Seasonal keywords – what is it?

Seasonal keywords – what is it?

What are seasonal keywords?

​​Marketing specialists very often use the term seasonality and take it into account when planning marketing activities, e.g. in online stores. We talk about seasonal keywords when customers show more interest in certain products or services over time. They come with repeated increases in sales that reflect the customers’ changing needs. Observation of this type of behavior allows you to make the right marketing decisions and plan the right strategy. A good approach is to learn about the keywords that are entered into the search engine at a certain time. They illustrate what users are most interested in at a given moment. Checking the seasonality of phrases will help in planning SEO activities that will translate into a company’s real profits.

Types of seasonal keywords

Seasonal keywords can be classified according to their content. As a result of this division, we get three categories that can help you find and choose the best phrases for positioning. Get to know them so that you can use it in your industry.

  •  Connected with events – usually these are one-time words or possibly periodic words in the case when a given event is organized periodically. A perfect example can be the names of festivals. The closer to such an event, the greater the interest. Is it worth positioning a site for such words? Very often not, because the competition is very high. In addition, search engines prefer to recommend official websites, so the organizers usually have an advantage in positioning.
  •  Containing dates – this is most often related to fashion. The searched terms include the season and the year, e.g. fashionable colors summer 2021. However, it doesn’t mean that such seasonal words are used only in the fashion industry. These types of keywords often appear in the music or tourism industry as well.
  •  Recurring – some expressions gain popularity as soon as an opportunity approaches. A perfect example would be: a gift for parents for Christmas. Apart from that take a closer look at: bank holidays, religious holidays, non-traditional events such as: dog’s day, no phone day, or annual cultural events.

Tools to check the seasonality of keywords

A tool that can’t be overlooked in planning seasonal campaigns is Google Trends. It allows you to get acquainted with the current trends in the search engine and to monitor users’ interests. It doesn’t present hard statistical data, but only illustrates trends.

Apart from that, you can also use Google Ads Keyword Planner, and paid tools like Ahrefs.

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