Top 10 useful things for a hike 

Top 10 useful things for a hike 

Nature, local or foreign, pulls with its primitiveness. If it beckons you too, it’s time to go hiking or on a long picnic. We will analyze what is useful to you if you only have a tent, a backpack and an inevitable desire for the necessary.

When going on a hike, you need to take into account some points: the duration of the hike and the type (hiking, cycling, car outing). We have compiled a rough list of things that you cannot do without in nature:

For comfortable conditions

1 – Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag (sleeping bag) is a necessary thing for an overnight stay in field conditions. Good rest at night and deep sleep in comfortable conditions are the keys to cheerfulness and a good mood during the day. Sleeping bags are quilted bags for sleeping in field conditions. Fastened with a long zip front or side.

2 – Hiking equipment

Most often, a sleeping bag has a hood to cover the head from the cold and wind. Its absence in some blankets indicates only the summer use of such models. On branded sleeping bags there is always a marking about the parameters of comfort, extreme and the highest temperature. These figures help to find out under what conditions rest in a particular model is most acceptable. Do not forget about the importance of high lumen flashlights on a trip. 

3 – Travel mat

Tourist rug is an integral part of the equipment of every tourist. The main requirements for the rug – it must provide thermal and waterproofing, as well as level the surface to ensure a comfortable sleep. In addition, the rug is often used as a seat or table.

For carrying, most often foam mats are rolled up, and the formed tube is strengthened outside the backpack (the so-called external suspension). Self-inflating mats usually tucked away inside. In terms of comfort, self-inflating mats are the undisputed leaders. They smooth out surface irregularities better, the top cover usually made non-slip so that the sleeping bag or linen does not slip, and pleasant to the touch for comfortable sitting.

4 – Air mattresses, beds, sofas

If you have a fairly large tent, and the ability to take quite large things with you, then you can think about such a comfortable thing as an air mattress in a tent. An important aspect is the way of travel. When hiking off-road with a backpack on your shoulders, you feel the weight of even an extra box of matches, and the rubber sheet is much heavier than ordinary foam. The pump will also add weight, which can be either manual or electric, powered by a car cigarette lighter.

5 – Hiking equipment

For outdoor activities, quite popular inflatable sofas can also come in handy. This is a very easy-to-use inflatable piece of furniture that does not require a pump and is very quickly assembled.

6 – Trekking poles

Trekking poles are very useful when hiking. Poles help to maintain stability on the trail, better distribute weight when walking with a heavy backpack, take the load off your knees during descents and are indispensable on river crossings.

In sticks, the handle is straight and not so rounded. The walking technique itself involves the active interaction of the palm, handle and lanyard. The absence of protruding elements is very important so that nothing interferes and does not rub corns.

For cooking food

1 – Cookware for camping and picnic

When going on vacation, be sure to bring camping utensils. It is a reliable assistant for cooking and storing food. Camping utensils for camping and hiking are designed with all the needs of campers in mind: light, comfortable, suitable for cooking on an open fire and completely safe.

For novice tourists, it is better to give preference to ready-made sets. By the way, this dish has a special shape that will save space in your backpack.

2 – Barbecue, grills

If you like to fry barbecue in nature, then you need a portable grill. By the way, it can also be used in the country. Usually, it is a metal box equipped with skewers and folded into a suitcase.

As for portable barbecues, there are now a lot of various types of barbecues on sale – devices, from simple domestic welded structures to dazzlingly expensive imported equipment in which the heat of coals is controlled by a thermostat and the air is pumped by an electric pump.

3 – Thermoses

You should not take a plastic thermos if you are going on a big trip. It can quickly fail if dropped. Unfortunately, such a thermos keeps the temperature very poorly, compared to a metal model. The best choice is a thermos with a glass flask and a mirror surface. It will help you to maintain the desired temperature of the liquid for a long time.

Thermoses for food are made of plastic, which is much lighter than metal. Plastic thermoses are best used for second courses, which weigh much more than soups. For the first courses, it is best to choose models with a stainless steel flask, there was no corrosion. The set of such models includes spoons or forks.

Camping furniture

The convenience of camping furniture lies in the features of its design. Manufacturers are trying to make collapsible items so that at any time you can assemble and disassemble furniture, and pack it in a car.

For example, tables help to comfortably accommodate nature, placing the necessary utensils and products on the surface. Tables are equipped with shelves that compactly fold into the product when it is disassembled. Often, a grid is attached under the tabletop to accommodate lightweight items.

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