Sussy Baka: What is it? where did it originate? Trending meme 2022

Sussy Baka: What is it? where did it originate? Trending meme 2022


Sussy Baka is a Japanese expression that means fool or foolish. It can be an exclamation, a joke, or a phrase. The term’s origin can be traced back to video games and anime. These mediums became famous worldwide, and their jargon and expressions have found their way into everyday language.

Sussy Baka is a slang term for stupid in Japan. Therefore, it’s essential to study the term carefully before using it. Sussy Baka is a fun way to describe someone who is being ridiculous or inept.  It’s also a trend on the video sharing app TikTok. But what’s the real meaning behind this term? Basically, it’s a name-calling session with the intention of making fun of others.

Despite its simple English translation, Sussy Baka has a rich, illustrious name. Its Chinese counterpart, Hakushi Monju, is a poem about a wealthy Chinese family who spends all their money on stupid things and goes bankrupt. A woman called Ma Jia Zhe is a bakamono.

Sussy Baka is a Japanese word that means “Fool.”

The word “baka” comes from the Japanese language and means “fool.” It is a derogatory term and is often used as an insult. “Sussy baka” refers to a suspicious fool or idiot and has become a popular internet term.

The word baka is a Japanese pejorative that can mean “fool” or “stupid.” It can also mean “idiot.” This word has various meanings and can be used humorously or offensively.

Sussy Baka is an insult used to call someone “stupid.” This word is often used jokingly and isn’t meant to be used in front of strangers. But you can use the word in a more severe context to refer to someone who’s more ignorant or stupid than you.

Sussy Baka can refer to someone who is either overly fond of their parents or has little common knowledge. Baka can also mean a mean person, a fool, or a kooky person.

From the anime series Death Note, Light Yagami

Even though Light started as a positive character in the anime, she ended up having a lot of embarrassing situations thanks to Sussy Baka. He was an imposter among all of them and was unquestionably a charlatan! As the anime has progressed, we have witnessed him come dangerously close to revealing his true identity on multiple occasions. In conclusion? It was a 13-year-old who defeated him. What a baka! Even though I admit it, I would enjoy seeing a series in which he plays Among Us while talking to himself.

Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan

Eren Yeager has been experiencing his very own Baka moments as of late, or perhaps this has been going on for a considerable time. On the other hand, due to the video’s viral nature, he has earned a place on this list. I’m willing to guess that you’ve listened to this audio file more than once, and if your sense of comedy is anything like mine, you cannot move on from this topic.

It Is Never a Bad Idea to Have A Working Knowledge Of Memes. 

The question, therefore, is, exactly where did this word combination originate? Everything began when someone referred to Deku, a character from My Hero Academia, as a “baka” when he was screaming “Baka. Deku. Why are you behaving in such a Baka-like manner? Deku. Why are you behaving in such a Baka-like manner? It wasn’t Bakugo this time, but he would adore this moment captured during Akeam Francis’ TikTok live stream.

A TikToker with the ID name Nyatsumii released this fragment from the live stream on the same site after some time. After a month, the clip had acquired 1.7 million views. Since then, the expression has been featured on several TikTok covers. In one of these covers, Akeam responded to a comment that urged him to repeat the same sentence, but this time with the word “Sussy” added to the end. As a result, a new expression came into being.

Deku was now a Sussy Baka. However, what do you think these terms mean?

To break it down, Sussy is from the online game Among Us, which was extremely popular during the early days of the Pandemic and spread like wildfire across the internet. Within the context of the game, a person was referred to as “sus” (short for “suspicious“) whenever there was reason to believe that they might be a fraud. 

“Baka,” on the other hand, is a Japanese word that can be translated as “fool” or “silly.” You can now refer to that person as a “Sussy Baka” whenever you have reason to believe they are foolish or silly.

Sussy Baka Is a Japanese Term for A Fool.

Sussy Baka is a colloquial term from the Japanese word ‘baka,’ which means ‘fool.’ This term is not offensive and is a creative way to make fun of someone. In Japanese manga, you’ll find many Sussy Baka moments. The comic characters are usually great but often fall victim to some prank.

Another use of the term is to describe someone who is really into something, such as a baseball game. It implies someone so into the sport that they ignore other things. For example, a baseball fan might be a yakyuu baka, while a karate fan might be a nihongo baka.

Sussy Baka is a playful version of “baka,” which means fool or idiot. It can also be used in real-life situations. The usage of “baka” varies from region to region, though it is generally more sarcastic than “aho,” which means fool.

Sussy Baka A Tiktok Trend.

Sussy Baka

Sussy Baka is a viral trend that’s made its way through social media. It’s a humorous combination of several insults derived from the slang term “sus.” The term first became popular in the video game Among Us and quickly spread across the internet. Since its emergence, the term has inspired countless memes and videos.

It started when TikToker Akiam Francis posted a video in March 2021 that asked, “Why you must be a sussy Baka?” over a sticker of the Among Us crew flossing. The video grew in popularity, reaching over 1.2 million monthly viewers. This video’s sound became a popular reference, inspiring other popular TikTok videos.

Although the trend started on TikTok, it has been spreading to YouTube. While there’s no clear definition of the word, it refers to a person who uses a funny or witty video on the internet. While the term can mean a variety of things, the implication is the same: to call someone Sussy Baka is an insult, whether intended as a joke or not.

The term is often used in Japanese slang. In some cases, it means stupid or idiot and is used rudely. However, the term’s meaning can vary depending on the context, relationship, and other factors. In anime, the word “baka” is also used jokingly. It can also mean deer. It has a broad range of usage, so make sure you use it properly.

The term started to go viral after a TikTok user, @nyatsumii, posted a live stream video with a comment asking him to say ‘baka!’ (shown below). The video’s caption included the word “baka!” and gained more than 1.2 million views within one month. But why is “baka” a trend?

Sussy Baka A Name-Calling Session.

Sussy Baka has a lot of people calling her names. The rap star is known as a fun and energetic person. She loves to experiment and try new things. While she has a quick wit, she can be challenging to commit to a relationship. Others describe her as a highly energetic, charismatic, and stimulating person. She likes to wear functional clothing and exudes potential for success.

The term “Sussy” comes from a viral game called “Among Us.” 

‘Baka’ is a Japanese word for a fool and can be used affectionately and derogatorily. While Sussy has a pioneering spirit, she tends to become frustrated with the same old boring activities. She’s also an independent thinker who can make decisions for herself.

Used as an exclamation.

“Sussy Baka!” can be an exclamation in Japanese. The word originated in anime and video games and has become a global phenomenon. Video game jargon has become integral to memes and other “inside” forms of humor. Memes have replaced more formal language in many cultures.

The Videos Often Have Hundreds Of Thousands Of Views.

The Japanese word “baka” means “fool” or “dunce.” In English, it means “fool.” But it is also a humorous term, often in situations where people need help. You can use it with your friends to refer to them in a silly way.

The Japanese word “baka” means fool or idiot, although it can mean silly, moron, or an idiot. However, it can also mean insult or mockery. Humorously, “baka” can refer to a friend, colleague, or enemy. It can be a way to make a playful joke while also revealing the relationship between two people.

Used As an Expression.

It is an expression in the popular video game “Among Us.” It means “fool,” “crazy,” or “stupid person” and has become a popular meme in recent years. Created by akeamfrancis2, the phrase has since become widely recognized in internet culture. Its iconic sound results from blending Japanese and the word “sussy.” This slang was first heard in June 2021. This expression has spread across different cultures as part of the global meme culture. 

In addition to being a popular expression in Japanese, it is also a common idiom in English. In Japan, the word baka means “fool.” A female or a male can use the phrase. The term can also refer to an immature or soft-hearted person.

“Baka” can be used as an expression to describe a funny thing or a situation. In English, baka can mean “idiot,” “dud,” or “fool.” The phrase can also be used in real life, but the exact meaning varies between regions. For example, “aho” means “fool” in Kansai (Osaka) and “sussy” in Kanto.

As a phrase, “Sussy” can mean “crazy,” “foolish,” or “idiot.” In Japanese, “Sussy Baka” means “idiot” and is a popular nickname among Generation Z. Dean Norris, who plays Walt on Breaking Bad, has also used the term as a playful expression.

It Has Become a Meme.

The term “sussy” has become popular on the video-sharing app TikTok. It combines a bunch of insults into one phrase. 

Sussy Baka originated in the viral video game Among Us, which was popular in the early days of the Pandemic. ‘Baka’ is Japanese for ‘fool,’ so the term is a funny way to refer to a fool.

Sussy Baka’s name has spread to other forms of media, including video games and anime. Several video games have used the term, and people in the United States and other parts of the world have adopted it. Several YouTube videos are also using the word.

My Hero Academia fans will recall Deku being called “Baka” in the series. This word is Japanese for “foolish,” and “Baka” is a common nickname among Generation Z. The phrase has even been made into a cover on TikTok. It is also popular among Generation Z fans of Breaking Bad. Dean Norris’ character, Walt, even referred to a fan as “Sussy” in a video message.


Sussy Baka is a slang term that can be used unironically or as an insult to make fun of people on the internet. The term originated in the early days of the viral game Among Us. Although the name is sometimes used in an insulting way, the term can also be used in a very affectionate way.

It is a term from the Japanese language that means “stupid.” The US also means “fool” and “idiot.” People who play Murder Mystery games will often refer to a suspect in their games as a “Sussy Baka.”

The term has spread like wildfire on social media. The first use of the phrase was by Akeam Francis in a viral video. Since then, the word has been used on many social media platforms. Though it may be an insult, the meaning behind it is hilarious.

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