantly smelting the already needed armor and other equipment at the start of the game is not easy. It is better to master the profession of an enchanter later, when you have a better understanding of the game world and are already comfortable in the economy of the server.

Additional professions

In the world of WoW, access and additional professions are available to explore the game world. Each player can learn them, regardless of those already selected.


  • Fishing
  • Archeology
  • Cooking

Additional professions serve more as an element of leisure and alternative pastime in the game.

Fishing relaxes from constant raids. Cooking gives additional effects and looks interesting. Archeology allows you to look at the big World of Warcraft not only as a play area, but also as a separately created world, with its own history, references, and sights.

There are no useless activities in WoW. Almost everything is related to the achievement system and in the game you will need to do many things, sometimes unexpected, in order to fully unlock the potential of the game and receive all the available rewards.

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