The Best Proxy Providers: Find the Right One for You

The Best Proxy Providers: Find the Right One for You

When you go online and browse various web pages, you communicate from your IP address to the web destination and back. Therefore, anonymity and the Internet usually don’t go hand in hand. However, people who do seek a higher level of privacy can use specialized services like Proxy Provider that hide your IP address, and you communicate with the Internet through an anonymized address.

Professional proxies are the most popular type of such service. It’s not easy to find the best proxy servers because there are so many on the market. You can choose between free and paid ones. There are also different types of service: data center, residential, and ISP proxies.

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Before we dive into the best proxy servers list, a short warning, in most cases, you should avoid free proxies. They can bring more harm than use and offer slow and unreliable service while overwhelming your screen with advertisements and sometimes even malware. Nevertheless, here are the best proxy providers out there.


A well-known name in the proxy world is Smartproxy, a service that can offer residential and data centre proxy servers. For more than 40 million residential IPs, Smartproxy has a quick rotation policy to avoid flagged IPs.

While you can have an unlimited number of threads, Smarptoxy has plans based on bandwidth. When you are trying to decide on the gateway, you can browse them by location and session type. This provider also offers web extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Bright Data

Luminati was a huge proxy player in the past, and Bright Data continues with varied proxy services with a branding change. You can choose between mobile IPs, rotating residential IPs, and static ones that were never used.

Using mobile IPs proxies are effective against targets that have rigid policies and can block easier to detect residential IPs. Bright Data has autonomous system numbers on top of other target options like country, state and town.

Service has Proxy Manager, a free tool to arrange rules of IP rotation and other technicalities. The base service has a reasonable price, but it can get expensive if you use more advanced options.


If you’re looking for static residential proxies that come from the ISP pool, NetNut is among the better options. They have more than 10 million IP addresses, with a high percentage of returned unique IPs. As a result, NetNut has among the fastest services out there, but at the same time, you won’t be impressed with the documentation or unintuitive dashboard.

The proxy provider has quality customer support, you can use the HTTPS protocol, and has browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.


Unlimited bandwidth is the most significant advantage of RSocks. The provider has residential, mobile IPS and data center options. In addition, there are more than 3 million proxies to choose from, or you can opt for a few addresses for exclusive use.

RSocks is an excellent choice for social media automation, web scrapping, and other common proxy use cases with more than 500 parallel threads available to users. RSocks also supports HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 protocols.

With different plans, you can get additional services ranging from rotating IPs every 5 minutes to a couple of hours. In addition, this popular service can pause proxy to extend the validity of IP addresses in use. With more than 20 price plans you can choose what you really need.


A reasonably new provider offers more than 8.5 million IPs for its residential proxy pool. The extremely high success rate is among the best on the market, and it thwarts not such an astonishing speed. In addition, SOAX lets you choose from a broad range of rotation options.

You can pick an IP address to the city level without additional charge.


Oxylabs is a juggernaut among proxy providers with a vast network of 70 million residential proxies. Moreover, the provider offers distinguished filtering options where you can target country, city, and proxies on the ASN level.

There is an option for mobile IPs, and Oxylabs rotate IPS on each web request so you wouldn’t get flagged or blocked. You can also choose static residential proxies, which the company receives directly from ISPs. According to Oxylabs, you can get the best residential and data center proxies with that option.

Storm Proxies

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, Storm Proxies has very competitive prices compared to the competition. Another great feature is unlimited bandwidth. Among a pool of 70,000 IPs, you can opt for rotating residential proxies or choose private proxy servers with data center IPs.

You won’t have to worry about bandwidth with Storm Proxies, and you can run around 50 simultaneous connections. Although it lacks more in-depth options like country or city-specific IPs, it does come with a few attractive plans and options.

Bottom line

Choosing the best proxy provider is not an easy task, and it boils down to what you need. Some offer unlimited bandwidth. Others have a giant pool of proxies. The best providers offer advanced options depending on the price. Even the basic options are excellent with most, but if you need a heavier workload using proxies for research, you can build up your price plan and features list.

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