Kay parker bio, Career, Boyfriend, Facts, and luxury lifestyle 2022

Kay parker bio, Career, Boyfriend, Facts, and luxury lifestyle 2022

Kay parker is a very famous movie star and also did many films and web series for the grown adult industry. She is also known as a metaphysical counselor and mentor.

Who is Kay Parker?

Parker is a famous and well-known actress and also known as a model and actor in the adult film industry. She is recognized for her many movies like there name are It’s a Man’s World (1962). Kay is also a well-known personality and is also known as a famed teacher and psychologist in metaphysics. Although, she is very famous in the education field. She is a very intelligent scholar though.

Kay has done many films and movies and she labored withinside the grownup and adult film enterprise or industry. She has done many fantastic characters in many adult movies. Also, She is a highly educated and well-trained model and actor. She belongs to England.

Her famous films:

Kay is also considered the protagonist of Taboo’s Autobiography like she has done many films and movies and their names are Sacred, Do Not Bother, etc.  

In this article, we are going to share all the details of her life and also discuss the Parker family, age, net worth, dating, profession, etc. in a very brief manner. 

Overview of Kay Parker:

Her full name is Kay Taylor Parker and as we told is a metaphysical counselor and mentor. She is also famous as the character of @maxresdefault 14.

Kay is the writer of the autobiography Taboo and also the author of many books and biographies. And there are two famous series the names sacred and Don’t Touch.

And there are so many chronicles and her existence along with her portrayals as an actress and a model in pornographic films and movies. 

Kay Parker early life and childhood: 

Kay parker

Kay was born in Birmingham in England on 28th August 1944. And her birth name is Kay Rebecca Taylor. Moreover, she is a very intelligent and active model. She is in step with her acting and modeling field. Parker’s age is 77 years as of 2022. She has nationality of British and her ethnicity is white. She is following the Christian faith and religion as well. And her zodiac & birth sign is Virgo. 

Kay Parker profession:

When Kay is a very active and attractive model and actress. When she turns about 21 years old when she decided to move to another country and then she moved to the US and there she had a successful profession of running a business import and export. She is decently doing her import business. While she is residing in San Francisco in the United States of America.

Parker has become interested in performing art and film and she had commenced reading about drama and many other fields. 

Kay Parker family and siblings: 

When we are talking about her family and siblings then we get to know that she is a very beautiful personality and also his younger siblings. But her parents were not so modern and they belong to a very conservative family. But there is found little information about her family and siblings. 

As she is very conservative too about sharing any detail about them. We have not found any detail about their family and siblings on the internet and also we did not find them even after a short detailed search on the internet. Her family was so conservative and narrow-minded. And she belongs to mixed ethnicity.

Kay Parker education: 

Moreover, we have not found any detail about her educational degree and background. But she is very famous in her career as she is very famous in her education field as a metaphysical counselor and mentor. But we could not find or collect no data about her educational background of Kay. As per sources of media and other networks, Kay also completed their High School education with Good Grades and a remarkable position in her University. 

Fandom about Kay Parker:

As we all know that she is very famous due to her character and her role in various adult films. She is a very proficient actress and a model. She stands with an ideal height of five feet and five inches tall. In other words, she is having an appropriate measurement of 1.65 m or one hundred sixty-five cm. Kay weighs around 65 Kg or 139 lbs. Kay has lovely dark brown eyes and she has blonde hair. Her body measurements are 36-30-39 inches. But her hairs are short. Kay has a fair skin tone and also has an average body shape. Kay has a 5.5 (US) shoe size. She is also having some tattoos on her body.

Kay Parker career: 

As we all know parker has turned into an adult film industry but she is not forcefully dragged into this industry but although she is doing adult movies and photoshops with her full consent.

But she entered and added to the grownup movies enterprise at the initial stage in her past life due to her a mutual friend and also with the contribution of some Seventies via way of means of actor John Leslie.

And he is recommended this industry for her own sake and her looks. Parker participated in every one of his upcoming adult and pornography films movies as well. 

The Hot one and V:

So, she decided to appear and made her first look in the movie of ‘V’. And she also did her acting in the movie of “The Hot One” and this is a non-intercourse role for her. 

Anthony Spinelli and Sex World:

When she used to play some famous characters in this movie then she gets to enter this industry after meeting up with a porn director and his name is Anthony Spinelli. And he talked to convince her for playing this role and make her first intercourse scene in Sex World (1977).

Kay Parker’s appearance in the adult industry:

Although, she is appearing in the image and she has an empty alternate attribute. But its file name is not so familiar and it is coming into some grownup movies and Kay enterprise at an older age in her previous life.

She has become a very important and main name in growing up the industry. And soon she becomes a big name in the film industry. She is the main subject and turns into some regularly paired with more youthful co-stars and characters. 

Her famous and important roles and characters:

Kay parker

Moreover, she is playing and turning into some famous and important characters in the film industry like she was appearing in mature ladies roles, including mother’s role, stepmothers, wealthy aunts, rich divorcees, and many more characters. 

Dracula Sucks and Taboo:

Parker is first-rate and also a first-class actress and a model in this industry she is acknowledged and best for her roles in the film Dracula Sucks in (1978) and then she appeared in this 1980 movie which has the name of Taboo. 

Caballero Home Video:

She has retired from the porn industry and also appeared in the mid-’80s and she is coming for a time of labor for Caballero Home Video this season.

Kay is appearing in many films and movies in this industry and she had made her appearance in many public family members’ representative. She is also a main and important part of this industry and she additionally regarded herself as in small component in various mainstream films and also in TV series.

Kay is also including The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and as well as in many productions companies in the entire United States of America. 

Kay parker is famous as a biographer:

In the year 2001, she wrote many autobiographies and books which has titled Taboo like Sacred and Do not Touch. She is also writing an autobiographical journey spanning Six Thousand Years of her life story. Moreover, she wrote and tells about her all amazing childhood stories and life events, etc.

She can write about her early childhood, her profession, and also the grownup enterprise, and her all reports on the metaphysical events. 

Kay Parker’s relationship status:

When she was young then she was a very attractive young girl. She has a very perfect and amazing body. Although, she becomes more attractive when she enters the world of the modeling and acting industry. Parker is also very attractive and also has a whole interest in various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Kay has so many followers and she has thousands of active followers and subscribers on her social media channels and networks. 

She is a wonderful enthusiast and as well as genuinely trying to know about her love life and also her lifestyle with her boyfriend. But she could not find any love with him and that is why Parker has now no longer given any insights or missions about her married lifestyle. 

Paparazzi and lifestyle:

Kay is maximum in all marital affairs and then married at every moment of life. She is maintaining her non-public lifestyle far from the paparazzi and public relations with anyone and she keeps her lifestyle secrecy to the fullest life. 

Kay Taylor Parker’s success and achievements: 

Kay parker

Kay has won a lot of awards and achievements in entire her modeling career. 

She appeared in 1983 in the Adult Film Association of America and she get the award of Best supporting actress for Sweet Young Foxes in the United States of America. 

In 1985 she also appeared in XRCO Special Merit Award for her achievements. 

She got an award for the AVN Hall of Fame. 

And in 1990 she also get the award for XRCO Hall of Fame. 

In 2017 she got Top in the 12 Spirited Woman Book Pick List. 

Kay Parker’s net worth and income detail: 

She is one of the richest actresses and models in the United States of America. Kay also gained her most important supply of profits from her counseling career and business. Other than this, Kay turned into reportedly delivered to the grownup movie and adult industry. Kay has massive resources of money and income and she got about $2 million every year. 

Kay Parker’s social media handles and websites:

As she is a very popular and trendiest actress in the adult film industry and that is why she is very famous all over the world. She is using numerous social media accounts as she is using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitch, Spotify, Music Apple, etc.

Some interesting facts and figures about Kay Parker:

There are some interesting facts and figures about her lifestyle and living hood. She is a very professional and versatile actress

We did not know about her father and mother’s names and their professions too.

She is active on her various social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. 

Kay made her first look in the movie of ‘V’ and she appeared in the movie of “The Hot One” and this was a non-intercourse role or movie. 

Parker has turned into forged in many mature girls’ roles and characters also, and her favorite acting characters are mothers, stepmothers, wealthy aunts, and many more. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 1: Who is Kay Parker? 

Ans: Kay Parker is a metaphysical counselor and mentor. And she is famous for her acting and modeling professions as well.

2. What is her real name? 

Ans: Her real name is Kay Taylor Parker or she is also known in some places as Kay Rebecca Taylor. But she has been called by the name of Kay Taylor and Kay Parker as well. 

3. When was Kay born? 

Ans: Kay was born on 28th August 1944. 

4: What is Kay’s age? 

Ans: She is 77 years old actor and a model. 

5. What are her family members’ names? 

Ans: We did not know about her family members and their names.

6. Where did Kay study? 

Ans: Parker completed her study bypassing their High School education with excellent Grades in the University.

 7. Is Kay dating?  

Ans: There is no data available about her love life.


The above details and information are searched on different websites and sourced from various online reports and articles. This website does not guarantee 100% originality of content and data also. 

The final words:

Kay Parker is very famous and popular due to her modeling and acting shots and she is also famous for her acting skills in the adult industry. She has done many favorite characters in the adult film and modeling industry. She is equally famous in the entire United States of America.

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