How Do Snappic’s Master Classes Help to Boost Photo Booth Businesses?

How Do Snappic’s Master Classes Help to Boost Photo Booth Businesses?

What can you expect of a Snappic Master Classes? Running a photo booth business is about generating revenue so if yours is under-performing then your profitability will necessarily suffer. If you are not staying ahead of the competition in your locality, then you may have already noticed a drop-off in the number or quality of your photo booth bookings. If so, Snappic is here to help!

Firstly, Snappic’s cutting edge photo booth software is one of the most powerful systems that any photo booth business can invest in. Over the years, Snappic has repeatedly added value to its software by improving existing features and innovating new ones. As such, it is capable of accelerating your photo booth offering in one fell swoop.

To get the very best from our system, we have initiated Master Classes that all of our users can access each month. These sessions are designed to help photo booth business owners to build their business growth and to provide them with the knowledge and skills they’ll need to keep them one step ahead of the competition.

What can you expect of a Snappic Master Class?

Our Master Class lessons are given by one of our knowledgeable experts in photo booth technology. Providing a guided walk-through that demonstrates exactly how Snappic’s feature-rich software operates, these are pre-recorded sessions. However, after you have completed the Master Class, a Q&A session will take place live, offering you the chance to interact with the host and to participate in the class in real-time.

Why book a Snappic Master Class?

Snappic benefits from many, many features, each one of which can enhance your business offering. However, you might not be leveraging them all to their full potential. Booking yourself onto a Snappic Master Class will take you – and your business – to the next level, allowing you to develop your skills, know-how and customer offering.

Because our photo booth software is highly advanced; it takes a bit of explanation to get the best out of it. Novices in the photo booth industry may want a straightforward iPad-based photo booth system and Snappic certainly delivers in this regard. However, as you get more and more used to the features on offer in the software; the time will come when you want to advance your knowledge and improve your business. 

Snappic Master Classes provide an opportunity to do just that. They can help you to handle larger-scale events and to win business from bigger and more tech-savvy customers that want greater complexity from their photo booth operators.

Bear in mind that some users may not be aware of everything their Snappic photo booth software can do. Even if they are, then they might not know how to use it in the best way. Our Master Classes bridge such gaps and turn novice and intermediate users into experts.

Who hosts Snappic Master Classes?

Julio, one of Snappic’s co-founders, is among the Master Class hosts. In addition, our Master Classes feature our Customer Relations and Success Manager, Veronique. She brings an extensive amount of knowledge about the Snappic app to the table. Our Technical Support Manager, Damir, is on offer to deal with technical issues and to answer any specialist questions that may arise, too.

What do Snappic Master Classes cover?

Basic, as well as more advanced, Master Classes are on offer. If you book onto a foundation type of course, then you will learn about the basics of VideoFX; QR interactions, setting up events using the Snappic app and printing methodologies. More advanced Snappic Master Classes cover subject matters like artificial intelligence sharing; running competitions through Snappic, 360° photo booth technology, Slideshow 2.0 and advanced VideoFX.

Book your Master Class with Snappic

You can find out more about upcoming Master Classes by checking out our Facebook page. Why not register for a Master Class on our website today?

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