6 Best Portable Closets to Buy for Your Home 2021

6 Best Portable Closets to Buy for Your Home 2021

Portable Wooden Closets provide Affordable and Flexible Storage for your clothes with the help of hangers and shelves and keep items Organized.

A portable closet has increasing popularity nowadays compared to a heavy wooden or steel wardrobe. If you don’t know what it looks like, it usually has a height of five to six feet with a rectangular shape. Besides that, it comes with a wooden or plastic frame and a cover that is held together by zips. The reason why most homeowners prefer it over the normal wardrobe is that it is lightweight, so carrying it from one place to another is a piece of cake. In addition to this, it is easy to assemble and dismantle when not in use. 

This furniture is available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Some versions are spacious enough to replace the regular closet in your room. Check out the list below to know some of the best wooden portable closets to place in any space of your choice.

1) Whitmor Portable Closet

The Whitmor portable closet is a must-have if you have an overwhelming number of clothes that no longer fit in your cabinet. It has a dimension of 19.5 L x 60 W x 64 H inches with a maximum clothing capacity of 50 lbs. Its steel garment rack and polyester materials make it durable and sturdy.

You can use it to organize your everyday garments, which will save you from spending too much time looking for a shirt or pants to wear for work or school. Besides your everyday garments, you can also use them to hold seasonal clothing such as jackets. Its list price is $65.05, but it can be as low as $50.98 if it is on sale. Make sure to wait for better deals before you make any purchase decisions.

2) SONGMICS Portable Closet

This portable closet from SONGMICS is only available in gray but it can make any space look more classy and elegant. The manufacturer guarantees you that it is sturdy and durable as seen from its non-woven fabric cover, water-proof fabric tiers, high-quality steel tube, and PP plastic connectors.

With these impressive features, this portable closet can stand the test of time. Its size of 59 L x 17.7 W x 69 H inches makes it the best storage for small rooms and walk-in closets. It offers movable hanging rods and 12 storage shelves where you can place all your unused outfits, folded clothes, baskets, and other stuff in your house.

3) UDEAR Portable Closet

The UDEAR wooden Portable Closets have cute designs featuring cats, stars, and words with a stylish font style. It is available in two colors, namely white and beige. If your kids are a fan of cute stuff, then you can place it in their room not just as storage but also as a decorative item.

The manufacturer used environmentally friendly soft fabrics in crafting this closet. Since it is fade-resistant, you can expect that the color will remain the same even after years of use. By the time its cover accumulates a lot of dust, you can wash it without worrying about any adverse effects. It comes with 4 shelves, 3 hanger sections, and side pockets that you can use to store clothes, bags, shoes, cushions, blankets, and other home necessities. 

4) ABBLE Portable Closet

The ABBE portable closet can comfortably fit in any part of the house, no matter how small the place is. It is a storage that will not consume a large portion of your floor space. It has a dimension of 59 L x 19.7 W x 63 H inches with a maximum loading capacity of 50 lbs. When you use it to store your clothes, it can protect them from dust due to its natural canvas cover with a sealed bottom. The item has only a weight of 5.3 kg allowing you to move it anywhere in the house all by yourself. It has a window on top which permits you to see what are the things inside without completely zipping them.

5) AOOU Portable Closet

If you want to have a storage space that can give you both functionality and convenience, then this one’s for you. The AOOU portable closet with a dimension of 56 L X 18.5 W x 66 H inches offers 14 storage shelves and 2 movable hanging rods. You can use its large storage space to keep all your daily stuff, including trousers, toys, clothes, and bags.

You will not have any problem when maintaining the quality of this furniture due to its water-proof and dust-proof non-woven fabric. Its zipper mechanism will protect the items you place there from dust. The manufacturer used high-quality woven fabric tiers, metal tubes, and durable plastic connectors to make it last a lifetime. It is very easy to assemble without any tools and help from other people.

6) Homfa bamboo

This portable closet from Homfa with a dimension of 27.56 L x 17.32 Wx 65.35 H inches is a great value for your money since it offers a clothing rack and at the same time a shoe rack. It is environmentally friendly and sturdily made possible by its natural bamboo materials. In addition to this, the material contributes to its stylish and elegant appearance. It is also resistant to wear and tear so even if you expose it to adverse conditions, it will remain of high quality.

You can utilize it to hang clothes, hats, scarves, hats, suitcases, and even plats. This bamboo coat rack comes with 4 round-round headed bamboo hooks with protection allowing you to easily hang your stuff. At the bottom of the furniture, you can find 2 storage shelves that you can use to organize your shoes and boots. You will love the fact that it has 4 caster wheels with brakes because it will allow you to easily move it around the house. In case you want to position it in just one place, then feel free to remove the wheels.


Now that you are aware of the best portable closets available in the market, you can now make informed purchase decisions. Give yourself a favor by bringing home one that can fit in your space. Visit storables.com if you want to discover other easy-to-set-up and clean wooden portable closets.

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