Revealing the secrets of the Roulette wheel

Revealing the secrets of the Roulette wheel

Roulette is a game of chance that has withstood many centuries. From ancient Greek and Roman soldiers spinning weapons and placing bets on the outcome, to the modern-day, where you can play a variety of online Roulette games

The wheel, which features numbered pockets from one to 36, is famed for many reasons. Mostly, for being a staple in the world of casino gaming. 

Read on, as we reveal some of the secrets of the Roulette wheel, from its accidental creation to how to find the game with the lowest house edge…

Made by chance

Did you know the primitive version of the Roulette wheel we know and love today was made by accident? That’s right – it’s a game of chance, made by chance.

It was in 1655 when French physicist and mathematician Blaise Pascal attempted to defy physics and create a perpetual motion machine. Instead, he birthed what would later become the Roulette wheel. 

A deal with the Devil

There are myths that when Frenchmen Francois and Louis Blanc created the single-zero Roulette wheel in 1843, they had struck a deal with the Devil to create the game. 

Whilst this story cannot be proved, the numbers on the wheel do add up to 666, which is why Roulette is sometimes known as the ‘Devil’s Wheel’. 

After the loss of his brother, Francois Blanc later went on to do business with the royal family of Monaco at the time, pioneering the creation of the famous Monte Carlo Casino. Due to this, the creator of single-zero Roulette was famed as ‘The Magician of Monte Carlo’.

A lower house edge

Single-zero Roulette went on to become known as European Roulette. Due to only having one green zero pocket, the house edge is just 2.70%, which explains its popularity. 

Despite this, European Roulette was somewhat rejected in America by both players and casinos; who preferred the double-zero wheel with a higher house edge (5.26%). This is why this version is more commonly known as American Roulette. 

Placing the best bets

With the knowledge of how the house edge can vary between Roulette games under your belt; you’ll no doubt be wanting to know which bets also give you the highest odds. 

By placing even-money, outside bets – such as wagering black/red, odd/even, high/low – you’ll have just under a 50% chance of winning. These are the best odds in the game, which is why they also have the lowest payout. 

Biased wheels

You might have heard that, in the past, some players were able to place more successful bets on a Roulette wheel after having monitored it over some time. This is called a biased wheel, which, when made out of wood; can wear away over time and therefore start to repeat particular outcomes. 

However, in modern-day casinos, wheels are no longer made out of wood. They are checked regularly to ensure they meet regulations; and are replaced at the first sign of any wear and tear. This means that no matter whether you play at a land-based casino or online; Roulette remains a game of chance with unpredictable outcomes. 

With these Roulette secrets revealed; do you think you’ll be placing a wager on this fascinating game of chance any time soon? 

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