Keeping Summers Cool: 7 Tips for Staying Cool During Summer

Keeping Summers Cool: 7 Tips for Staying Cool During Summer

Staying cool during Summer is necessary to prevent Overheating and Exhausting. How do you stay cool when it’s hot in Summer? How hire affordable tree care in Wichita?

After months of dry, cold weather some of you may have yearnings about going out safely and just feel the sweet, warm breeze of summer. While the temperature is a bit warming up this spring—except in some parts of the country—we still cannot completely enjoy the sun because of the rain. As we prepare for summer, we also prepare for the fun things that await the beautiful season.

However, good things also come with downsides. The heat we were yearning for sometimes becomes all too annoying already. We also need to prepare how we can cool down while cherishing the summer heat. We might have a few tips in store that can help you. Here are some of the things you can do to cool down during the summer and enjoy the heat your way!

1. Invest in an AC for Staying Cool During Summer

If you still do not have an air conditioning system, it is a good thing that you have read this article before entering summer! You can now prepare and invest in a reliable air conditioner that is perfect for the summer. You will not know how much air conditioners can help you if you do not try them out first. For us, the best air conditioner to get for summer is a stand up air conditioner, sometimes called portable air conditioners.

Portable air conditioners, as the term implies, have wheels that allow you to transport them to different places you want. Unlike usual air conditioners, stand-up air conditioners can work well and are not confined to a room that has windows. Stand-up air conditioners are also perfect for those who need to cut costs because this consumes less energy compared to the usual air conditioning system. It is also cheaper!

2. Try out spicy food

What we usually eat during the summer are cold food and beverages. Ice cream, milkshakes, and other deserts taste extra yummy when the weather is hot. Eating those also helps us a lot with cooling up. However, what comes as a surprise to most people is that eating spicy food is also recommended to help you chill when the weather is hot.

This sounds contradictory at first because spicy food tastes so hot that it may worsen the heat. But the explanation for this makes sense. Contrary to popular belief, studies show that eating spicy food will make our body react to the fact that we tend to sweat more. As a result, the body also reacts to cool us down. Interesting, right?

3. Block the sunlight and the heat

This might already be too obvious. If you want to keep cool during the summer and enjoy just the right amount of heat, close your blinds and block the sunlight. You may want to focus on the west and north-facing windows if you want to keep your house cool.

The rule of thumb, if you want to cool down during summer, is to stop the heat from getting in your house. This will make it easier for you so you do not have to primarily focus on cooling down. It will help to add shade to your walls and windows. Aside from blinds, installing awnings or potted plants can help. You can also try the natural way by planting more deciduous trees that can shade your house but can still let the light in. You can also tint your windows or upgrade your ceiling insulation. This will help with keeping you warm during the winter, too.

4. Enjoy summer in the evening

If you are a bit sensitive to heat, but still want to keep warm a bit, the best time is during summer evenings. Our advice during the day is to just chill inside your home with your windows closed. At night, you can open your windows and let the summer winds in. Your house will cool up naturally this way. You can also enjoy barbecues even during the summer, as long as you have the right awning. Compared with steamy kitchens, cooking outside will be cooler because of the air.

5. Opt for cotton For Staying Cool during Summer

Aside from the style of the clothes your wearing, its material will also be a big factor if it will feel refreshing to wear or not. Cotton is the best fabric to choose when the weather is hot, especially when it is also humid! These fabrics help cool your body and are quite breathable. They are also good at absorbing sweat. If you are going out during summer, you will find it comfortable to wear light and loose clothes made of cotton. Cotton is also perfect for your sheets and pillowcases.

6. Ditch incandescent bulbs

You may notice that the room is extra hotter when you turn on the lights. In that case, how are you going to see if you also want to cool your room down? You may want to check your lightbulbs. If yours are incandescent bulbs, maybe that is the reason why your room still feels hot even if you tried to cool it down. Incandescent bulbs produce lots of heat which make your room hotter. Choose energy-saving light bulbs instead!

7. Adjust your ceiling fan to turn counter-clockwise

Do you ever feel like your fan is blowing fire because of the heat? You relied on your fan for you to feel refreshed, but it seems like it is making it worse. Maybe this is because of how your fan turns. Adjust your fan and make it turn counter-clockwise because the other direction will just distribute the hot air around your house. Having your ceilings turn counter-clockwise will push the air down and cool up your house. During the winter, switch your fan clockwise to pull up the cool air.

Last Word on Staying Cool during Summer

Here are just some of the tips that you can try out for you to keep cool during the summer. Summer can be fun if you are creative enough to adjust it based on your comfort. It will also be extra fun to hang out with family and friends outdoors!

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