The Alleged Slot Machine Tricks at Online Casinos

The Alleged Slot Machine Tricks at Online Casinos

Anyone who is a bit into the subject of gambling will inevitably come across slot scams that promise to win sooner or later. Depending on the development of certain skills or by downloading a specific application or perhaps purchasing an e-book. As regular players, we also, just like you, have researched websites that promise their readers to get guaranteed winnings from casinos not on GamStop when applying certain strategies or downloading apps. However, none of these sites reveal any new secrets, but they try to market known concepts as RTP or as secrets. Since this topic is a “puzzle” for many players, we have decided to provide on this page all the info players want to know about the legacy of Slot Machine.

Can Non-GamStop Casinos Be Tricked?

The method by which Tommy Glenn Carmichael manipulated slots in Las Vegas was quite simple in concept. Now, of course, the question arises as to whether online slots can also be tricked with the right software or the right know-how. In the course of our research for this article, we looked for successful hacker attacks on an online casino – namely attacks in which a slot machine game was manipulated. In fact, we came across a case. However, this was more than 15 years ago and happened in 2001.

At that time, two non GamStop casinos operated by the software provider Cryptologic were hacked. In just a few hours, 140 casino players won a total of $1.9 million from this hack!

Not all players were part of the scammer network. Some were just lucky to play the right game at the right time. Of course, when the casino became aware of the manipulation, the corresponding slots were immediately blocked. The nice thing for the unsuspecting lucky guys: All winners who were not part of the scammer network were allowed to keep their winnings. Since this hack became public, no further manipulation of a slot machine on the net has been reported.

Why Are Slots in Non-GamStop Casinos Almost Impossible to Trick?

As already mentioned, there hasn’t been any publicly known fraud in casinos since this hack in 2001.

First of all, the reason for this is the way it works. The most important role in an online slot is played by the so-called Random Number Generator or RNG for short.

The Random Number Generator can be called the brain of the slot game.

This is an algorithm that spits out random numbers with every spin. Each of these numbers represents a symbol and position on the slot machine. After the RNGs determine the combination of numbers for each spin, the symbols stop in the appropriate formation and position.

If that combination then happens to be on a payline, then you have successfully spun and made a corresponding win. The RNG works on a purely random basis, similar to a lottery number draw, and therefore cannot be easily manipulated. It’s not your computer that decides whether you win the jackpot, but the RNG on the online casino’s server.

To manipulate there, you would have to be a very, very good hacker. Whether a piece of software or an e-book from the internet makes you do it? We’re just so cheeky and say: “Nope”. Whether a piece of software or an e-book from the internet makes you do it? We’re just so cheeky and say: “Nope”. Whether a piece of software or an e-book from the internet makes you do it? We’re just so cheeky and say: “Nope”.

Software Security at Non-GamStop Casinos Is Regularly Monitored

Because the leading casino software providers such as Netent or Microgaming spend a lot of money on programming their games to be tamper-proof.

They have the software regularly tested for functionality by independent institutes. Leading companies such as eCogra and iTechlabs also check the RNGs of the corresponding slot games in this context.

There is also a third point that makes manipulation of online slots almost impossible, which is the permanent monitoring of game results. Slots such as Netent’s Starburst are played simultaneously by thousands of players in various non GamStop casinos worldwide.

If there were irregularly high and frequent wins here, Netent’s internal systems would sound the alarm, and the game would be stopped within a few minutes. The incident would be investigated, and if cheating can be proven, the payment will be refused, and you will also have to expect criminal proceedings.

If you now think that you simply cannot state your real name, we have to disappoint you as well. If you choose a fancy name, you would never get your winnings, as a copy of an ID card and a current utility bill (electricity, guest, etc.) are required before larger payments are made. So you see: Either way, you can’t win anything with slot machine manipulation in the online casino.

Our Opinion on Non-GamStop Casinos Slots Tricks

Now you know how to spot a profitable slot machine. Enter the world of gambling, which is great fun. In addition, online gambling does not cause any major dangers, contrary to what is often claimed, as this study shows. So you can start playing without any worries. Of course, you can also play as you wish without any strategy. However, our tips and tricks above will help you lose less money at online casinos. Instead, it actually increases your chance of going home with a win. In any case, we wish you lots of fun playing.

When we are asked if the slots’ tricks can work, our answer is unequivocal: no. If you come across offers on the internet that promise, you guarantee winnings on a slot game. Then, you can simply ignore these offers. Usually, these dubious providers only want to sell an e-book or useless software. Some also want your email address or other personal data in order to bombard you with advertising for online casinos then. Slots at non-GamStop casinos are games of chance, pure and simple. These cannot guarantee winnings but bring a lot of entertainment and fun with them.

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