StarzSoft KeyPass iPhone Unlocker: An In-Depth Review

StarzSoft KeyPass iPhone Unlocker: An In-Depth Review

There are a plethora of scenarios that you may come up with that would result in problems unlocking your iPhone screen. For example, when your child messed with the screen and eventually disabled your phone; when you changed your password at random for any reason and promptly forgot what you had done.

So how would you feel in knowing that you can easily unlock the passcode no matter what your situation? Whether you have a broken screen, a forgotten password, a series of wrong attempts, or even if your face or touch ID was not approved, all you need is a tool that will instantly unlock your iPhone.

Sounds too good to be true? Then make a point of catching up because you’ll be in awe of the new StarzSoft KeyPass when you do.

StarzSoft KeyPass Review

This review will assess different parts of StarzSoft KeyPass for you to understand how it works deeply. We’ll first know the features, then move to the pricing, how-to-use guide, and insights. This review will contain factual notes and information from the main website.

StarzSoft KeyPass iPhone

The Features

1. Quick iCloud Activation Lock Removal Without Password Requirements

One of the most significant challenges that iPhone owners have to deal with is the high level of security provided by the device, which can sometimes behave strangely towards its owner. The most important guideline to remember for your iPhone to recognize you as the owner is to have the password and Apple ID in your head at all times. You will have many difficulties accessing your iPhone if you do not have those two things.

Fortunately, StarzSoft KeyPass has released the capacity of removing your iCloud Activation Lock without the need to remember your lost password and Apple ID, which is a huge convenience. The solution is designed to assist users experiencing various difficulties in unlocking their iCloud Activation. In addition, the process will move much more quickly than you anticipate.

2. Basic Unlocking Capabilities Regardless of Problems

As mentioned earlier, there can be tons of situations where you will experience difficulty in unlocking your iPhone Passcode. However, it will always fall from different categories no matter its cause.

(a) Forgotten Password

This situation is apparently because you forgot the password of your iPhone. Maybe you had impulsively changed the passcode before you slept, and when you woke up, you forgot the password. You can forget a password for many reasons, but one thing is for sure, it is difficult to remember it.

(b) Disabled Activation

Suppose you have forgotten your password. That’s fine. But when you continuously try to unlock it by trying out possible passwords, you may face a more complex situation – having your phone disabled.

(c) Second-Hand Issues

The problem with second-hand iPhones is the fact that all the personal IDs were from the first owners. You may face many issues in changing the accounts and activating some.

Good news: Regardless of these situational categories, StarzSoft KeyPass is glad to help you immediately. Also, include the circumstances when you lose your iPhone or forget your secondary account to reopen it.

3. High Success Rate Enabled by Professional Support and Advanced Technology

StarzSoft is highly in demand among iPhone users, and over 9M users are currently enjoying it. Because who wouldn’t love it? Aside from over 98% success rate, it is 100% safe, very easy to use, and also guarantees money back if proven not effective. The StarzSoft team is highly approachable. Aside from answering all the possible FAQs, they also provide an active email and telephone number for customer service.

The Pricing

Now that you seem interested in entering the world of StarzSoft, we have already got the price list laid down for you. Take a look at the three possible pricing regarding the tool.

1. Personal License ($29.95)

Personal License refers to a lifetime subscription to StarzSoft KeyPass. It means that you can use the tool without expiration and have the luxury of using it whenever you want. The only condition about this is that you can only use it for one device. Still, it’s the lowest price among the choices.

2. Family License ($39.95)

A family License is the most recommended type of subscription for a family who encounters difficulty with their iPhones. It is also a lifetime subscription, so there’s no need to worry about monthly fees and expiration. This choice is the most recommended by the developers for its convenience and practicality.

3. Business License ($89.95)

Business License is the most superb subscription choice for StarzSoft KeyPass. It can accommodate unlimited devices with a lifetime subscription. Again, there will be no expiration and monthly dues. The most significant part is that you can share it with your loved ones and enjoy the premium features together.

Note: To avail of a subscription, you can pay on the main website through PayPal, Mastercard, VISA, Maestro, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, American Express, GiroPay, and Wire Transfer.

How to Use StarzSoft KeyPass

Upon availing of a specific type of subscription, here’s a simple guide on how you can use it wisely.

Step 1: Access StarzSoft KeyPass

Launch the tool on your PC, MacBook, or laptop and choose “Unlock Screen Passcode” mode. After that, click “Start.”

StarzSoft KeyPass iPhone Unlocker


  • Your device will be automatically updated in the latest iOS version.
  • Have your device sufficiently charged before the process.

Step 2: Confirm and Download Firmware Package

Confirm all your device information before selecting the firmware package that is provided. After that, click “Download.” The procedure is only a few minutes to finish, so make sure your device is well connected to the PC.

StarzSoft KeyPass

Step 3: Begin Unlocking Passcode

After downloading the Firmware Package completely, click “Continue.” The tool will begin unlocking your device, so keep it connected to the computer through a USB cable. Don’t worry because, in a few minutes, the Face ID, Touch ID, and/or passcode will be removed.

StarzSoft KeyPass iPhone Unlocker


StarzSoft KeyPass is an essential tool for any iPhone user these days, especially given the fact that Apple is becoming increasingly strict with security measures. You’ll need assistance from a device that isn’t hundreds of miles away at some point or another. You won’t need to travel and hire a specialist to delete the passcode because you already have it stored on your computer’s hard drive.

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