Retaining Walls Design to upgrade your walls 

Retaining Walls Design to upgrade your walls 

A retaining wall is referred to as a structure that is designed and constructed to hold back Earth. It helps to resist the pressure of soil; hence preventing soil erosion, and supports the soil so it can be retained at various levels on both sides. The retaining walls design prevents the rainwater from washing off. 

One of the several reasons for constructing these structures which cover the prevention of erosion, ensuring the stability of slope yards and artificial hills to enclosed gardens. 

Prevention of Soil Erosion

A retaining wall design is widely used for the prevention of soil erosion from washing off. It refrains rainwater and water for irrigation from washing off of washing soil. 

Ensuring Stability

Sloped garden landscaping is a difficult task. The sloping creates lateral pressure, which can cause soil to move downward. You must construct a retaining wall to redistribute and accommodate this pressure, allowing you to landscape without the soil sliding downwards. 

One of the most crucial things to consider for the retaining wall design installation is to understand and assimilate the tendency of the retained material to move its downslope due to the existence of gravity.  It is also important to have a proper system of drainage in place behind the wall which will restrain the pressure on the wall design wall. 

Drainage of the material will reduce the hydrostatic pressure which will then improve the sustainability of the material placed behind the wall. 

Retaining Wall Types: 

Retaining walls cover a wide range which covers the following types: 

  • Anchored Wall
  • Mechanically Stabilized Wall 
  • Crib Wall
  • Gravity Wall 
  • Cantilever Wall 
  • Counter-fort Wall 
  • Piled Wall 
  • Hybrid Systems 

Benefits of Retaining Walls: 

Out of Several other benefits, one of the most prominent advantages of retaining walls is as follows: 

  • Best run-off Solution 
  • Decorative outlay 
  • Reduced maintenance 
  • Structure of Protection 
  • Several Types Available 

One of the main significant reasons for their popularity in both commercial and residential landscaping is that they provide the chance to emboss alluring stonework into the area; hence completely transforming the landscape. 

Unilock offers a diverse range of products for retaining walls design that add great experience in creating a better look for outdoor space. 

A retaining wall can create a multidimensional feel in an area that is usually open and flat such as backyards etc. The straight and curved half wall helps in several ways such as framing outdoor ‘rooms’ such as dining space or patio areas as well as acting as multipurpose as vertical planters or seat walls. 

A water feature can be placed into the retaining wall to create an ambiance. Retaining wall designs can be placed to highlight flower beds or for more captivating designs; tiered garden walls do a wonderful job by showcasing a beautiful look. It also helps in maintaining the garden easily. 


Unilock provides its esteemed clients an exquisite experience in their outdoor spaces that become a treasured spot to build several long-lasting memories. With the deliverance of quality materials; Unilock ensures a stable retaining walls design that will prevent soil erosion and manage well rainwater flow. 

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