Must-Visit Pit Stops on Your Road Trip from New York to Florida

Must-Visit Pit Stops on Your Road Trip from New York to Florida

There are many exciting road trip routes and then there is the New York to Florida one. Truth be told if you have not tried this route you are missing out on a lot and should try it sometime. It always carries the promise of lots of fun, good times, and memories you will stay with for a long time. 

From the heart of the never sleeping cultural melting pot that is New York through the magical and breathtaking scenery of the East Coast to the pristine blue waters and sandy beaches of windy Florida, this epic trip should be on the bucket list of any road trip enthusiast worth their salt.

There is a lot to marvel at and enjoy on this unforgettable trip, but where should you stop on a road trip from New York to Florida? This article has compiled for you only the best places that will nourish you in ways that will always remain memorable. You just can’t afford to bypass them. The trip will take you roughly 20 hours through eight states if you go non-stop, but who does that on this kind of trip?

This being quite a long trip you will need a spacious car, and it would be wise to rent a car with 8 seats at least. This will allow ample legroom for everybody and also enough cargo room. For all your car rental needs for this trip visit You will be able to compare the different car rental for 8-passenger prices from the major car rentals in NYC to get the best deal possible. 

New York

Famous for its richness in cultural diversity, culinary treats, jaw-dropping architecture, and landscapes. New York has so much to offer. If you are asking yourself what time is best to visit, or how late are pit stops open in New York? The answer is New York doesn’t sleep. So you are free to roam at whatever time you want.

While in Manhattan make sure you visit Central Park and get in touch with nature. Also, stop by Times Square and you just might catch a live performance from one of the many talented groups performing there. Other places you should visit include the Chelsea marketplace for a taste of street food, Brooklyn to enjoy the creative street art, and Chinatown to sample their Asian cuisine. Make sure you also visit the Finger Lakes area and enjoy the breathtaking views.


Pennsylvania is also rich in historical sites to visit, lots of places to enjoy mother nature’s offerings, and finger-licking cuisines that you must sample. The nightlife here also beams with life, and you might want to bring your dancing shoes along. While in Pennsylvania you must visit Philadelphia. Among the places to visit in Philadelphia include the Old City, the Independence National Historical Park, and the Midtown Village to appreciate the city’s art and history.


For a seafood lover, Maryland has you covered. It is world-famous for its blue crabs, and you can knock yourself out with them. It is also rich in history being the birthplace of the country’s national anthem. While there you must visit Baltimore. Some of the unmissable attractions in Baltimore are the National Aquarium and the National Historic Trail.

Washington D.C.

For a lover of history, Washington D.C. will be your cup of tea. Being the seat of the USA government you can visit Capitol Hill, the Whitehouse, the Constitution Garden, the Culture House to appreciate the various collections of art, and the Hillwood Estate Museum for a trip down memory lane.


The next step down south is the beautiful state of Virginia. You can’t visit Virginia and fail to sun bask in the sandy beaches of Virginia Beach. Apart from the lovely beach, Virginia has several other attractions including the famous Cape Henry Lighthouse and the unspoiled beaches of False Cape State Park. You should also pass by Richmond and sample its legendary craft beer if you love your tipple. A visit to the Holocaust Museum is also a must while in Richmond. 

For an outdoor experience that has few comparisons, pass through Roanoke and enjoy a good hike in Mill Mountain Park. Make sure you also enjoy the water and camping at Smith Mountain Lake before you leave.

North Carolina 

After Roanoke, you will then cross to North Carolina. Here you get welcomed by the magnificent views of the mountains in Little Switzerland. You will want to just live there. Make sure you also visit the spectacular Grassy Creek Falls and let its roaring waters soothe you. Drive through the Black Mountains to Asheville. Here you will enjoy more scenic views, waterfalls, and several nature trails you can use for a hike.

After Asheville, your next stop should be Charlotte. In Charlotte, there are loads of things to do. Time will be your limiting factor. Sample their award-winning culinary treats, beer and experience the diverse cultures of the very friendly people that live in Charlotte.

South Carolina

South Carolina welcomes you to Southern Hospitality with good weather, mouth-watering delicacies, and very inviting family-friendly beaches. While in South Carolina, you can’t miss visiting Greenville. You just have to take in its natural beauty. Its downtown area is full of life and offers a good opportunity for dining and shopping 

Apart from Greenville the other city to visit in South Carolina is Charleston. This award-winning historic city is a gem just waiting for you to explore. It has incredible beaches, historical sites, and many bars and restaurants that offer you an opportunity to experience Charleston’s jealously guarded hospitality.


Further south you now enter Georgia. Georgia is synonymous with good food which is a plus for foodies, beautiful weather, and very friendly people. In Georgia, you must visit Savannah. Savannah is often compared to Charleston, but it is more laid back and serene. Make sure you also visit Jekyll Island while in Georgia. It is rich in history and offers an elusive tranquility that can only be experienced there. 


Finally from Georgia, you can now cross over to beautiful Florida. Here is a beach life that very few places in the world can match awaits you. The sunshine state as it is known also boasts of an electric nightlife, cuisines from different cultures, and an unrivaled shopping experience. There are many places to visit in Florida, but of all the places ensure you don’t miss Orlando for the amusement parks and the windy Miami for the experience of your life.


A road trip from New York ending in Florida allows you to experience some of the most breathtaking scenery in the whole world. This trip leaves you rich in experience and after it, you will view life through different lenses. There are so many places along the way that you can stop and enjoy, time will be your only limiting factor. This article has discussed only a few that you shouldn’t miss, but you can also add others according to your preferences. Hope you enjoy your trip and keep safe.

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