Ramneek Sidhu Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wife, Family

Ramneek Sidhu Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wife, Family

Ramneek Sidhu is a 27-year-old entrepreneur from Mohali, Punjab. He is a successful entrepreneur and founder of Digital Kings.


Ramneek Sidhu was born on January 2, 1995, in Mohali, Punjab, India. However, his family and relatives are unknown. However, we will update all information about the family shortly.

Ramneek Sidhu attends Golden Bells Public School in Punjab. He then joined the Citizen Bahra Institutes Group in Chandigarh to study and received a bachelor’s degree in technical sciences. (Bachelor of Technology) Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Business.

Ramneek Sidhu Biography/Wikipedia

Ramneek Sidhu began his career as an entrepreneur. He is a successful entrepreneur and founder of Digital Kings. Ramneek Sidhu works with celebrities and artists from Hollywood and Bollywood.

Ramneek Sidhu offers web design, branding, film marketing, and some other services to help customers grow their digital assets. Also, Ramneek Sidhu is famous for his inspiring life stories, especially those he shares on Twitter.

Ramneek Sidhu earns 25-30 crore rupees a month. The net value is about $ 500 million. 6 crore INR. BMW has a luxury car. Ramneek Sidhu was not married. The terms of their relationship are also unknown. In 2022, Ramneek Sidhu is 27 years old. She weighs 78 kg and is about 6 feet tall. Her hair is black as her eyes.

Ramneek Sidhu Family

Ramneek Sidhu

With his family and relatives, it is unknown. Ramneek Sidhu has not talked about his personal life in public. He is a very private person and does not share much about himself with others. It seems that he does not want to reveal anything about himself at all. So far, he has only mentioned that he has an elder brother who lives in London with his wife and son.

Ramneek is from a middle-class family in the Punjab town of Mohali. Apart from that, he has never spoken publicly about his family. There is less information accessible online.

He also stated that he had been there with them for some time. When they were getting settled into their new home but soon after that. He left London to come back to India where he resides now. However, he has never spoken of any other member of his family.

Ramneek Sidhu’s Girlfriend, Wife

Sidhu is currently dating his girlfriend. His relationship status has not been made public in the media. He is also rumored to be married as he once uploaded a picture of himself with his wife and children on Instagram but later removed it from his profile. In addition to that, there are no details about his past affairs.

Previously he was in a relationship with Shweta Kaushik for eight years but broke up after his career took off which forced them to get apart. Currently, Ramneek does not have a girlfriend and neither has given an interview about her love affairs in the future. Nor shared anything concerning her personal life or affairs publicly.

Ramneek Sidhu Education

Ramneek completed his schooling at Golden Bells public school, situated in Punjab. Later he pursued his Bachelor of Commerce degree from Punjab University and also completed a three-year professional degree in Marketing & Advertising (PGDM). In 2015, he completed his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM).

Ramneek belongs to a Punjabi family. In his free time, he loves watching TV series and traveling around different countries. He also likes to take part in adventure sports. After completing his education, he started working as an assistant manager at Optima Tele Sales Private Limited which is a telecommunication firm.

You are wrong to think that high school and college helped him. Nothing he built was taught in Indian classes. Think about how many problems you will face in Along. This is probably the reason why they work so poorly.

As a result, his desire to pursue his passion forced him to teach everything and grow the entrepreneur around him. So, if you want to interfere with something, let’s ignore it, because it doesn’t matter. The decision to continue, learn new skills, and take thoughtful risks should inspire us all.

Which is good Because we often think that without formal education. We can do nothing. But the truth is that this is the age of the Internet, and you can start by reading whatever you want without leaving home.

Ramneek Sidhu Favorite Things

Ramneek Sidhu
  • He enjoys traveling and spending time with family.
  • Sidhu also has a passion for cooking and is trying to teach himself how to make authentic Indian dishes.
  • It sounds like a dream job traveling around India taking photographs of exotic locations.
  • while earning money doing what you love most but it’s very much real life for Ramneek Sidhu.
  • Although only in his 20s, Sidhu has already become one of India’s hottest wildlife photographers.
  • He started
  • Getting attention from local media shortly after his work was first shown on Facebook in 2014.
  • Since then, he’s gone on to receive even more acclaim.

Ramneek Sidhu Hobbies

  • Ramneek Sidhu’s Hobbies are Traveling, Exercising, Photography and Blogging.
  • He loves to spend his most of time with family and friends.
  • He is an avid reader of books on science fiction and enjoys listening to relaxing music in his free time. Ramneek
  • Sidhu also likes to spend quality time with his pets.
  • He always looks forward to watching the latest movies and TV shows in his spare time.
  • Ramneek Sidhu is a Travel freak, who loves to travel across different cities and visit new places with his friends.

Ramneek Sidhu Career

He is an avid traveler. Ramneek began his profession as a travel photographer shortly after graduating from high school. He is passionate about digital marketing.

Ramneek Sidhu, 26, is a Mohali, Punjab-based entrepreneur. He founded Digital Kings, a digital marketing and advertising firm that collaborates with Bollywood celebrities.

His Entrepreneurial Journey

Ramneek came from an upper-middle-class household. And we are aware of the obstacles that must be overcome to achieve this level. When you don’t have much financial backing and have to start from scratch, and when everyone around you is advising you not to do anything because it involves risks, it’s difficult to collect your thoughts and energy repeatedly. Apart from that, he trusted in himself, took a chance, and began his adventure in 2015, while still in college. Despite all of the college-related activities, he managed to carve out his route and devote time to his love.

With a lifelong interest in digital marketing, he eventually founded his firm. Which collaborates with companies and Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities to help them develop and establish a strong social media presence. Which needs some thinking, since each customer demands a unique approach. As a result, they demand a well-coordinated crew. And Ramneek has accomplished this. His organization, which has branches in India and Dubai, is now expanding to Canada.

A regular person from Mohali with a business branch in Canada? That is significant. While many of us believe that college is essential, Ramneek did not attend Harvard or Oxford. And yet, he developed a global firm. Never is it about the college. However, it would always be about the talents you acquired. And Ramneek is a firm believer in skill development. With over seven years of hard labor and an entrepreneurial adventure behind him. He has emerged as a fresh source of inspiration for India’s young.

His Views on Digital Marketing

Ramneek Sidhu

Ramneek Sidhu knows the potential of social media, having built a business around digital marketing services and now servicing customers in India, Dubai, and, most recently, Canada. On average, each individual spends about three hours every day on social networking. He recognizes that social media is the future and that all businesses, big and small, need a strong social media presence. He saw the trend and built a company around it.

Ramneek is a firm advocate for influencer marketing. And this demonstrates his prowess as a trend watcher. Because this is entirely accurate. People will place a higher premium on the words of their favorite influencers than on the company’s statements. We prefer to trust our favorite folks on Instagram and YouTube when they say a product is wonderful. And there is a good likelihood that we would purchase the goods as well.

Because a feeling of connection and trust has already been formed, something that businesses are often unable to accomplish, Thus, enlisting influencers to assist sell things is an excellent idea. And it is for this reason that Ramneek endorses this technique. Because he knows the mathematics involved and recognizes the field’s enormous potential. And, since he intends to scale it much higher, he feels the potential in this sector is limitless.

Ramneek Sidhu is the founder of Digital Kings

Ramneek Sidhu is the creator of Digital Kings. Digital Kings supports the active participation of Bollywood, Hollywood celebrities, and large brands on social media. His firm assists Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities who are drowning in social media.

Ramneek’s company seeks to assist consumers to maintain and expand their social media presence on Instagram and YouTube. He was raised in Mohali and founded his firm Digital Kings in 2016, which now operates on a global scale.

Digital Kings’ goal is to help its customers maintain and grow their social media presence. Additionally, they provide branding, site design, and movie marketing services. Within a few years of the company’s inception, the Indian native expanded to Dubai and is currently looking to create a branch in Canada.

Ramneek’s success mantra has always been the same. Ramneek believes that attributes such as ability, patience, and drive are necessary for success as an entrepreneur. He has become an icon for young minds in and outside of India as a result of these attributes and his inspiring business career.

What Mindset Can We Adopt from Him?

Even if there are several cases to demonstrate this, Ramneek demonstrates once again that it makes no difference what familial background you have or what school or college you attended. You may still construct a job around your passions and live the life of your dreams. From being a simple Mohali resident to owning offices in Dubai.

He has accomplished enough to demonstrate that anybody can do anything. You just need that impulse, which often arises when we believe in ourselves. And it is this conviction that Ramneek imparts to others. Because once we believe, it’s all about constant learning and implementing what we’ve learned in real life.

Ramneek Sidhu’s inspiration

Every successful entrepreneur relies on a variety of entrepreneurial role models for inspiration. Ramneek Sidhu set his goals high, motivated by individuals such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos. 

All of whom are incredibly successful entrepreneurs in their respective professions. Sidhu grew up witnessing their meteoric rises. With these high-profile figures as his inspirations. Sidhu would not settle for anything less than the best.

Meet Him on Instagram

Ramneek’s profile currently has around 770k followers and 85 posts. And it’s brimming with images of the gorgeous and charming locations he’s been to. Oceans, cruises, hotels, mountains, magnificent structures, and concerts, to name a few. Demonstrating his enthusiasm for travel and photography, as well as living the life of his desires.

Net worth, Salary, Income

He has earned more than 30 million as of 2021. Ramneek Sidhu’s net worth and salary are estimated to be around USD 5 million. His annual income is approximately 1 million dollars and it will reach 2 million in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ramneek Sidhu

What is Ramneek Sidhu’s Instagram account?

Ramneek Sidhu’s Instagram handle is @Ramneeksidhu01.

What is Ramneek Sidhu’s age?

Ramneek Sidhu’s age is 26 years.

When was Ramneek Sidhu born?

Ramneek Sidhu was born on January 2, 1995.


Ramneek Sidhu achieved early success by traveling the globe and is now emerging as India’s new entrepreneurial face. He’s finally living the life of his dreams after years of hustling. There are several lessons to be learned from him. His success is a result of his perseverance, consistency, and patience.

It makes no difference where you live, what language you speak, what your family history is, or whether you have a strong financial foundation or not. He is demonstrating to the world that, regardless of your circumstances.

You can always create a profession around your passion and live the life of your dreams with consistency and a strong conviction in yourself. Which you will gradually improve with time. Finally, you will get that unflinching confidence in yourself. Living your own life in the manner that you choose.

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