Things to do during breaks at work 

Things to do during breaks at work 

In the last two years, the world of work has evolved at an unprecedented speed, reaching a new stage of development thanks to the effects of the global pandemic and the extraordinary adaptability shown by most people, who have been able to react in the best possible way to one of the worst upheavals in recent human history. To make sense of your coffee breaks at work, sometimes you need a little bit of imagination; combined with the unfailing fun that only comes from the purest.

The last two years have in fact accelerated a whole series of trends that until then had remained only theoretical, never fully matured, and remained in standby mode. But from 2019 onwards; companies and workers have very quickly become accustomed to a new way of conceiving work; to new spaces in which to carry it out, and also to the renewed centrality of the human being and his basic needs. 

The evolution of workspaces 

One of the most evident changes is that which has affected the office, the workplace par excellence. After a complex phase in which people got used to working from home; with the support of technology and of all those precious applications dedicated to business meetings; people gradually returned to occupying their own places in the office, at their own desks, alternating the days of smart working with those of physical presence in the company’s spaces.

The person who returns to the office after the worst months of the pandemic is no longer the same as before; he is a completely different individual who has become accustomed to working smarter and smarter; including through more efficient management of his time. The long months spent at home, doing the work that we would otherwise have done in the office; have taught us to be much more focused on the objective, on the end result; so much so that we have turned this precious attitude into second nature. Now, even in the office, we are more attentive and focused; we are much less distracted, and we complete our tasks with a whole new awareness; that we have achieved perhaps unconsciously, without even realizing it. 

All this has also heavily influenced our actual productivity: the work we used to do in 4-5 hours is now completed in 2 hours because our attention and our general awareness is at a completely different level than before. Dramatic moments breaks at work- such as those experienced during the worst months of the health emergency – have in fact anchored us even more tenaciously to the present moment, thus forcing us to focus totally on what we are doing here and now, in this precise instant. It’s a kind of continuous meditation, a state of trance that allows us to be quick and efficient; regardless of external circumstances.

The new productivity multipliers 

This great productivity has also generated immense benefits for the private sphere of the worker, for his personal well-being. Completing work in less time, and with more awareness, means having more time for oneself, for one’s interests and personal passions; to which we used to dedicate only a tiny slice of our time.

We’re not just talking about free time and passions outside of the office; we’re also referring to all those recreational activities that you can indulge in at work; especially during breaks or when having coffee with your colleagues. When you take a break, everyone can use their time to read a book; watch an episode of their favorite TV series, or even take a refresher course. In these moments you can also decide to completely relax thanks to a mobile video game; like the ones you can find (even for free) on your Android or iOS devices. 

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To make sense of your coffee breaks, sometimes you need a little bit of imagination; combined with the unfailing fun that only comes from the purest and most authentic experiences.

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