Understanding the Benefits of Real Estate Technology

Understanding the Benefits of Real Estate Technology

Sometimes, technology can be gimmicky, just bells and whistles that capture people’s attention. Other times, innovation changes how people view the world and profoundly impacts our lives. Today’s leading real estate technology, also known as  Dallas MLS, can help make home buying easier and more affordable. Given the cost of housing worldwide, buyers need every possible advantage.

Let’s take a deeper look at how real estate technology puts money back into homebuyers’ pockets.

Agents Competing for You

Nobul is a real estate technology platform that innovator Regan McGee designed to shift the power back into the hands of homebuyers by having verified real estate agents compete for their business. The platform makes it so that all a prospective homebuyer has to do is list the features they’re looking for in a home and define their budget, and agents will approach them with offers.

Usually, they entice homebuyers with additional incentives, like cashback or complimentary services. Proptech tilts the buying process in the buyer’s favour; which you won’t get if you simply waltz into a real estate agent’s office. 

Everybody’s needs are different, and every buyer should select from a wide range of options to find an agent who can deliver for them. Some buyers look for agents who have closed many luxury homes, while others need a competitive price point. Use tools that make finding the best agent for you easier and more affordable.

Algorithms That Work

The best proptech analyses millions of real estate technology transactions; so the listings it refers you to, and prices it determines are based on crunching a vast trove of data. The numbers that come out of a digital platform are only as good as the data entered into it. Therefore, utilizing a reliable real estate CRM system can help ensure accurate and up-to-date data, further enhancing the quality of your proptech analyses.

Whether you want to determine fair market value for your property or get listings that match your needs so closely they seem personally curated, it’s always easier when a powerful algorithm is at work.


Buying a home is usually the most expensive purchase a person will ever make. It’s essential that everybody’s cards are on the table and that nothing hidden from buyers. 

The best proptech platforms don’t let agents pay to get ranked or listed, so buyers know who they’re dealing with. The platform should list its statistics openly.

You shouldn’t have to worry that the agents on a platform aren’t who they say they are or exaggerate their services and achievements.

Security and Privacy

Getting a great price on a home shouldn’t have to come at the expense of your personal privacy or security. Leading proptech apps never share your contact information with agents; so they can’t get your phone number and pester you with unsolicited calls, texts, or emails.

You can connect with multiple agents through the app at your convenience; knowing that they can’t step outside the app to reach you.

Millennials and other homebuyers entering the market for the first time are accustomed to using digital tools to make purchases and gather information. Don’t make the most important purchase of your life without using real estate technology to simplify the process and get you the best possible price.

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