Yacht Rentals for Large Groups: Celebrating Special Occasions on the Water

Yacht Rentals for Large Groups: Celebrating Special Occasions on the Water

Are you planning to celebrate birthday, throw a bachelor party or celebrate some other special occasion, but have no creative ideas? How about renting a sailboat, motor yacht or catamaran and enjoy unforgettable moments with your family and friends? It doesn’t only sound like fun, it will also help you to create memories that you will keep in memory forever.

The first think you should consider is the vessel type. Depending on the duration of the trip, location and number of people, you can choose one of many options that are available.

Impress Your Guests With a Motor Yacht

In movies, billionaires often own a boat, and it’s usually a yacht. This is because yachts are luxurious and comfortable. They are motor-powered, so it doesn’t matter if the wind is blowing or not, you can move to your desired destination anytime you want.

To make your celebration luxurious, together with the yacht, order the staff to take care of the guests and you. With this, you don’t have to worry about having enough snacks and drinks. Besides staff, hiring a captain is highly recommended due to the fact that you really don’t have to worry about anything. It may seem like you will have a lack of privacy, but it is the safest option. In case you don’t want to hire a captain, remember that you need to hold a license in order to drive a yacht.

In case you decide for a yacht rental, we recommend you to find a yacht charter in Croatia, where you can go snorkelling as part of the party. Croatia offers wonderful underwater visibility, so you can explore the beauties of submarine wildlife. 

Sailing Yacht For Adventurers

Sailing on a sailboat can feel really romantic. That’s why it is suitable for engagement or anniversary celebration. The wind cannot be controlled, so sailing brings a dose of adrenaline and adventure, too. Sailing yacht charter in Italy, Croatia or Greece will let you explore the power of nature and give you many opportunities to figure out how to use the wind to reach planned destinations.

In general, motor yachts are easier to handle. Due to the fact that sailing yacht is powered mostly by its sails and wind, therefore it rarely uses its engine. On the other hand, traveling by sailing yacht brings you closer to the authenticity of the sea – often for a lower cost.

Catamaran For Beginners

A catamaran is a vessel that is well-known for its great stability. It has two hulls that are connected by a frame. Thanks to this construction, sailing on it is very comfortable, because it doesn’t rock on the waves and doesn’t heel as much. You can enjoy your favorite drinks on catamaran even while powered by sails, but it can also be equipped with an engine.

So if you want to organize a really big party, the most suitable choice for you is a catamaran charter. Compared to sailboats and motor yachts, a catamaran can usually accommodate much more people. Since the catamaran has a low draft, you can easily anchor it even in shallower water. It is quite easy to dock and can turn 360 degrees with its own length. That makes it a perfect solution for sailing beginners. Getting close to many beautiful beaches will not be a problem then.

We live only once, so it’s important to enjoy the live to the fullest. So celebrate it with your friends on a vacation that no one will ever forget.

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